How To Achieve Emotional Balance at The Poker Table

Poker is primarily a game of mental ability, focus, and discipline.

The game of poker is in essence a mental competition that requires little to no physical ability to participate in.

The results one achieves in poker is derived primarily from one’s mental skill, and ability to exercise that skill consistently over the long-term.

Physical health, while beneficial in many ways to one’s overall game, doesn’t play as big of a role as it does in any other athletic competition or sport. The game of poker is a true test of one’s ability to maintain emotional balance if they wish to become successful at the game. Read more of this post

Phil Ivey 0-5 at 2012 WSOP Final Tables, Phil Hellmuth Wins 12th Bracelet

Phil Ivey has been on an incredible run in the 2012 World Series of Poker and there is no sign of him slowing down yet. Ivey has already made 5 different final tables already at this year’s WSOP, but has been unable to add another bracelet to his collection so far. Ivey is 0-5 in the hunt for his 9th bracelet, and the numerous 7-figure bracelet bets that comes along with it.

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