How Stepping Into The Flow Will Help You Stop Struggling in Life

HJ: Pushing harder only makes things harder.  Struggle engenders more struggle, as per the law of attraction.  I wan’t to let you in on a big secret: life can be as easy as you want it to be.  We have been taught that struggle is not just necessary, but a fact of life.  We believe this collectively and so it begins to form our reality. We need to learn that stepping into the flow is essential for our conscious growth. Beliefs held by large groups of people create very strong realities which can be difficult to disconnect from, especially if we do not yet have a firm spiritual understanding and grounding.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can choose (whenever you are ready) to disconnect permanently from struggle and step into ease — also known as the flow.

The flow is what it feels like to live in harmony with your life purpose and the natural rhythms of the universe.  Everything you need comes to you at the perfect moment and you always find yourself exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there.  It takes great trust, but that’s about it. You don’t have to do anything, which is exactly what this article is about — relaxing into the flow… because it really is that easy… Read more of this post


What is The Universal End-Game?

The universe we exist in is simply a giant mystery. What is it? What are “we’? What is the point of this “life”? I don’t have the answer, and neither do you. No one does. Should we be concerned about this? Maybe. Should we evaluate every angle with conscious effort? Absolutely. Read more of this post

How to Achieve Balance in The Game of Life

When I take a good look at my life, what I have learned, and what I have experienced, I can honestly tell you that my primary motivation for living is to achieve balance. A life without balance develops into a life of anxiety, fear, and scarcity, all things that can be eliminated and avoided with awareness of your situation. Read more of this post

Am I Getting Old, or Are We Just Screwed?

Written by: Sal Pezzino @sp1989

I am 23 years old and have grown up appreciating all of the music, pop culture icons, toys, technology, and the like. The past few years have been strange, I would say it started around the time I started college but I don’t think that has any correlation with the way I have been feeling over the past few years. I have just grown completely dissatisfied with my generation and the things going on around me. Read more of this post

5 Easy Ways to Live More Courageously

HJ: Fear is a biological mechanism designed to keep us safe and alive, however, when we react fearfully to situations that do not threaten our survival directly, it begins to cause problems in our lives and ultimately ends up limiting us from achieving our highest potential and living passionately.  Fear has its roots in our belief structures and therefore can be relatively easily eliminated by using it as a tool to better understand ourselves instead of a habitually reacting to it as if it were real.  In order to understand what beliefs are causing your fear, simply mindfully observe as it comes up and ask yourself ‘Why am I fearful?’ or ‘Where is this fear coming from?’  In this way we can begin to identify the source of our fear, which we can then begin the process of eliminating through the use of affirmations and other methods of self-hypnosis.

Eliminating fear, however, does not in itself produce courage as a byproduct.  Courage is its own unique characteristic that must be cultivated in addition to eliminating fear.  Courage is necessary for beginning the process of eliminating fears in the first place, as it takes courage to face them initially, especially if you have been hiding from it for much of your life.  The great irony, as timelessly expressed by William Churchill, is that truly the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  When we finally cultivate the courage to do so, we realize that our fears were totally unfounded and overblown and we wonder why we were ever fearful in the first place. Read more of this post

Just How Powerful Are You?

The reality we live in is one massive mystery. No one has the answer to why we are even here, living in this temporary flesh-vehicle having an experience on an organic spaceship that is spinning and hurling around a giant nuclear explosion at an incredibly fast rate of speed.

What is really going on here? Read more of this post

The Art of Lifestyle Design

Inaction is the greatest risk of all. -Tim Ferriss 

What if you could design your life to exactly the specifications you wanted? What if you could create every moment of every day to what you imagined in your head? What would you do if I told you that this was possible under one condition, would you do it? Well, if you continue to I will talk extensively about lifestyle design and how to do it. Read more of this post

The Way to Live Positively

Positive thinking is not just something for the meditator or religious person. Positive thinking is a power aspect of our existence that needs to be utilized more often as our world becomes more complex and technologically advanced. Reality is all about perception and how we view the world. Do you look for the negative in a situation or the positive? Do you think the way you view a situation impacts it’s outcome? positive Is it what you perceive it to be? If  situations are all truly in our heads, then we hold a massive power to influence our environment and the people in it. A positive outlook can completely change the way a situation presents itself. The question is, what is the full range of benefits that stem from thinking positively on a regular basis? Read more of this post

Making the Choice

So often in life, we drift past the opportunity to make a choice; many times, the choice doesn’t seem vital enough to spend time on.  Or perhaps we sense that the choices are too large or too vital and that we are incapable of wielding that kind of power in our own being.  Sadly, with these fear-based hesitations, we pass by an opportunity to know more of ourselves – our spirits and our lives, and to direct our futures. Read more of this post

Neil deGrasse Tyson Funks The Universe (VIDEO)

I mixed Neil Degrasse Tyson’s audio from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast into a funky rap about the universe. The music is by Wax Tailor. Read more of this post

How to Live an A+ Life | AmbioFile

We all want the best. We all strive to have the best life possible by the best means possible based on our current knowledge, skills, and contacts. Many times we  lose sight of another area of our life that we have direct control and decision over – Our mind. Our mind is a very influential construction. Made up of energy, matter, and thoughts. 97% of the world believes that these dominating thoughts in our heads are those that should be obeyed because we believe our thoughts to be who we are. If this were true then we would still be that child in middle school wishing we could drive like our older sibling. Read more of this post

Discovering Happiness in a World of Negative Illusion

Dawning upon a new chapter in my life after graduating college is frightening, but brings with it a tremendous opportunity for the future.

I’m working everyday at a job I hate, around a bunch of negative people who are currently not happy with their lives. I can now understand why the majority of adults these days are miserable. What I believe is the cause to the misery is not the terrible job they are working, or the negative people who bring them down for eight hours, it’s that fact that they think they do not have an alternative.  Read more of this post

10 Simple Methods To a Much Longer Life

Life is Amazing

Who doesn’t want to live a nice long and healthy life? It’s not the easiest thing to do with all of these pollutants, nuclear testings, daily stresses etc. that already take years off of your life. Here are some simple tips that can help you add years to your life.

Read more of this post

The American Ideal

What are you providing to others with your life?

What are your deepest passions? Are you pursuing them, or putting them on a back burner to pursue “tomorrow”?

What is really holding you back?

Are you worried about what others will think? Read more of this post

Reality is Stranger Than Fiction

Reality is a strange thing.

Some fiction is also pretty strange, but does it even come close to reality?

Think about what we are doing right now. We are stationed on mother ship earth who is hurling through the vast emptiness of the universe at an incredible rate of speed that we can’t even consciously feel. We are also rotating. Flying and rotating at speeds not conceivable to the individual, which makes the whole process almost seem like background noise that you never really “hear.”

There are too many distractions in our current state of reality to even evaluate all of the concepts of our current situation here on earth. We can try to conceptualize everything, but at the end of the day still no one has the true answer. We have been working for hundreds of years to define physics, but physics keeps getting redefined. With the discovery of the subatomic level of particles, everything has been thrown out the window, almost like a crazy plot twist in an intense novel.

Read more of this post

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