How To Reconnect The Conscious Mind to The Higher Self

HJ: Your higher self will always lead you down the path of your highest success, expansion, fulfillment and growth. Your higher self is like your compass for navigating life in a way that always leads to more beauty, peace, health and abundance.  Sounds pretty amazing, no?  It is. And being strongly connected to your higher self is truly the only way to live. Read more of this post

How to Tune Into Messages From Your Higher Self

The Higher Self is morally perfect, wise, and is guiding you through this journey as you pretend to be a human being for a little while. It is constantly sending us signs that will point us in the direct of evolution, love, and truth. These are signs that are from you beneath the conscious level, to you at the conscious level.

Here are 3 signs that your Higher Self has been giving you: Read more of this post

The Holy Trinity of Mysticism

I have chosen to preface this article with a short paragraph that I wrote years ago after a deep meditation. I came out of it, went straight to my computer, and wrote this out word for word as you see it now in less than a minute.

“The universe sprang forth through a cosmic outpouring of energy from a single, non-existent point derived in void. This outpouring was nothing more or less than the One Thing opening its eye to observe itself. Past and future are false concepts, for only this one moment exists always present. After the One Thing has finished observing itself in this moment, it will collapse in on itself, and fall back to the void from which it was first issued forth. This process repeats for infinity with no beginning or end.” Read more of this post

How to Connect to Your Higher Self and Discover Your Truth

HJ: Our personal truth is the unique road map given to us by our higher selves for fulfillment in this lifetime.  There are multiple incarnations of higher truth and it is important to distinguish between them.  On one level, we have the larger, general purpose of why we exist, which is to know oneself truly (self inquiry) and experience ever increasing levels of conscious awareness.  The next rung on that ladder is what that translates to in this lifetime — how have we chosen to approach that larger goal?  Perhaps it is through the life path of a fireman or a doctor or a philanthropist or a hindu sage meditating high in the himalayas or an elementary school teacher or a spiritual leader or even a criminal, just to name but a few of the endless incarnations.  This is perhaps even more important in certain respects than knowing the overarching larger goal, as this truth — the one referred to in this article — is what guides us through this life.  Yes the higher purpose of conscious awareness development can also guide us, but it is this more specific path that ultimately most people are searching for.  What is it that they are called to do in life in order to fulfill their highest expression? Read more of this post