The Flow of Consciousness

One of the most important aspects of living a positive enriching life is to achieve a state of flow. A state of flow entails that you are completely immersed in your craft and task at hand. Regardless of what you are passionate about in life, achieving a balanced state of flow is crucial for achieving long-term success. Read more of this post


How Stepping Into The Flow Will Help You Stop Struggling in Life

HJ: Pushing harder only makes things harder.  Struggle engenders more struggle, as per the law of attraction.  I wan’t to let you in on a big secret: life can be as easy as you want it to be.  We have been taught that struggle is not just necessary, but a fact of life.  We believe this collectively and so it begins to form our reality. We need to learn that stepping into the flow is essential for our conscious growth. Beliefs held by large groups of people create very strong realities which can be difficult to disconnect from, especially if we do not yet have a firm spiritual understanding and grounding.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can choose (whenever you are ready) to disconnect permanently from struggle and step into ease — also known as the flow.

The flow is what it feels like to live in harmony with your life purpose and the natural rhythms of the universe.  Everything you need comes to you at the perfect moment and you always find yourself exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there.  It takes great trust, but that’s about it. You don’t have to do anything, which is exactly what this article is about — relaxing into the flow… because it really is that easy… Read more of this post

Flow Smoothly with Daily Stressors


Every day we encounter stressors in our lives; things that stress us out. We do our best to avoid these things. But is the the wrong approach? Instead of avoidance, we should attempt to find the root cause of our stress in a particular situation. We might be shocked to find out that the root cause is stemming from us. In this article we will discuss the types of things we encounter on a daily basis and ways of dealing with ourselves in those seemingly stressful situations.


Events & Situations:

This stressor usually starts at the very beginning of the day, when we find ourselves stuck in traffic. We know, the day before, that the traffic is going to be bad as it always is, but why don’t we leave earlier? Well, this would require getting up earlier. If we aren’t sleeping well or not getting to bed at a decent hour, this can present a problem – but fixable. This takes action on our part to leaving early. What if you miss all of the traffic and get to work way beyond your scheduled start time? Simple, take a book along and read in your car or a near by coffee shop to get your mind moving for a productive day. The events and situations that unexceptionally kick us in the face aren’t the problem, even though most view them as such. These situations are learning opportunities for us to grow as individuals. The key is in how we react to the situations that arise that matters most. Plan ahead the best you can and simply adjust to what comes your way. In martial arts, this is called “moving with your opponent”. Instead of offering up resistance, you learn to move with the situation in order to create flow – a flow you can control.

People Say:

This is after you have arrived at work or you place of settlement. People will say the craziest things, mostly for reaction by other people. They tend to over-exaggerate, emphasis, and over-dramatize whatever story they are telling. Keep you mind on guard as this type of information will ultimately do nothing for you. If they emphasis gossip about something negative; listen, nod, smile, and kick it out of your mind. People will also tell you things that are contrary to what you believe, possibly offending you. When this happens remember that they can say anything without affecting you. The affecting only occurs when you let it affect you. Again, when something doesn’t resonate with you, causing you internal mental stress, kick it out refusing to feed into it.

Human Needs:
We all experience hunger, this is a primal human need. However, hunger has been made into a science by the big box corporations in order to prey on your senses. Meaning, you lack of nutrition via the standard diet is being taken advantage of by loads of salt, sugary foods, and high in carbohydrates. Monitor you anxiousness towards food and other human needs. In fact, science has proven that up to the first 30 minutes of hunger is actually thirst. Drink lots of water, then decided on lunch. This type of awareness goes for all human needs that may arise. Before you let the line at Dairy Queen stress you out, take a moment and evaluate whether you want greasy food or something that will keep you feeling light with energy.


The key to your adjustments to stressors in your daily activities isn’t strict self-discipline, but rather self-agility. Be present, allowing yourself to move and flow with the unfolding of events without becoming habitually reactionary. This will take practice but just like with a martial artist, practice leads the way to mastery.

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