Am I Getting Old, or Are We Just Screwed?

Written by: Sal Pezzino @sp1989

I am 23 years old and have grown up appreciating all of the music, pop culture icons, toys, technology, and the like. The past few years have been strange, I would say it started around the time I started college but I don’t think that has any correlation with the way I have been feeling over the past few years. I have just grown completely dissatisfied with my generation and the things going on around me. Read more of this post


How Our View of the Future has Drastically Changed

The website brings up an interesting, funny and simple point of how our view of the Future has changed in the last couple of years.

In the 90’s, people had positive visions of futuristic cities with flying cars and tall skyscrapers. Sadly, today everyone views the future as one massive case of destruction or…the end of the world.

Views of a city of the future

Images from :

The World’s 5 Most Futuristic Artifacts

The Baghdad Battery:

This vase looking structure was completely designed to the specifications of how a battery would work. Found in Baghdad in deep soil and happens to be 2000 years old! What kind of person in that era would have the sophistication to develop such an advancement like a battery? Read more of this post

Creating Your Ideal Reality

The main problem that arises for many people in the area of self-development is that they feel at effect to their current condition rather than working courageously to AFFECT their current reality.

Many of us feel effected by outside external circumstances instead of deciding to AFFECT them. When you choose to affect your current state of reality, you can reap the rewards effectively.

The universe will deliver whatever you want, you just have to set out your intentions and work towards creating them. You set your intention, and the universe will respond to your thoughts by guiding you along the way as you consciously create.

Subconsciously, without you knowing the exact way, the universe will do its work if you allow it to.

Create Your Own Reality.

Nothing is going to fall in your lap.

If your intention is to earn $1,000,000 dollars, it is not going to fall from the sky.

If you stick to your intention everyday and work at it as hard as you can, the universe will open up channels of opportunities to make your thoughts a physical reality. If for one second you don’t trust in the universe, it will respond to that distrust, and close up the channels.

You will face setbacks along the way, but treat those as learning experiences rather than failures. If you get upset over failing, the universe will tune into that frequency you are vibrating in, and attract more and more failure and discontent.

You have to know that it will not be easy to change your current state of reality.

If it was easy, you would already have what you want.

But most of us don’t, right?

It wouldn’t require any effort on your part, and everyone would have what they want.

It doesn’t work that way, but if you understand the Law of Attraction, you can use it to your advantage on your creative journey of life.

You are the master creator of your reality.

You are the manifester.

You are the alchemist of your own life.

Everything you create has stemmed from yourself.

Everyone else is simply an avatar in your reality, they don’t have to exist in it if you don’t want them to.

You can turn away from people who negatively effect you, and turn towards the positive people who can help you and embrace the entire experience with you.

You have the conscious choice.

There is no one telling you a certain way to act unless you are WEAK and give into the desires of others for their advantage.

Be STRONG and overcome the influence of others if it is guiding you in a wrong direction. You subconsciously know what is right and what is wrong, but too many times you might fall into the trap of doing the wrong thing.

The “right” thing is spreading positive energy and positive ideas to every single person or “avatar” you meet in your reality.

If you try to impose positive energy into other people’s lives, they will respond equally with positive energy.

If they are stuck in a rut of negativity and don’t respond well to positive energy, you can just let them suffer by themselves and consciously find other people to help you on your trip.

If you treat everyone you meet as you would like to be treated yourself, you will be amazed at the results.

Most people will return the energy you project on to them and help you as you help them.

It works hand in hand.

Two minds are better than one and two people working towards achieving a goal is a lot easier than one.

If you have big dreams and goals, don’t feel alone.

A lot of us have deep desires that we wish we could achieve, but we limit ourselves in our beliefs. There are many people out in this world who would love to help you and join team as you both work towards building a great future.

Don’t feel isolated because you don’t think anyone else will help.

If you can inspire people to think the same way you do, they will join your team and the goals will be easier to achieve.

If I thought no one would appreciate this website and what we have done, I would not have even bothered to create it.

It has become what it has become due to a TEAM effort of conscious individuals looking to grow and prosper and share those ideals with everyone who is interested in growing themselves.

If I for one second was fearful of what people thought of us, I wouldn’t have even bothered to create this.

I would have let the fear take over and I would be too scared to even try it.

Good thing that didn’t happen.

If I can leave you with one thought, it would be to stop thinking about what you want and START ACTING ON IT.

Stop dwelling on what you DON’T want and start moving towards what you DO WANT.


Stop being lazy, and stop expecting things to happen overnight.

They won’t.

Take baby steps and set baby goals at the beginning of your journey.

It will be easy to achieve these goals, and you will build confidence in yourself once you achieve some little steps.

After that, you will trust in yourself that you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to.

This is where its gets to be A LOT OF FUN.

Share the experience with everyone you think deserves it, and you will attract some more positive opportunities and people along the way.

We did, and we continue to each day.

So what are you waiting for?


Panic Attacks: Stop Scaring Yourself!


Panic Attack!

A panic attack is a period of intense fear and worry that a person experiences with or with out an identified trigger that appears to come out of nowhere.

A panic attack usually does not last for more than 10 minutes.

People who have experienced a panic attack at some point in their lives have described it as the most terrifying and uncomfortable situation they have ever been in, especially if the person was having a panic attack in a public/social situation.

More times than not, panic attacks are mistaken for heart attacks and many people rush to the ER for medical attention. People usually are diagnosed with panic attacks when the doctors find absolutely nothing wrong with them. It takes a lot of time for most people to accept that what they experienced was “just” a panic attack because of how intense the feeling could be.

A panic attack can be seen as some kind of a “glitch” in our autonomic nervous system which is responsible to send a general “alarm” to our bodies to either “fight or flight” when we are in a dangerous situation. People who experience panic attacks may have an over sensitive or hyper-reactive autonomic nervous system.


During a panic attack a person will experience two types of fears.

The primary fear is the initial and physical experience of pure panic; racing heart, interrupted breathing, sweating, etc.


1.) Numbness/tingling sensations

2.) Dizziness,faintness, difficulty balancing

3.) Racing and/or Pounding heart

4.) Chest Tightness

5.) Sweating

6.) Shaking

7.) Hot Flashes

8.) Feeling unreal or as if you’re in a dream

9.) Nausea or abdominal discomfort

10.) Shortness of breath

11.) Fear of dying

12.) Fear of “losing it”

13.) Fear of losing control

14.) Intense need to flee or escape

The secondary fear are the thoughts that follow these physical sensations a person experiences during a panic attack.


Treating individuals who experience panic attacks and a variety of different anxiety disorders, I’ve come to learn that addressing the secondary fears (thoughts) first have been extremely helpful in decreasing the intensity of the attacks. Let’s take a look at some of the very common false beliefs and thoughts that most people have during panic attacks.

“I’m going to stop breathing”

“I’m going to pass out”

“I’m going crazy”

“I’m going to embarrass myself”

“I’m going to fall”

I’m going to have a heart attack”

“I’m going to die”

These thoughts and internal dialogue will only intensify your panic attack, so cut it out!

Not so easy right?

Well here are some facts about panic attacks that may help you negate these thoughts and help you kick panic attacks in the ass.



You will NOT suffocate because of a panic attack:

When distressed, your body tends to tighten the muscles, and that includes your neck and chest muscles which reduces the extent of your respiratory function. This does not mean there is anything wrong with your lungs or breathing at all. If you are not taking in enough oxygen, your brain will utilize it’s built in mechanism to force you to take deeper breaths or gasp. Yes, the feeling of suffocating IS NOT PLEASANT, but trust that you will not actually suffocate. There are no recorded deaths of suffocation during panic attacks 🙂

You will NOT faint because of a panic attack- Due to hyperventilation, (fast,fast breathing) during a panic attack, you may feel light headed which may give off the impression that you are going to faint. NO! Your blood circulation to your brain has slightly decreased. This is far from deadly. Allow the light-headed feelings to diminish, they will with time, along with slowed breathing.

Guess what!!? During a panic attack your heart is beating a little quicker; people usually faint when their hearts slow down.

So Much Panic!

You will NOT fall during a panic attack:

Sometimes you may feel as if your legs are too weak to hold your body which triggers the thoughts “I’m going to fall”, which then leads to “I’m going to embarrass myself or get hurt”.

Adrenaline is released during a panic attack which sometimes causes dilation in blood vessels in your legs. This feeling is JUST a feeling. Your legs are not actually weaker, they are just as strong as they were before the panic attack.

You will NOT go CRAZY during a panic attack:

A common reaction to rapid breathing is the sensation of feeling “not in reality”. Again, this is JUST a sensation. If you experience a feeling of disorientation or “dream like”, tell yourself that this is just a reaction to a change in your breathing. People do not go crazy from a panic attack. Mental illnesses are complex and usually progress slowly over time. There are no recorded “psychosis” due to a panic attack.

Stay Strong!

You will NOT have a heart attack during a panic attack- A healthy and strong heart can beat 200 beats per minute for as long as several weeks without a problem! Your heart can withstand a lot more than you think it can. There is a MAJOR difference between what your heart feels like during a panic attack and during a true heart attack.


During a panic attack your heart may pound and beat more rapidly and sometimes people complain of some pain. This pain quickly subsides.

During a true heart attack, there is much more consistent pain involved and intense pressure against the chest. This pain gets worse and worse.

EKG research indicates that during a panic attack, there are no abnormalities in the heart other than rapid beating. EKG tests indicates quite a few abnormalities in the heart during a heart attack.


Now that you have learned a little more about the realities of panic attacks, try to replace your catastrophic thoughts with your knew FACTUAL knowledge. You are not going to die from a panic attack. Yes, they are scary, traumatic, and serve as interruptions in the lives of many, but don’t give them THAT much credit.

You may tell yourself, even after learning and knowing all of this, that during your next panic attack, that this one is different. you may tell yourself, “This time it’s really a heart attack.”

Well now you will know that that is one of the most common thoughts people have during panic attacks.

A last piece of advice- Embrace the symptoms. The more you try to avoid these symptoms,  such as isolating yourself, constantly seeking medical attention, avoiding walking,talking and just being during a panic attack, the more you will reinforce your false beliefs that they are dangerous. You are stronger than a panic attack. Laugh at it. Millions of people experience panic attacks.


You will NOT go CRAZY during a panic attack:

A common reaction to rapid breathing is the sensation of feeling “not in reality”.

Again, this is JUST a sensation. If you experience a feeling of disorientation or “dream like”, tell yourself that this is just a reaction to a change in your breathing. People do not go crazy from a panic attack. Mental illnesses are complex and usually progress slowly over time. There are no recorded “psychosis cases” due to a panic attack.

You will NOT have a heart attack during a panic attack- A healthy and strong heart can beat 200 beats per minute for as long as several weeks without a problem! Your heart can withstand a lot more than you think it can. There is a MAJOR difference between what your heart feels like during a panic attack and during a true heart attack.


If our hearts could not sustain some rapid beating once in a while, don’t you think athletes would be dropping to the floor left and right?

You may tell yourself, even after learning and knowing all of this, that during your next panic attack, that this one is different. you may tell yourself, “This time it’s really a heart attack”. Well now you will know that that is one of the most common thoughts people have during panic attacks.

A last piece of advice- Embrace the symptoms. The more you try to avoid these symptoms,  such as isolating yourself, constantly seeking medical attention, avoiding walking,talking and just being during a panic attack, the more you will reinforce your false beliefs that they are dangerous. You are stronger than a panic attack. Laugh at it. Millions of people experience panic attacks every day.

No One Dies From Panic Attacks!


Where Do The Jets Go From Here?

Rex Ryan's guarantees failed

Just like many Jet fans, I am wondering what direction the team will be heading towards the 2012 campaign.

From being considered Super Bowl contenders to not even making the playoffs, I can’t even say the mighty have fallen because the Jets were not even able to dominate.

Lets outline what has happened since the beginning of the Jets season and how quickly the perception has changed for this team.

To narrow it down, I will divide the season into four quarters:

1st quarter (2-2) – The Jets got off to a good 2-0 start. They received a gift from Dallas when Romo forgot the fact that Darelle Revis plays for the Jets.

However, the first “bump” in the road occurred when Pro Bowl Center Nick Mangold suffered a high ankle sprain. Mangold was out for 2 weeks and the Jets suffered badly without him, getting crushed by Oakland and humiliated by Baltimore.

2nd Quarter (3-1) – After their 3-game losing streak, the Jets turned around with a 3-game winning streak. After losing in New England, the Jets had good wins against Miami, San Diego, and an impressive victory against Buffalo.

Sitting at 5-3, the Jets seemed primed to overtake the division from the struggling Patriots.

3rd Quarter (2-2) – The Patriots and Broncos crushed the Jets spirits in my opinion.

Both times the Jets were handed heartbreaking losses. The Patriots set the Jets straight and let them know that this was THEIR DIVISION.

Tebow took flight with a 95 yard drive to seal the Jets fate. The Jets would rebound with wins against Buffalo and Washington but the losses to New England and Denver still loomed.

4th Quarter (1-3) – The Jets saved their worst for last.

The Eagles destroyed the Jets, and Santonio Holmes played awful committing two turnovers on his own (1 returned for touchdown). The Jets than lost their battle for New York when the Giants completely outplayed and outcoached the Jets.

Sanchez was awful and the Defense gave up a back-breaking 99 yard touchdown reception to Victor Cruz.

Finally, in Jason Taylor’s last game, the Dolphins sealed any hope for the Jets by embarrassing the Jets 19-17.

The Jets went from being a solid pick for the Super Bowl to an average 8-8 team with MAJOR leadership problems.

This Dolphins loss not only sealed the Jets playoff hopes, but it could seal the fate for Holmes, Schottenheimer, and Sanchez as Jets.

I do not know how Holmes can step foot in that locker room again after quitting on his team. What’s worse is that no team will trade for Holmes, so the Jets are stuck with a horrible contract.

Santonio Holmes quit on his team

Holmes is due $12 Million and if the Jets cut him, $12 Million will go against their cap and Holmes will be a free agent. It’s a tough pill to swallow but it will be VERY interesting to see what exactly the Jets do with Holmes.

How  Brian Schottenheimer is still an Offensive Coordinator is beyond my comprehension. I love Rex, but this is beyond idiotic, it simply does not make any sense. His influence on Mark Sanchez seems only hazardous to be honest, especially when you have Tom Moore there for you.

For those who do not know Tom Moore, he molded Peyton Manning into the player he is today. Peyton Manning is pretty good, (4 MVPs, 1 Super Bowl Ring) but why do that?

Yeah, same old Jets.

Mark Sanchez.. I don’t know where to begin, I almost feel bad for him. Sanchez in his young career has acquired 30+ wins and a good playoff record but has just looked horrible this season. I feel he just tried to do too much.

Schottenheimer completely undermined him with awful play calling. However, that does not excuse awful decision-making on Sanchez’s part. I feel like more defensive lineman picked him off than cornerbacks.


1.) FIRE SCHOTTY – Seriously! You have Tom Moore, I would give Moore a blank check and beg him to be the Offensive Coordinator. He is more than qualified and from Rex’s perspective, you will not have to worry about the Offense AT ALL, you can completely focus on the defense.

The Jets need a new Offensive Coordinator

2.) Veteran Leadership – Talent is not everything. You need guys that are respected. I feel that Rex tried to be the figure-head of the locker room. Rex is trying to do so much, and he should focus more on his job.

Sign guys that will back you up.

Players such as Tony Richardson, Damien Woody, Jericho Cotchery were sorely missed in the locker room and it showed.

3.) 2012 Draft – the Jets will have a top 20 pick, it is CRUCIAL that they hit a home run with this pick.

The Jets needs include a Free safety,Right Tackle, linebacker and defensive lineman.

There will be impact players for the Jets to take with their pick, so they better get it right.

4.) No guarantees/No Excuses – I love Rex’s confidence, but I hoped he learned his lesson this year.

Football is the one sport with no guarantees (not even players contracts are, you think Superbowls are?)

Some Jet fans might say, “well Namath guaranteed a Superbowl victory and backed it up.”

Yes, He did guarantee a Superbowl victory, but the Jets were already IN the Superbowl. He didn’t guarantee anything during the regular season.

And one more thing.

Please stop with the excuses, Rex.

Just take the failure of the season and deal with it. I am a huge Ryan fan, but you have to sit back and lick your wounds (or grab a snack?)

Where Does The Sky End?

When you look up in the night sky, you might see some pretty stars and cool constellations, but how many of us actually realize that we are looking at something that goes on FOREVER?

Do you know what forever even means?

I mean we like to describe space as being infinite, but how do you even explain that?

We can say infinite means it never ends, but what does never ends mean?

It means we can’t possibly ever explain it.

Where Does The Sky End?

We know it never ends, it keeps expanding and never stops, but what is it expanding into?

What does the universe keep expanding itself into? Another infinite realm? How many possible “infinities” are there?

I bet in 1,000,000 years we wont even be able to explain it.

As a race we like to describe some of our members as “geniuses” but how smart do you have to be, to be able to crack the entire mechanics of the universe?

I don’t think it is possible with our current biological structure.

We have come a long way in brain size and power in the last 2,000,000 years but we still can’t explain everything. We are the only species on the planet that can gaze into the night sky and contemplate these types of things, but we are never going to have a full explanation.

We are going to have to evolve into something else before that ever happens. That’s the point of evolution, to adapt, get smarter, and keep figuring things out slowly.

That is what our purpose is.

As we keep creating new things, new innovations and new technologies, our biology will eventually keep evolving to adapt.

It has to, survival of the fittest, the weaker genetics in our species will die off and in time, a whole new “race” will be born.

It will just take too long for “us” to see, we only are here for a temporary time.

The next time you think you have a problem here on earth and you are stressing over it, just look up.

The Idea of Infinity is Too Difficult to Possibly Fully Explain.

Look up and think about the vastness of this whole thing we are a part of. It’s fucking crazy if you really sit back and look at the big picture.

It might be scary at first to realize how much of an insignificant role you play, but that is only a limiting belief you have about yourself.

The universe is infinite already, and it keeps expanding?

You are already infinite too in your potential, and you can keep expanding and evolving, so don’t EVER limit yourself to something you “think” you can’t do.

We are moving into an age of truth, everything will be exposed and there will be no more lies.

I think in due time, we will be able to read each others minds and there will be no more secrets to hold. Maybe in a time like this, there won’t be any more lies and deceit, and we can evolve even faster towards our predetermined outcome.

What that outcome is, remains to be foreseen, but lets enjoy the fuck out of this temporary life while we have the chance. 🙂

What is Reality?

Are you sure what you are doing here on this earth?

Are you sure what “reality” is?

Is the waking world reality, or is dreaming reality?

There are so many unanswered questions about what reality really is and if this whole life is even “real.”

It all might just be a figment of our imagination. Imagination creates reality. What you imagine, creates your individual reality.

Your reality is different from mine. We both perceive things differently and have different thoughts about everything.

No two people are identical, we all are a unique individual body.

That is the fun part about life. If we were all the same and all thought the same, life would be boring as shit.

There would be no creativity. Creativity stems from an individual’s own unique thoughts that have been different from ANYONE else in history.

Have you ever thought of that?

When you create something unique, it is something different from everything that has already been created. We have been around for millions of years, and no one else has had the same thoughts or put together the same creations as you.

What is the purpose of that?

Why do we constantly try to create new things?

A Supernova Explosion

I think it is our purpose as a species.

We continually create, re-create, and improve ideas which all lead us in a evolutionary track toward something we truly cannot comprehend.

We don’t know what we are moving towards, but we keep moving.

We aren’t stopping. Technology is not moving backwards.

We keep having kids, and we keep consuming the earth.

It is programmed into our DNA to reproduce but we can’t explain why we want to.

It is all really bizarre, but just know that there is nothing to worry about. You are allowed to have fun with life. You don’t have to think life sucks because who is to say that besides yourself? If you don’t believe life sucks, then it doesn’t suck.

SUCK IT UP, and enjoy the limited time you have here in this temporary fleshy body. This vessel we can’t truly explain, yet we can create ideas that try to explain it.

Were getting closer to understanding, but it will take a long time. Enjoy the journey. If we already knew what was going to happen in the end, I don’t think we would have the drive to keep moving.

Life is what you create it to be, might as well create something you truly enjoy and desire. 🙂

VIDEO: 1950’s Doctor Recommends Smoking Cigarettes

This may be in the 1950’s, but doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies are doing the same thing today, just in different ways that are kept from the public.

Click here for an article explaining the different ways that they influence people on buying dangerous products, including prescription medication.

This video’s contradiction to today’s views is pretty amusing.


The Rational Atheist

In the past few decades, there has been an explosion of people who consider themselves to have no religious affiliation.  While some of this population, when asked, will answer that they simply possess a set of beliefs, (or lack of belief), that falls into no current religious system, a large majority of this group consider themselves “Atheist”.

It is difficult to define this word universally, but for the most part, an atheist is a person who does not believe in god, deity, or any other words with divine implications.

“Divine” is another word that is difficult to define, but for now lets just say that it means “pertaining to holiness” and/or “relating to god”.

I myself was brought up jewish, however at a very young age, I called bullshit on the whole thing and moved to agnosticism, (which to me means one who is unsure of whether god exists or not), and then with a little more age, and faulty childhood wisdom, I moved to a definitive belief that there was no god, I.E. atheism.

Now, I believe that I have finally come to a definitive answer to the age old question “do you believe in god.”

The answer to this question, is actually another question.

When asked, my response is consistently “That depends… what do you think god is?”

My theory, is that atheism is a direct response to the mass religious teachings, which have greatly simplified this infinitely profound subject matter.  This was done, because the overwhelming majority of the world population did not have the mental capabilities to comprehend the abstract truths of god.  Infact, it’s possible that while some people get close to understanding, it can never be fully understood.  This is shown by the one word that most people can agree is the only word that can be used to describe god ; INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

Here are a few more synonyms that I’ve heard ;

Indescribable, Unimaginable, ineffable, etc, etc.  I think you get the point.

However, the most intelligent, rational, intuitive people who have ever existed have spent entire life times trying to know god, AND put what they have found into words.

Most people don’t care to take this incredibly deep, overwhelming journey down the rabbit hole, and it is for these people that mass religion was created.

But for most, if not all, surface level religious teaching, there is an inner circle of people who at some point possessed real knowledge of the divine.  These mystical truths are what eventually, after a certain amount of simplifications, became packaged and distributed to the world for certain reasons which I can’t be sure of.

A few obvious ones would be to keep people in line, establish moral systems and codes of ethical behaviors, and most importantly, to give people PURPOSE.

Also, I feel it can be used as “bread crumbs” to lead people back to the source, if and when they decide to take the leap and dedicate themselves to wisdom and truth.

But for now, we are left with the outcome of people who realized that having “faith” in something with no proof attached to it, is an unintelligent and ignorant thing to do.

With all the scientific progress that has been made recently, it seems that in this age more than any other, people are skeptical of everything they hear until it is “proven”.  This seems to be where atheism stems from, because the backbone behind the “dumbed down” truths of Christianity, Judaism, and many other world religions, is FAITH.  You can’t need proof and have faith of something at the same time; it is a fatal contradiction.

But maybe atheism is a step in the right direction.  We could be experiencing an evolution in consciousness soon, and atheism might be necessary in order to get rid of the old, and establish a new, more evolved and intellectually based, system of religious belief.


The Man in The Sky With The Beard

Atheism is more of a negation of the current religious systems rather then a negation of religious and spiritual beliefs in general.  Most Atheists, when asked why they are atheist, will answer with something along the lines of “Because there is not a man in the sky, with a beard, sitting on the clouds, watching everything we do, and torturing us for fun!”

In reality, the majority of atheists are just getting hip to fact that the mass religious teachings are simplified, and ultimately, make little to no logical sense.

But I have had deep philosophical discussions with many atheists, and not ONE of them has TOTALLY disagreed with my beliefs, and guess what?  I BELIEVE IN GOD!

But the question “do you believe in god?” is not a yes or no question, because the word itself registers a completely unique conception in every single persons mind.  How can we argue about something that we can’t agree on the meaning of?  If you think a couch is a table, then there will always be a miscommunication when discussing couches!

I really do have my own unique set of beliefs when it comes to the mysteries of life, and I encourage everyone to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions on these topics.

But don’t ignore them, because they were meant to be pondered.

Peace, Love, and compassion for all.


A Message to The Government and The Powerful Elite

Please come assassinate me.

I am spreading truth and positivity too fast, I need to be stopped.

You have done it in the past, so why not do it again right?

You killed Kennedy because he foiled your plans to fake terrorist attacks on Americans by vetoing the bill your Joint Chiefs of Staff approved.

Never heard of Operation Northwoods? Read this article.

How about just hiring a hooker to lure me back to a house where you can do experiments with psychedelics on me.

Never heard of Operation Midnight Climax? Read this article.

God Bless America? God Bless Truth, not Propaganda.

It is pathetic how you get away with so many things that people have no idea about.

Even if they knew about it, they probably wouldn’t believe it anyway because you cover it up so well.

Thanks to the internet, I have learned all of your secrets and plan on infecting everyone with this knowledge.

It is even more pathetic that you have been doing this throughout history, and have made people believe that your actions are for the benefit of society as a whole.

You have constantly brainwashed your own citizens to believe a certain way.

You control the media, and most people will believe anything they see on television and read in the newspapers.

You create depression and make people depressed, then conveniently sell the cure for it in the form of anti-depressants. 115,000,000 suckers each year. No wonder pot needs to be illegal. You would be out of business if it wasn’t.

It’s too easy right?

I know it is.

I wish I had your power so I could do the complete opposite.

So like I said, please take me and my crew down, we are going to go right ahead and change the world if you don’t.

I am willing to die spreading truth. It is the only thing that matters in this crazy world. 🙂

How To Raise Your Universal Vibration

The Universe Runs on Vibration

The universe runs off vibrations.

It responds to the vibrations you put out into it.

You ATTRACT your dominant thought patterns in events, opportunities and relationships.

What are your current thought patterns? Do they coincide with your current reality?

If you answered no to either of these questions, you are simply lying to yourself.

Everything you have currently is a product of your thought, and more importantly, a product of your vibrational frequency.

Ever have a thought about someone, maybe a friend or family member then all of a sudden they call or text you?

That isn’t coincidence, in fact there is no such thing as coincidences.

What is happening here is called a universal synchronicity.

You sent out the vibration, and the universe responded. You may have also picked up subconsciously on the vibration your friend set out before he or she decided to call you. It works hand in hand.

This may be a scary thought for many of you if your predominant thought patterns are focused on NEGATIVITY. This is however able to be reversed into POSITIVITY if you consciously make the effort.

One of the best ways to tune into the vibration you are currently setting out to the universe is to MEDITATE. I already know many of you won’t even try this, but how badly do you want to change your life?

Here are my top 5 reasons for why you should meditate, and how it has benefited my life IMMENSELY.

When you sit down in isolation with just your thoughts, you can see what you are predominantly thinking. It can be a very rough experience if you are trying it for the first time and stuck in a rut of negativity. This is the first step towards eliminating your negative thoughts and vibrations.

Once you are able to meditate effectively, you can begin to quiet your mind of all its thoughts, and instill POWERFUL and EMPOWERING positive beliefs about yourself and your life.

This is a process of rewiring your subconscious, and you can read this article to find out how powerful the subconscious really is. After all, it is 90% of our brainpower, and our brainpower might be the most powerful force on the earth.

Thinking positive is not going to find you any results however. You have to take INSPIRED ACTION to make those beliefs a reality.

Choose The Path of Positivity

Without action, there is no result. Thinking and focused action goes hand in hand. They don’t work without eachother.

We are in this universe to create. We are master creators. We create each day. We choose what we want to create.

Raising your vibration into a more positive state makes creating what you ACTUALLY want a lot easier. Shifting your vibration from negativity to positivity released all the stress and tension from your body and gets you flowing in the right direction. It has been said that a positive thought is TEN TIMES more powerful than a negative thought. There is a reason why positivity is TRUTH and the TRUTHFUL way to live.

If it wasn’t, why does it feel so good to be happy?

Why does it feel bad to be negative and stressed out?

Happiness can only be achieved through positive thinking and inspired action.

Take steps to raise your vibration today.

Meditate, share and laugh with friends, play your favorite music at an obscenely loud volume and just toss all your worries aside.

Life is too short to give a fuck. 🙂

Santa Tracker: The Tradition Continues

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, more popularly referred to as NORAD, has begun their annual tradition of tracking the whereabouts of Santa Claus as he travels the globe spreading Christmas cheer.  With over 1,200 volunteers and technology the would make any nerd blush, NORAD expects to recieve over 80,000 calls this Christmas Eve from people all wondering the same thing, where is Santa Claus right now?

This lighthearted holiday tradition all began as a simple mistake (don’t all great ideas?) when a Colorado area newspaper misprinted a Sears ad promoting a hotline where kids could call Santa.  As a result of the typo, thousands of wide eyed children hoping to speak to Mr. Claus himself were instead shocked when the phone was answered by the Colorado based CONAD (NORAD’s predecessor).  As you can imagine, the officers manning the phones at the Aerospace Defense were equally surprised and some jokingly began to play along.  This innocent mistake, that could have easily been chalked up as an unfortunate typo and discontinued, gave way to a tradition that has now lasted over half a century.

As they do every year, NORAD expects to set new all-time highs this Christmas season.  The Santa tracking website has already had more than 2.2 million unique visitors and that’s as we only begin to enter the system’s busiest 48 hour period.  In addition to the hundred of telephones and wildly popular website, NORAD has introduce apps for both the iPhone and Android operating systems.  As of mid-December, the app had been downloaded over 234,000 times from the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.  So make sure you keep an eye on Santa’s whereabouts and time your baking accordingly, I have a hunch that ole Kris Kringle prefers his cookies fresh out of the oven and his milk still ice cold.


Three Easy Steps To Live The Zazen Life

Learn The Truth About Marijuana.

Step 1. Smoke a joint.

Step 2. Look into a telescope.

Step 3. Stop giving a shit about EVERYTHING and learn to appreciate what you have.

Nothing Matters When You Love What You Do.

#WelcomeToZazenLife! #2012 #TheGlobalConsciousnessMovement

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Dr. Michio Kaku: “The World in 2030”

A great perspective of what the world is going to be like in a few years.

Skip ahead to 5:27, because the gentlemen introducing Kaku apparently has no idea who he is and has to look at his papers to figure out his credentials.

Pretty pathetic.

This video is a little on the long side, but if you can spare an hour to figure out how your future is going to look like, it is certainly worth it.

Enjoy! 🙂

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