The Double Slit Experiment: How Consciousness Creates Reality

Is reality an illusion that we create with our minds?  

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The Observer Effect

The field of Science has seen some incredible advancements in the last century.  What started out as an inquiry into the nature of the universe based on “facts”, has now taken a turn in a direction that no scientist could have ever predicted.

Scientists, after digging deeper and deeper into the physical universe, have found that all matter exists in thousands of places at once until a conscious observer perceives it.

The implications of this are tremendously important, as it seems now that the so-called “facts” that science made its goal to discover, are nowhere to be found.  Instead of a solid physical universe, steeped in certainties and unchanging laws and rules, we are now finding that it is actually a constantly moving and changing reality which we all co-create.

But don’t take MY word for it…

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