Exploring Multiple Dimensions With DiM13NSiON’s Music

Austin, TX — Deep in central Texas there is music being made that steps outside the fiddle tunes and honky-tonks that Texas is known for. If you are wanting to expand your mind, spirit, and musical perception; Texas-based DiM13NSiON is the breakout artist of 2015 to look for.

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Future Focus: Children Are The Future

We were all children at one time. In fact, children are only children for a short time. This leaves the influence on children in a very valuable position as the develop into teens, young adults and contributing members of society. The intriguing situation is this; as young adults turn into adults they tend to forget that they once were children of young.

They concentrate on doing “adult things”, this means that children are left to be influenced by their teachers, social standings and parents. They are not influenced from the prospective of a child, but rather from the prospective of the adults that they are around. Furthermore, there is no arguing that children are most influenced by the authority figures in their life. Children are the future. Read more of this post

How to Live an A+ Life | AmbioFile

We all want the best. We all strive to have the best life possible by the best means possible based on our current knowledge, skills, and contacts. Many times we  lose sight of another area of our life that we have direct control and decision over – Our mind. Our mind is a very influential construction. Made up of energy, matter, and thoughts. 97% of the world believes that these dominating thoughts in our heads are those that should be obeyed because we believe our thoughts to be who we are. If this were true then we would still be that child in middle school wishing we could drive like our older sibling. Read more of this post

Space The Final Frontier? | AmbioFile

Now that the holidays have come and gone, we shift our focus to spring. We look back on the wonderful times that we had with family and friends, spending time together sharing each others company. This time is unique. We are enabled with the ability to stand back and view how we handled the situations we were placed in. Read more of this post

Moving | AmbioFile

Slowing down can sometimes yield a resistant response in this go-go society that we live. It is our duty to truly become aware of when we are moving faster than what might be required in the moment. In martial arts we learn that movement is a gift. We learn that through movement we can take action, action that is suitable and mutually beneficial.

We want to make sure that we move in such a way that creates a generous and smooth path for those behind us, striving to set new standards. If we are moving to fast through the world, we may not be aware enough to recognize when we might be moving to fast or not fast enough. This takes us slowing down and remembering ourselves in the present. We should take time out of each crazy day to notice how we are moving. Are we swimming through life as a fish would natural glide through open waters? Or, are we forcing our way though a thicket of over grown brush?

Life should never feel forced, rushed, or overwhelming. Recognizing this is paramount in our development as empowered self-aware human beings. Below I have enlisted a track that I would like to use as a tool to find your pace. Whether its day-to-day, or week-to-week. We must find our rhythm, and how we move through this vast world. Read more of this post

Your Speed Your Need | AmbioFile

We often consider ourselves successful when we lead a busy eventful life. Sometimes if our life is filled with to many events that run to close together, our life can seem like one big event. Most of the time this carries with it some anxiety.

This is due to our minds racing to the next task before we have finished the current task. In essence, we are no longer present in this state. We are so busy attempting to get to the next step before have finished the current that we almost forget where we are. Read more of this post

A Skeletal View | AmbioFile

“In order to understand a melody, you need to deconstruct the melody currently in place. By doing this you enable your senses to zone in on the nuances that make up the colors of the music.” Read more of this post

Undercurrent Space | AMBIO FILE

undercurrent space ambio file thomas mcgregor

We live in a fasted paced, over stimulated world. Filled with bright lights, flashy sights, and attention grabbers. As we buzz along with our day-to-day activities there always seems to be something that we are missing. There seems to be something that is there, but seemingly elusive. What is this undercurrent? Read more of this post

Interview With Musician Thomas McGregor

Thomas, give us a little background about yourself and your profession.

My background stems from a wonderful family upbringing, in a modest home in Kansas. My Mother was incredibly instrument in my mentality towards life, and my artistic expression. I started playing the violin when I was 2 years old, under the Suzuki method. I studied this method for close to 11 years before transitioning to bluegrass and folk after hearing someone improve. To me, improvisation had never notably been recognized. Therefore, after hearing someone play “outside the melody” I was intrigued. About a year later I produced and release by “Red, White, and Bluegrass” album that showcased classic American fiddle tunes, with my great Uncle Lawrence on piano. From here on, I went into a tail spin of music exploration. Read more of this post

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