7 Ways to Balance Your Yin and Yang Energies

HJ: Life is about balance.  The atom, which is the fundamental building block of all matter always strives towards balance of positive (proton) and negative (electron) charges.  If it cannot maintain balance within its own structure, it forms clusters that maintain balance with other atoms and molecules are formed.  The point being, that even at the most fundamental level, the universe seeks to maintain balance.  Nature’s endless dance is all about maintaining balance in the natural ecosystem and in the species present on the planet.  Why should humans be exempt from this grand cosmic interplay? Of course, we are not, but we do let ourselves get further out of balance than is healthy at times.  In these instances, we would be wise to bring ourselves back into harmony by identifying those areas which are becoming polarized. Read more of this post

The Yin-Yang of World Hunger

ying yang of world hunger

“Not very Yingy, a little too Yangy.”


Hidden Images in Random Objects

Sometimes faces make their way into the most random objects – but sometimes the objects aren’t as random as we think.  Read more of this post