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Strange Place: Was the “Eye of The Earth” Created by Extraterrestrials?

Imagine being in space and looking down at Earth.

the richat structure

Looking at the Richat Structure from space

That image is simply amazing, but now imagine seeing an eye on the surface of the Earth that is looking back at you.

This is what Astronauts see when they are looking down from space at the Richat Structure, an amazing add to the strange place collection.

The Richat Structure is a prominent circular feature  in the middle of the Sahara Desert of West-Central Mauritania. It is deeply eroded, and stretches 40 km in diameter.

Scientists originally thought it was a crater formed by a meteorite, but this was ruled out. The flat middle and lack of shock altered rock made it obvious to scientists that a rock from space did not form this structure.

Its perfectly circular shape is still a mystery today.

Advocates of the EU model claim that:

” craters like the Richat were not formed by impacts but were “machined” by electric discharges, Birkeland currents that rotate around a “sticking” point and excavate material by electrically accelerating it upwards without disturbing the surrounding or underlying strata, unless the whole area is raised in a fulgamite blister–hence Rampart Craters. Specific effects will depend on a wide variety of soil conditions including chemical composition, material type, density, moisture, and conductivity.  Discharge factors, including diameter, voltage, current, and duration will also affect the crater configuration.”

 All of these claims  sound nice and fancy, but what if it was all false?

What if this was the work of some being from a different planet?

Some alien believers have come to the conclusion that this “dome” was created by extraterrestrials as a target  for when they want to attack or land on Earth.

There is a theory that this “bulls-eye” was lasered into the Earth by aliens from another strange place.

The richat structure strange place

The Richat Structure resembles an eye

Astronauts have made it clear that it is the most visible part of Earths surface from space, and it has the most perfectly circular shape out of any landmass on Earth.

Sounds like a pretty nice target to me.

So since there are no definite facts about the creation of the Richat Structure, why not take all theories into consideration?

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