Art Gallery: “The Man on The Moon”

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Generation Fear

Written by: Jeff Deluca

At 23 years of age, I have come to the realization that my generation is being controlled and manipulated by fear. Read more of this post

Dreams Aren’t Free, The Mental Price of Happiness

The grasp on reality in today’s modern society is so diluted with sugar and spice that it’s hard to find something that is truly real. Read more of this post

Art Gallery: “Zero”

“That’s the sound, my generation lost something that cannot be found. A combination of here and there, but some how we ended up elsewhere. Our sense of purpose, pride and value are gone but mine are not, I’ve had the strength to hold on. We say we have fear and we have love, but I have seen none that I can speak of. I wonder most the time, why it is I lose my mind. But it’s all the same because I have myself to blame. It’s easy to sit and complain but I can’t, I’ll be that change. You know a lot of people get scared and a lot of people fail but not me, that’s not how I’m built. I will not go and sit around filled with self guilt. I refuse to lose and I refuse to be denied of what I know I should achieve. It’s hard to get back up when you fall but the fight is long, so get up and give this life your all.”

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Believe in The Unbelievable

What I find confusing is our ability to simply accept mediocrity instead of striving for improvement.

The fact that reality television like the “Jersey Shore” and “The Real House Wives” of who ever the fuck cares has become a major thing in our lives is disgusting. This surface bullshit destroys people and makes them feel terrible about themselves because they don’t look like so and so, or they don’t have the same life as this person, or that they don’t possess the same skills as someone else.

The frightening thing about our society is that there are so many people who want to be like so few people. To me, that is depressing because the amount of wonderful things that are out there are blocked and over shadowed by false ideas of reality is just wrong. My beliefs are not in standard and normal realistic thinking. Read more of this post

Are You Afraid of You?

Confidence often gets very confused with being cocky. However, there is a DRASTIC difference.

My name is Jeff DeLuca, and I am an artist and a writer.

I love what I do and I don’t give a damn if people discourage what I do. I feel blessed with the gifts I’ve been given but that’s just what they are is gifts. It’s what you do with your gift that makes you great. You need to develop what your good at to truly become great. Read more of this post

Satisfaction. Accomplishment. Value.

These are things I’ve discovered within the last few hours.

The happiness we can give this body we have, is fuel. Like gas to a car, water to the flowers or air to our lungs. Our minds are stronger than any muscle we have. It’s the most beautiful thing about any human being. It determines the thing you like, the things you eat and most important the people you love. Your mind gives you the belief in something that isn’t there. Something you want to be, but question.

I believe the craziest thing is that we question our minds.

We question possibilities, which is fucking crazy to me. Read more of this post

Art Gallery: “Looking Past The Dark”


“In drawing this and coming up with the idea, I did it slowly and step by step. What influenced me to do something like this was the clothing line Fatal. They have a lot of things like this but I came up with the rays and spider webs myself. This is kind of like one of their pieces but I created the long hair because I thought it would give it a different look. I am really happy by the way it came out and will have something new up soon.”

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