How to Master Optimal Strategy For Your Chip Stack Size in Multi-Table Tournament Poker

Navigating your way through a multi-table poker tournament is no easy task. If you are looking to maximize your ROI (return on investment), you must be playing for the WIN, as discussed in previous articles.

This article will cover strategies for different stages of the tournament in relation to your chip stack size. Of course having a nice pile of chips is a luxury, but in a majority of tournaments, you will be hovering around a 10-30bb (big blind) stack and must understand how to pick your spots wisely if you want to succeed and experience a profit in the long-run. Read more of this post

Multi-Table Poker Tournament End-Game Strategy Part I: The Money Bubble

patrik antonius poker player

Poker Tournament and Cash-Game Specialist Patrik Antonius

If you are playing to maximize your potential for profit in multi table tournament poker, you must play for the win.

The biggest prize payout is reserved for first place.

Depending on the size of the player field, the payout difference between finishing 9th and 1st is astronomical in terms of what you spend to buy-in to the tournament. The ROI (return on investment) you receive from winning a large multi table poker tournament can take your poker business to the next level instantly. Read more of this post

My Complete Poker Manifesto, Part IV: Starting Your Own Poker Business

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Running a successful poker business requires good record keeping.

Part III: A General Overview of Poker

When I was first introduced to poker back in my high school years, I played the game purely for fun. I played exclusively with just friends in live cash games and tournaments.

We would play $5-$20 tournaments on weekends and we weren’t really good players. We took the game seriously, but had no idea what it took to truly win at poker in the long-run.

I never knew that poker was offered online for real money, and I also never thought that within a few years, I would be playing the game for serious amounts of money through running my own poker business. Read more of this post