The Essential Guide to Becoming a Long-Term Winning Poker Player

There are a few essential concepts we must commit to mastering in order to become long-term winning poker players.

These essential concepts apply to both cash-game, and multi-table tournament poker.

In both forms of poker, we must develop a solid awareness of when to apply these concepts to our strategy, in order to maximize our potential for profit in the long-run. Read more of this post

The Tilt Phenomenon

Poker is a game which requires a cold, calculating mind, and an unerring ability to calculate the odds and then act upon them. However, it’s also a game of luck and when the variables of luck tangle with the emotions of a player all too often the result is that most fascinating of poker phenomenon’s: tilt. Read more of this post

My Complete Poker Manifesto, Part VI: Developing a Zen Mindset for Poker


Tom Dwan at the wsop

Tom Dwan Might Look Silly, But His Mind is in the Game.

Part V: Managing Your Poker Bankroll

By far your biggest tool for your business besides your poker bankroll is your poker mindset.

The psychology of poker is actually quite amazing if you think about it.

In no other game to a players true emotions reveal themselves. Money has a funny way of effecting most people. Most people are so attached to money that when they are losing big, it is written ALL OVER THEIR FACE. Read more of this post