Numerology: The Universal Mathematics

Numerology is the ancient and revealing science of numbers. Each number is a symbol for an energy force that has distinct traits. Numerology is a study of the numbers to which an individual most strongly responds, and the interrelationship of these numbers.

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The Strength in Numbers iPhone App is Here!

We introduced you to our friends over at Strength in Numbers a few months ago, when they wrote an article for our readers titled: Numerology: Strength in Numbers. We mentioned that they would have an app available for the iPhone very soon, and we would like to let everyone know that the Strength in Numbers Connect app has just been released in the iTunes store! Read more of this post

Numerology: Strength in Numbers

This is a contribution from our friends over at Strength in Numbers. They have just recently launched their new website, and would like to share their purpose and mission with our readers. Read more of this post