The Principles of Emotional Intelligence: 7 Habits of The Emotionally Wealthy

Happiness is a habit.

Emotional stability comes through mindful awareness and practice.  Which, quite frankly, is great news.

It means there is a systematic way to guarantee that you will be happy.  The article below has a few of the best principles, practices and distinctions for achieving just that.  Read more of this post

Stunning Visual Map of How Emotions Are Experienced in The Body

HJ:  Have you ever noticed that you feel specific emotions in different parts of your body? A team of Finnish researchers has created an innovative visual map that shows how different ares of our body are stimulated by different emotions, adding further proof to the growing realization that there is a very real, direct link between the body and the mind.  So much so that scientists are now able to measure the level of impact that provoked emotional responses have on specific areas of the body.  These findings could have major implications for understanding and diagnosing disease states and also creating therapies and treatments to heal them.  Furthermore, for individuals interested in exploring the connection between the mind and body, this incredibly detailed visualization will likely provide many insights into the complex relationship between the two. Read more of this post

Numerology: Strength in Numbers

This is a contribution from our friends over at Strength in Numbers. They have just recently launched their new website, and would like to share their purpose and mission with our readers. Read more of this post

Materialism: Attaching Emotions to Physical Obejcts

I briefly touched on materialism in my last post What Are You Really Thankful For?

A lot of us place too much value on physical objects. They are completely meaningless and worthless in the bigger scheme of what life is really all about.

You don’t need objects to enjoy life. All you need is a well balanced mind that appreciates everyone and everything for what they are.

If you set out to spread positive energy, that energy in turn is given back to you in the form of friendships and opportunities for further growth. If you spend too much time focusing on acquiring objects and money, you miss out on chances to help yourself and others improve their lives.

You won’t have as much time to actually enjoy these objects anyways because you will always be concerned with acquiring more.

There is never any time for satisfaction and appreciation for what you already have when you keep concerning yourself with acquiring more goods.

Objects can be created and destroyed, but good healthy relationships can last a lifetime and are more meaningful that inanimate things. If you don’t have anyone to share and enjoy your physical possessions with, are they really worth anything?

The only value I place on objects is how they can help me develop myself and my mind, and how I can use them to support and encourage others in their own journey through life.