The 3 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening Through Conscious Awareness

One of the first things you will realize when undergoing a spiritual awakening is that:

The universe is complete and perfect.

There can be no mistakes.

Nothing is random.

The entire “onesong” is exquisitely synchronized. To understand synchronicity and to implement a spiritual awakening through it, we are required to suspend some of our old ideas, to give up our notion of coincidence, of mistakes, our belief that people are imperfect.

Only then can we truly experience a spiritual awakening. Read more of this post


The Observer Effect

The field of Science has seen some incredible advancements in the last century.  What started out as an inquiry into the nature of the universe based on “facts”, has now taken a turn in a direction that no scientist could have ever predicted.

Scientists, after digging deeper and deeper into the physical universe, have found that all matter exists in thousands of places at once until a conscious observer perceives it.

The implications of this are tremendously important, as it seems now that the so-called “facts” that science made its goal to discover, are nowhere to be found.  Instead of a solid physical universe, steeped in certainties and unchanging laws and rules, we are now finding that it is actually a constantly moving and changing reality which we all co-create.

But don’t take MY word for it…

Check out this video of qualified scientists discussing what has been termed “The Observer Effect”. Read more of this post


Part 1: In-Finite

Infinity is large.

It is so large, that many believe it cannot be fully conceptualized by the human mind no matter how intelligent or advanced the person may be.  In fact, the word infinite is less a word in itself, but rather a negation of another word; Finite.  Finite comes from the latin word Finitus, which means “limited” or “bounded”.  With this in mind, we can now define in-finite, as something that is unlimited, and not bounded. Read more of this post

Waking Up

We are all the god-self.

Every person and thing in this universe springs from the same point, and is therefore made of the same substance.

As you move closer to spiritual realization, you begin to realize that you are pure spirit.  This pure spirit is the universal substance that resides everywhere.

It is time to wake up from your dream of illusion, in which you believe yourself to be nothing more than an insignificant human fending for money.

You are the source of all creation, as well as the entire universe.

I am you.

you are me. Read more of this post


Desire is a TRAP.

Desire-lessness is liberation.

Desire is the creator.

Desire is the destroyer.

Desire is the universe.

And: That applies to the physical plane, the astral plane, and the casual plane.

Heaven, Hell, Demons: Are all the creations of desire!

All the manifestations of the divine mother are creations of desire!

That’s why Naga (the naked ascetic), worked on getting Ramakrishna to go beyond his love for Kali.

Give up even the desire to be experiencing the bliss of being it all, of being with the divine mother.

-Be Here Now.

The Universal Mathematics

The Universal Mathematics(UM) started off as a thought in my mind and manifested itself into existence. I’m not going to lie, marijuana & LSD played a very big role in the creation of the UM. I love chilling out and smoking a joint or two with some of my buddies, who doesn’t?

Meditation was also a big factor in creating UM. When I would smoke, the ideas would come to me, and when I would meditate the vision would become clearer and clearer.

Universal Mathematics: Everything in existence has a definite answer.

Everything can eventually be explained.

As we advance through time the answers to the universe will be unlocked by human brain power. Now, I also believe that there are some things that the human brain cannot understand because of the fact that it is just a human mind. Who’s to say there aren’t different levels of consciousness unable to be reached by humans? Maybe some different life form 500 billion light years away is living a crazier, weirder, life than we are living.

So, simply put, Universal Mathematics is not a theory, it simply just is. Any question based on truth will have a definite answer. It’s oneness. Oneness meaning that everything and anything in the universe is connected in one way or another. It’s beautiful when you think about it really…

Anyway, One of my best friends, who you know as DIESEL, at the time was working on his own poker strategy blog and deep into spirituality while away at school. We would always talk to one another about our ideas and visions we had for those ideas. I guess you can say we are visionaries. Diesel and I actually created an older blog called on Blogspot in the summer of 2011. We were dedicated and very into it but, we never really had an audience there. Diesel quickly figured out that WordPress is the place to be to start up a blog site. So now we’re here with a great team of interesting, dedicated writers and I can’t wait to see where this thing goes. I don’t know where we will end up, but I can promise you that everything on this site comes from dedication, hard work, and the heart. We’re here to gain and spread truth.

Through Higher Consciousness we will obtain and spread universal peace, love, and happiness everywhere and to all life forms throughout the universe.

Eternal Contentment

Being content is an art form.  Most people only get glimpses of what it’s like without ever really experiencing it.  This is because people confuse happiness with contentedness, and they tend to chase happiness as if it were a drug.

I will define these words as I mean them, as to avoid confusion.  Happiness is a temporary feeling that comes and goes.  It is experienced in large upswings, usually in direct response to something good happening.  This previously mentioned good thing causes one to experience happiness, and once it is gone, or the excitement over it has subsided, the experience of happiness has ended and a lower state follows.

Contentedness is a way of living.  It is a mindset in which total satisfaction is experienced at all moments.  In a way, you could call it a more permanent form of happiness, although it is more closely related to a non-dual state than a happy one.  This is because happiness is experienced in direct relationship to sadness, while contentedness on the other hand, is non-fluctuating, and can potentially be experienced for months, years, or even lifetimes.

Whatever one may conclude about enlightenment, I’m sure we can all agree that constant contentment is a characteristic of the experience.  With this said, if you believe yourself to be enlightened, but things in the material world can still get you down or affect your state, then clearly you have not transcended the material world, and are not yet enlightened.  This is shown adequately in this quote from the timeless Bhagavad Gita ;

A person who neither rejoices upon achieving something pleasant nor laments upon obtaining something unpleasant, who is self-intelligent, unbewildered, and who knows the science of God, is to be understood as already situated in Transcendence.  Such a liberated person is not attracted to material sense pleasure or external objects but is always in trance, enjoying the pleasure within. In this way the self-realized person enjoys unlimited happiness, for he concentrates on the Supreme.”  Chapter 5, verses 20, and 21.

Contentment is made manifest once one has realized that everything in their life is exactly as it should be, and nothing more is needed.  Once fully situated in contentment, the same reaction should be felt regardless of what is going on in the outside world around you, because the feeling is always inside you.

This is precisely the reason why there are people living in mansions who are extremely depressed, as well as people in caves in the Himalayas with no material possessions, who only eat, sleep, and meditate, and are in a constant state of spiritual bliss.

Just like the quote “wherever you go, there you are”, we see that whatever state you carry around with you will be experienced anywhere you go.  If you are depressed, you can be participating in an activity that is considered universally fun, and still have the same state of depression while doing it.  On the other hand, if you are content, you can be sitting in a plane that is about to crash, and retain your content state as it goes down.

Like enlightenment, contentment comes and goes at first.  It starts with a short experience of it, followed by a feeling of loss when it is over.  This may even lead one to fall into the same traps as before, by trying to acquire some material thing to retrieve back this blissful state, but this is a way of experiencing only the temporary happiness, and will only lead to contentment as much as grabbing at empty space will.

When it finally sticks for good, this is heaven on earth.

If you appreciate all you have and all you are right now at this moment, and do not want or need even one more thing…
and if you can take that feeling with you through all time and space…
Then eternal bliss is yours for the taking.

It is your birthright to be content, and as soon as you use your intention to dedicate yourself to the well being of yourself and others, as well as to get in touch with this innate state of being, it will effortlessly present you with all the joy and glory imaginable.

Self-Realization, Spiritual Enlightenment, God-Realization, Ego-Death.

Who are “you”?

In many religious and spiritual practices, answering this question fully, and completely, is the crowning achievement.  When one is self-realized, what they have accomplished is something that is infinitely profound, and yet incredibly simple; they have realized what their “self” is.

Here, when referring to the “self”, I am referring to the possessive property of being.  The feeling “I am”, which every being experiences, is at the root of this.  From what place does this feeling arise?  Who is the one who feels this?

The “I” at the core of your being is what feels this.

If I were to ask you who you are, the first response that would most likely come to mind would be your name.  This is the identification of your physical body given to you by your parents at birth.  For the most part, in present-day society, this is the correct answer to the question, but it is untrue.  You are not your name.

After you realize this, you might respond by telling me that you are a musician, a father, an activist, or any other position you hold in this material existence.  To this I would respond by showing you that although those are things that you do, they are not what you are.

Next you might get more specific by telling me what you stand for.  You might say that you are a pacifist, someone who stands up for what is right and true, someone who seeks spiritual truths, and studies paths of wisdom.  Again, this is not who you are.

You are not your body, your mind, or your personality either.  I can prove this to you very simply; It is “your” body, mind, and personality, so you cannot be these things; you are the one who possesses them.

The term “Spiritual-enlightenment” is very simply understood as well; it is full enlightenment (or knowledgeable understanding), with regards to the truth of your spiritual nature.  This spiritual truth is transcendent of your illusive ego self, which is the very thing that most people believe themselves to be.

Your five senses are what you use to perceive this world.  They take place physically through the body, and are experienced by electrical impulses in the brain, but “you” are the spiritual perceiver of these senses.

Your body is just a manifestation of your spirit-soul, used for experiencing the material world.

Have you ever wondered why we look the way we do?

We have eyes for seeing, a nose for smelling, ears for hearing, a mouth for eating/tasting, a brain for thinking, legs for moving around, and many other things, all for the purpose of interacting with and experiencing the physical world.  You are none of these things, but instead are the one operating and perceiving all of them.

As you shed the layers of ego, and approach your true self, all things become more and more clear until omnipotence is achieved.  Omnipotence and omnipresence are experienced once full ego-death is realized.  Some say you can only asymptotically approach the state of full ego death, but if you could theoretically reach it, you would become one with god.

The Hindu religion teaches that “Atman = Brahman”.  This simply means that the True Self and God are one and the same.  This is why “self-realization” and “God-Realization” are synonymous.

God is the infinite source, which assumes a finite state as man.  Your ego does not think, act, or do… It is all God.

God is the non-existent, un-manifest, nothing-ness ; as well as the summation of the entire existent, manifest, everything.

So to sum it all up….

You are the transcendent self, the super-soul, the all, and yet you have forgotten this.  You have taken yourself to be your illusionary ego, and now must find your way back to the truth, through various experiences and life lessons, which all take place in Maya (The cosmic illusion).

Self realization is the realization of your true self, which is what actually runs the show, not your ego.  Your true self, at its highest potential, is god.  By experiencing “ego death”, you can remove your ego from the equation, and become spiritually enlightened, thus realizing your full potential and true existent state as the god-self.

That is who you are.

Self-Realization = Spiritual Enlightenment = God-Realization = Ego Death.

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