How to Master The Four Levels of Intuition

HJ: While most people see intuition as one specific skill or ability, it is actually comprised of four distinct levels of awareness. This is an important thing to note because each level has different attributes and different messages and meanings it imparts. This is powerful information to help you on your spiritual journey towards greater levels of consciousness and awareness.
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Joe Rogan and Jason Silva on Technology and Imagination (VIDEO)

From your imagination, comes everything: Read more of this post

Army Begins Training MPs To Drive Tanks on U.S. Streets

Could Martial Law finally be here?

St. Louis city residents got an alarming visit from U.S. Army tanks rolling down their  friendly residential neighborhood last night. The exercise is said to be part of a U.S. Army program run by military police from Fort Meade, Maryland. They are focused around training MPs from St. Louis on how to drive heavily armored tanks on the highways and city streets. Conveniently, the media report that covered this event has been promptly removed from everywhere it has been posted. Read more of this post


Part 1: In-Finite

Infinity is large.

It is so large, that many believe it cannot be fully conceptualized by the human mind no matter how intelligent or advanced the person may be.  In fact, the word infinite is less a word in itself, but rather a negation of another word; Finite.  Finite comes from the latin word Finitus, which means “limited” or “bounded”.  With this in mind, we can now define in-finite, as something that is unlimited, and not bounded. Read more of this post