14 Reasons to Become More Conscious

By: Steve Pavlina

What are the actual benefits of becoming more conscious?  Why would anyone care to do this?  And what does it even mean to raise your consciousness anyway? Read more of this post

Dream Psychology: Awakening Your Inner Vision

HJ: In the dream state, our minds are freed from the everyday limits of waking consciousness.  Dreams are intensely therapeutic and can offer us deep insight into the nature of our own being and the deepest recesses of our own psyche.  Dream psychology is a field of study in which a framework for understanding the complex and often mystical nature of dreams is being developed.  Understanding this realm of your conscious experience is essential for awakening your inner vision — that is, getting in touch with the nature of your own mind, soul and  spirit.  The article below is a fascinating exploration of these topics and is highly recommended for anyone interested in understanding and interpreting their dreams, and hence, better understanding themselves. Read more of this post

4 Simple Techniques For Remembering Your Dreams

HJ: Our dreams hold many messages and clues for us in the waking state.  In the dream state our souls leave the physical body and travel through the astral realms into the 4th dimension and higher.  We oftentimes work through karmic and past life issues when sleeping in addition to dealing with current events and themes in our lives.  Furthermore, in this state, we are recharged with higher spiritual energy which carries us through our day.  As we learn to work with our dreams, we can begin to gain insight into our true nature and even begin to see into the future, as time is not linear in the higher dimensions.  You may have experienced this via Deja Vu or even premonitions which played out into reality.  Much of the process of understanding the higher meanings and messages of our dreams has to do with learning to interpret the story lines and events that occur in the dream state, which are often cloaked in heavy symbolism. Read more of this post

Control Your Dreams With a REM-Enhancing Eye Mask

I have written several articles on lucid dreaming, and people have been practicing this art for thousands of years. A new technology has been released that gives people the ability to control and understand dreams as they are happening. The device is known as the “Remee REM Eye Mask”, and it is helping people tap into their imaginations to entertain them while they sleep. Read more of this post

Train Yourself To Lucid Dream

If you have ever had a dream where you became aware you were dreaming, you have had a lucid dream experience. When this first happens for many it can be very shocking and usually the dreamer awakens quickly because they are not comfortable with the experience. It can be very weird at first to consciously be aware that you are in a dream because the dream state feels just the same as actual reality. Our brains can’t perceive the difference between reality and imagination and therefore dream scenarios seem just as real as our physical reality. I have recently become very interested in lucid dreaming and have been able to become “aware” in dreams a lot more frequently than I used to. There are some methods that you can employ to increase the probability of having a lucid dream which I will go into detail in this entry. With the ability to lucid dream, you can use the hours your body is spent shut off to your advantage and create and experience any scenario you wish when you become skilled at staying lucid within a dream. Read more of this post