How to Achieve an Advanced State of Consciousness: Transcending Time & Ego

HJ: Since you create your perception of time, you can change it and even transcend it. Brilliant researcher and professor Steve Taylor dives into the various ways to achieve an advanced state of consciousness by working with and transcending the ego. Read more of this post

Transcending The Ego

Why Transcend Your Ego?

When your identity and consciousness are based in your ego rather than in your Divine Self, you have no true center to help you stay balanced and peaceful in an ever-changing world. You are like a small ship flung about on the waves of the ocean of life.

When your consciousness and identity are based in your Divine Self, you are no longer the small ship, but the ocean itself. You can stay centered in the light and love that you are, no matter what kind of energy you are around. You are no longer a separate self, alone, confused, hurt, or helpless. Instead, you are your Divine Self–a Self that is the essence of spiritual power, wisdom, vision, truth, will and love. Read more of this post