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3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Sarah says:

    A guy I dated in the past and I realized we had been married in our past life at the same time. We stopped dating about a year ago and went about our own journeys. Now almost a year later we are back in contact and both wondering if we should continue on in pursueing a relationship together or not. We have an undeniable connection and love for each other. He is in a relationship now. Should he feel guilty about the disires and love he has for me…. He and I go beyond this plane. How shoukd we approach it this time around?

    • scottaliciaj says:

      What do you mean “he’s in a relationship” is he married? Living with someone? If so I feel the right thing is to respect that and see what happens. Apply the golden rule and treat his relationship the way you would want others to treat you if you were in a relationship. When/ if he chooses to disolve the relationship then is the time to explore a relationship together.

  2. Umesh Mody says:

    Your site is one of the finest site for human growth, A thousand salute. – Umesh Mody.

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