Seven Social Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditating is not the act of having an empty mind.

When you meditate, you get to stuff your brain with lots of experiences to introspect.

Meditating is not only happening when you sit in lotus position.

Meditation can come handy by just sitting in a couch. It may not be for an hour since small doses of meditation will also be effective.

Research shows that practicing meditation helps in maintaining blood flow, regular bowel movement, reduces anxiety, depression and insomnia, and lessens the severity of acute respiratory illness. Read more of this post


Top 5 Reasons You Should Meditate

This article stems from my last post titled Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Meditate

You should also read my article The Seven Human Energy Chakras if you want a background on how amazing the human mind and body really is.

Free Your Mind

Mediation is an incredibly powerful tool.

A daily mediation practice can have many benefits for your overall health and life.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I think everyone should try meditation:

1. Physical Benefits:

Meditation is a great way to eliminate stress.

We all undergo many stressful situations in our life. School work, jobs, dealing with people, and sitting in traffic are all some examples of things that cause stress in our lives. If we don’t deal with this stress properly, we begin to feel tension within our bodies.

Tension is not a good thing. Tension causes a lot of strain on our vital organs and on our brain. Many people who are stressed out all the time experience frequent headaches and migranes.

A good meditation practice can prevent all of this.

By meditating daily and in times of stress, you can clear your mind of all stressful thoughts and in turn, eliminate stressful emotions and feelings. Eliminating this stress can make our daily lives a lot easier and a lot more relaxing.

Mediation has also been proven to help individuals lose weight, maintain a healthy blood pressure level, lower cholesterol, improve blood flow, and decrease the aging process.

2. Mental Benefits

With meditation, you are able to free your mind of all negative thoughts.

When you meditate, you quiet your mind of all the thoughts racing through your mind. Quieting these thoughts helps you deal with stressful and negative situations that happen in your daily life. It becomes a lot easier to simply allow negative thoughts and emotions to pass, and focus on positive outcomes for the future.

Meditation has been proven to develop your intuition, increase creativity, resolve phobias and fears, increase your productivity level, and even increase brain size.

The Seven Human Energy Chakras

3. Spiritual Benefits

Deep levels of meditation can lead to some amazing spiritual experiences.

For me, one of those experiences came in the form of an out-of-body experience.

I have never looked at life the same.

It was an extremely humbling and confirming experience for me knowing now that we are not limited and bound by our physical bodies.

Developing yourself spiritually can make life seem a lot easier.

I no longer worry about petty things in life and I have learned to appreciate things a lot more.

Here are three easy steps to live the same life we are living here at ZazenLife.

I suggest you try to get on the same page we are, you will feel a lot better afterwards.

4. Balance

Life is all about balance.

Without balance, we form addictions and compulsions.

Addictions and compulsions can lead us down terrible paths in life that can have dire consequences. I have seen good friends lose their life to addictions.

Addiction is a disease, but can be treated.

Meditation is one way to incorporate balance in your life.

With a good meditation practice, you can focus your mind on things that will benefit your overall well-being. You will realize the things in your life that are harming your health, and you can work towards re-wiring your mind to throw out all these nasty addictions and compulsions.

With meditation, you will feel more open towards people and you will be inclined to help them out in their lives as well. You will create more opportunities to meet other people just like you who will help you on your journey through life.

Chakra Alignment

5. Experience Inner Joy

When I am in a deep meditative state, I am sometimes overwhelmed with a euphoric feeling that is only describable if you actually experience it.

This euphoria is my body in a completely relaxed state that I like to describe as a “flow” of positivity.

I feel absolutely amazing and my mind focuses on all the positive aspects of my life if it begins to wander and judge the experience.

I don’t need material items to give me joy.

I only need myself.

I can tap into my inner-self and feel a deep apprecaition and love for this unique experience we call life.

Life is incredibly bizarre, and at times we don’t truly realize how wonderful an opportunity we have to grace this earth with our presence.

We have this fleshy physical body vessel like operating system that we get to operate and use to create whatever we truly want.

If you can use meditaiton to rid your life of all worry and stress, your creative powers begin to FLOURISH with no boundaries caused by negativity.

If you are interested in beginning a meditative practice or taking your current practice to the next level, here are some resources to help you get started:

Transcendental Meditation

Enjoy! You will truly enjoy the experience once you become able to completely let go. 🙂

Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Meditate

If you are unfamiliar with meditation, as many people are, you probably don’t really think much of it, and probably wouldn’t care to learn about it.

Meditation is quite possibly one of the most beneficial things someone could do to improve their lives.

The Chakras

Best of all, it is completely free to do and you can do it in any quiet area you can find whenever you desire.

Today I have compiled a list of reasons why most people dismiss meditation and in my next post, I will highlight the five reasons why every single one of us should incorporate it into our lives.

1. You Haven’t Been Educated on the Art

Meditation has such a distorted stigma attached to it that many people dismiss it immediately as something only Buddhist monks living in caves would have any interest in.

Meditation isn’t something that is mainstream in western society. We don’t hear about it on the radio, television, newspaper, or any other media outlet you get your mostly biased news from.

Our culture hasn’t implemented it into its DNA.

If you take the time to read a little about it, I am sure you will wish you had sooner.

2. You’re Lazy

Lets face it, most of our society has grown into a bunch of lazy individuals over the course of the last few decades. Our life has become so automated through technology that we don’t have to do much to make ends meet anymore.

We can sit all day on the computer and make a living if we want to. That leaves minimal time for physical activity. As a result, many of us have developed a lazy attitude towards having to physically do something.

Physical fitness plays a major part in your overall health and if you are not addressing it properly, your health will suffer. Meditation brings mental, spiritual and physical benefits as well.

3. You Don’t Want To Stretch Your Comfort Zone

A lot of us are scared to do new things. We don’t want to go outside of what we are comfortable already doing. It is great to be comfortable with your life, but being too comfortable means you will miss opportunities to grow and evolve.

It is quite difficult to take up something new. Doing new things that you aren’t accustomed to doing yields resistance from your subconscious mind that can prevent you from taking opportunities to do new things.

Your subconscious is your mental programming and it is a creature of habit. It operates with stored mental information you have fed it your whole life. It doesn’t like to change its programming when you present it with something new you aren’t comfortable doing yet.

Because of this, we like to stray away from experiencing that discomfort of resistance and choose to simply not take the opportunities presented to us.

4. It Seems Really Weird

The reason you believe meditation is a weird practice is because that is what a lot of uneducated people believe.

The amount of uneducated people in our society outweigh the educated people. We tend to incline to believe what the majority of us believe, therefore most of us are just followers of stupid people.

It is hard to stray away from what everyone else is doing and start doing things and thinking about things by yourself. Meditation can be performed in a variety of different ways and postures but the most important posture is the one you are comfortable with doing. You can even experiment with creating new postures for yourself.

Just because you see meditation experts sitting in a cross-legged position with their index finger and thumb connected and relaxed on their legs doesn’t mean that is the only way you can perform meditation. You can find your own best way, and it doesn’t have to seem weird to you anymore.

5. You Think You Don’t Have Time to Meditate

We all have busy lives and busy schedules and if you are working to support a family your time outside of work will be extremely limited.

However limited your schedule may appear to be, I am sure there is 20 minutes in your schedule where you can find some time for yourself and explore your inner being. Meditation doesn’t have to be performed hours on end.

It can be as simple as taking 10 minutes one or two times a day to relax and unwind all the stress and worries you have to deal with during the rest of your hectic day. Once you find time to practice for 20 minutes a day a few days in a row, I am sure you are going to try to create time for yourself to go deeper.

Once you experience the benefits first-hand, you will begin to realize how much you can really enjoy some relaxation and reflection each and every day.

I hope after reading this you are interested in finding out more and most importantly more the benefits it can bring to every single aspect of your life. If you don’t, I really feel sorry for you, you are missing out on developing your mind, body, and soul into one giant superpower that has no fear or worries about life.

We dwell too much on how much we don’t like our lives, but the fact is, that is just a limiting belief that can be completely eliminated forever through a meditative practice. How good would it feel to be completely comfortable and relaxed in every situation life may throw at you?

How could you not want to explore this possibility?

Separate yourself from the majority of people who don’t have a clue about life and join our small little but highly educated minority of people that are truly completely comfortable and secure about their entire life.

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