ZazenLife Exclusive Interview with KILLCODE

ZazenLife had the opportunity to go backstage and interview one of the most popular up and coming rock bands in New York City known as KILLCODE.

(Left to right) Chas, Erric, Tom

I’ve heard the saying, “Rock is Dead”  plenty of times and I’m sure you have too, but I assure you that out there, waiting to be found, are guys, girls and more than anything, BANDS, who definitely still rock.

Whether you like it or not, Killcode came to assure you it’s alive and well. Spreading the code first in Nueva York, or New York to we english speaking people.

I arrived to a vibrant, packed and sold-out show on March, 24th 2012 as the audience lingered around and the many bands passed their time on the stage about to be rocked by none other than the code, Killcode.I know before I go on all of you simpletons want to know “What do they sound like?” Read more of this post

Eco-Boat Uses Body Fat as Fuel to Circle the Globe

The fastest Eco-Boat on the planet will attempt to break the around the world speed record using fuel made from human fat.The boat is named “Earthrace”, which is controlled by Captain Pete Bethune. Bethune told the media that the trip would begin from Valencia, Spain on March 1st of next year.

Eco-boat “Earthrace”

Pete Bethune and his wife mortgaged their house and sold almost everything they owned to help make this project possible. This Biodiesel powered boat is 78 feet long, and carries 3000 gallons of fuel. When it is fully fueled, it weighs a total of 23 tons.

“Earthrace” is powered by 100% biodiesel fuel

It’s been a crazy preparation process for Pete Bethune and his wife. Pete underwent liposuction surgery, and donated enough to produce 100 ml of bio fuel.

The current record holder took 75 days to go around the globe in 1998. Pete said that he plans to circle the globe in just 65 days, shattering the last record. Bethune plans to cross the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. To cross through continents, he will travel through the Panama and Suez Canals.

Earthrace's route around the world

All the best wishes to Pete Bethune and his wife.