How to Maximize Your Potential in The Experiment of Life

If you were like me a few years ago, you most likely had a minimal interest about the universe we live in. As I grew older, I became increasingly curious about what this entire “life” was about that we are all experiencing. I am sure you have already realized that when you step outside you, there are no ceilings.

Looking up, there is literally no end in sight, it simply goes forever. My main concern is why this fact isn’t addressed as much as it needs to be. We live in an infinite universe, but most of us limit ourselves to what we think they are capable of doing. A major mistake if you are in pursuit of living your temporary life to your fullest potential. Read more of this post


What Should I Believe in?

Article by: Varun K. Sharma

There are just so intangible statements about life that almost every person might have, at least once in his lifetime, been strangled by one question which is: “What should I believe in?” Read more of this post

How to Understand and Transform Negative Emotions

HJ: Negative emotions tend to overwhelm us because we do not really understand why they are arising beyond the context of the situation that seems to cause them.  We think they are occurring because of a given situation — perhaps something that someone said or an event that happened in our life — perhaps something happened that we had not planned for.  However, this is not really the case. Emotions stem from our acceptance or denial of what is.  Positive emotions arise when we accept life/reality as is, without judgment   Negative emotions arise when we do not accept what is or have expectations as to what life/reality should be.  Next time a situation arises that causes either a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotion, look for the primary cause — how are you either accepting reality as is or not accepting reality as is?  Once you understand this and can actively use it to analyze your emotions in context, you will find that in the case of negative emotions, they will lose about 90% of their energy and effects on you.  This practice also moves us towards greater acceptance of ourselves and the world around us which is the path towards non-duality and higher consciousness, in essence, where we are all headed, no matter how long it takes us to get there. Read more of this post

What is Your Ultimate Message to The Universe?

At 24 years of age, I can say that I have experienced a lot of ups and downs, much like every other person I know. It has taken plenty of time, effort, and experimenting, but I have learned how to maximize the positives in my life while also being able to simultaneously consciously ignore any perceived negative external influence. Having reached this stage in my temporary, yet abundant life, I find it crucial to share my feelings with everyone I come into contact with. I hope that they choose to do the same, and I have trouble seeing why the would not want to. Everyone benefits in the end game, teaching awareness is the least selfish endeavor available to mankind. My ultimate message that I find a desperate need to share with the universe at large is simply: radiate, receive, and share positive energy unconditionally. Read more of this post

Abundance vs. Scarcity

If you are unfamiliar with the term “abundance”, it is safe to say you are not living your life to the fullest potential. In terms of polarity, there are two extremes of “vibrations” that the entire universe you exist in is run on. The lowest vibration can be termed “scarcity”, while the opposite highest extreme can be labeled abundance. Read more of this post

World of Energy

Perhaps the biggest core mistake you’ll make along your path of conscious growth is subscribing to the belief that you live in a world of objects.

You don’t.

You live in a world of energy. Read more of this post

ID,Ego and Super-Ego

According to the father of psychology, Sigmund Freud, the human personality consists of three parts which he labeled as the ID, the Ego and the Superego. Read more of this post

The Frugal Mastermind

My name is Michael Finger, and I am a Frugal Mastermind.

When people ask me what I do for a living, that is my standard answer.  That, or “Poor Musician”.  Either way though, I believe that a lot of people on this planet have their priorities backwards, and so, I’m here to help. Read more of this post

ANSWERED: Why is Cleanliness Next to Godliness?


I’m not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on. —Roseanne Barr


Cleaning is something that uplifts your spirits and gives your soul a sense of ease. Ironically, cleaning is also something that we seem to avoid at all costs. Why is this? Why do we seem to look to find ways to avoid cleaning. There are even entire industries build around doing the work for us. Are we lazy? I don’t think so. I think that cleaning is just like every large task. Unless we have a sense of directions and a strategy, it’s going to seem like a large task to undertake. When we don’t think we can do something before we have started it, we will tend to not start to avoid the pain of failing. However, this is cleaning out house folks. This is something that we should be happy to do. After all, this is the environment we inhabit for, at least, 8 hours every day while we sleep. The key is in how we see hour house. We if see our house as dirty, we wont want to do it might we fail. However, if we view our house as clean already we will strive to make it so when it’s not.

Not matter if your directly religious or not, we can all agree that Jesus was a great man and story-teller. He always talked about being pure; pure of spirit, character, thought, and action. The word pure here is used in the sense of inner purity. But there is a connection: It seems that when our inner environment is cleaned, our external environments seem to become clean as well. This is an interesting fact. It seems that the Buddha was right; “As inner is as outer”. So is it that simple? Do we just have to clean our insides and we will take action to clean our external world? Yes, it is that simple. But we need to take dedicated action either way. We need to take time for daily 30min meditations, and then 30mins cleaning sessions. If you have an excuse of any kind, look at it this way:

If you want 1 hour of negatively driven television per day, you can find time to clean your internal and external worlds.

This is not only for the benefit of yourself. This is for more powerful than just where you live. By taking these moments to do some housecleaning, you will install a mindset for purity. You will start to look for cleanliness rather than dirtiness. This simple shift in focus can completely change your life. When we look for clean vs. dirty our mind will look to “solve” the problem of dirtiness when there is some. For instance, you have now switched your thinking to see cleanliness and your house is dirty, your mind will say “Wait, this doesn’t match what I see. This must change.” You mind will start the thinking, you body will take action, your house will “magically” become clean. But this can only happen after first we shift our frame of mind from looking for dirt to looking for clean.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness because of mindset and attitude. Jesus talked about being pure in spirit and thought. His main focus was concerned with the internal world. Our focus should be concerned with both. We have the tools and resources to apply an internal focus that will influence our actions that will enable our environment to match how we are thinking.

“Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find.” Matt. 7:7

Organize your internal and the dishes will become clean.

How to Have an at Home Meditation Retreat

Was your week stressful? Let’s set up your own personal meditation retreat, right where you are.

Create your personal inner sanctum…

daily meditation retreat


We all know the benefits of taking time, but why not spoil yourself and take this resting time a step further to foster a retreat you deserve of. When we visit a retreat, we enter a place of calm and centeredness.

In order or us to take up the task of setting up our own personal meditation retreat, we need to know some things about a retreat frist. A retreat is a place where people go in order escape and find themselves in peaceful state of mind. Why we usually go somewhere else for a retreat because we don’t consider it possible in the current environment.

This means our inner state is directly controlled and influenced by the environment we are in. Therefore, in order to set up your personal meditation retreat, the first step is setting up your inner mental faculties to receiving your current environment as a retreat setting. This starts with, purpose. Understanding your own personal disposition with your environment will give you great insight as to quality of that relationship.

Setting Up the External:

Here are some tips, after you have your mind in check, to get your external environment ready for a at home meditation retreat:

1. Avoid morning caffeine.

Events will be a lot easier on your body if it doesn’t have to struggle with removing the toxins from caffeine.

2. Leave your phone.

Don’t just turn it off or on vibrate. Leave it behind completely. Once you get going, you wont miss it.

3. Do it alone and make it a legitimate ‘me’ event.

This gives your clarity as to what the focus is.

4. Flush out toxins by drinking water and using deep breathing.

This is important in order to keep your physiology in check.

5. Make your environment you own and personal.

If you like the smell of a particular incense or candle, use them.

6. Take this opportunity to improve your ability to concentrate and relax.

Use this time in self education. Learn how you can grow in the next week or month. You have the floor, take advantage of it.

Meditating everyday can be a tough commitment to stick to. With our busy modern lifestyle, we tend to find other things more important. However, what is more important than our own mental and spiritual development? If your schedule is crazy, use a “personal retreat” to hit the mental and spiritual reset button.

How about the weekend? The weekends always have some free time that you can use for meditation. Take a Friday after work to all day Saturday. Don’t leave the house. Plan ahead and acquire what you need in the house for that 24 hour personal retreat.

Things to Acquire:

  1. Juices 
  2. Fresh Vegetables
  3. A Spiritual Book
  4. Clean Water
  5. Incense / Candles
  6. Meditation CD / Music

If you have set aside a 24 hour block of time, acquired the needed things, and have your mental clarity ready, you are ready to embark on your first personal meditational retreat. The key thing to remember is that you are in control of what you do with your time. If you are being studious, you will apply introspection within this 24 hour period in order to understand yourself more fully and completely. The things you may discover during this time may be scary, but I assure you, they are extremely valuable.

Your Magic Magnet for Success

When it comes to habits, we all seem to resist. Even when the word is approach in language, we view it as a negative aspect of our existence  This, is a misconception. Habits can aid you in achieving the most amazing things. Things that may be seen as, after looking back on them, as miracles. Are they miracles? Maybe to some. Is there magic involved? More psychology and physiology,  but yes. Can you change your life right now by changing one thing you are doing? Yes! Read more of this post

10 Simple Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected in Your Day to Day Life

HJ: The title of this article cannot accurately capture the significance of its contents. Why, you ask?  It is because these simple, daily practices are what truly produce the greatest transformation in ones life. We are taught in many ways to believe that spiritual transformation happens in a brilliant instant of realization, but in reality it is almost always the day to day decisions and thoughts we make and hold that have the strongest influence on the development of our conscious awareness.  This is the essence of mindfulness — being aware of our thoughts and keeping them in alignment with the truth of our being.  Therefore, simple ways to stay spiritually connected in your day to day life, like the ones listed below, are actually very powerful tools for transformation as they are quick ways to keep us in alignment no matter what is happening around us.

Focus in on the ones that resonate with you and find time to remind yourself of them throughout the day in whatever way works for you. Read more of this post

Just How Powerful Are You?

The reality we live in is one massive mystery. No one has the answer to why we are even here, living in this temporary flesh-vehicle having an experience on an organic spaceship that is spinning and hurling around a giant nuclear explosion at an incredibly fast rate of speed.

What is really going on here? Read more of this post

How to Connect to Your Higher Self and Discover Your Truth

HJ: Our personal truth is the unique road map given to us by our higher selves for fulfillment in this lifetime.  There are multiple incarnations of higher truth and it is important to distinguish between them.  On one level, we have the larger, general purpose of why we exist, which is to know oneself truly (self inquiry) and experience ever increasing levels of conscious awareness.  The next rung on that ladder is what that translates to in this lifetime — how have we chosen to approach that larger goal?  Perhaps it is through the life path of a fireman or a doctor or a philanthropist or a hindu sage meditating high in the himalayas or an elementary school teacher or a spiritual leader or even a criminal, just to name but a few of the endless incarnations.  This is perhaps even more important in certain respects than knowing the overarching larger goal, as this truth — the one referred to in this article — is what guides us through this life.  Yes the higher purpose of conscious awareness development can also guide us, but it is this more specific path that ultimately most people are searching for.  What is it that they are called to do in life in order to fulfill their highest expression? Read more of this post

Are You a Psychopath?

What a question!

“Of course I’m not a psychopath!”, you may be thinking. However, learning what it means to be a psychopath can generate knowledge into what to look for as our society becomes more and more involved in violence and negativity. Think of this as a source to bring your more socially aware. Read more of this post

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