Who is the Richest DJ in the World?

Thanks to Forbes Magazine, we have a list of the top 5 richest DJ’s in the world. The money they make per show is ridiculous, but the money they make for clubs, bars, arenas etc. is even more ridiculous.

Why did I go to college? I should have just bought myself a robot suit and played some really..really loud music. If only it was that easy..

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Top 5 Essential Party Items

Everyone loves a good party.

If you don’t like to party, you are simply taking life too seriously.

Here is a video of how we throw down in Oneonta, NY:

If you are trying to throw one that people will actually enjoy, you will need the following 5 items.

1. Music and a DJ

Make Sure Your DJ Knows What He is Doing.

Having good music isn’t good enough.

You need someone controlling the music and transitioning songs to keep the party flowing at all times.

An experienced DJ is necessary because they will know which songs to play at certain times according to the mood of the party. Your DJ must have a variety of music from all genres to really separate your party from the rest.

You must cater to all guests and take requests for songs to keep them happy.

2. Blacklights

Grab a Few For Full Effect

Blacklights create a very cool effect for the atmosphere of your party.

Having highlighters to go along with the lights is a plus. The highlighters glow very well under the lights and you can even tell your guests to wear white shirts to draw on and maximize the effect.

3. Lasers

Intense Lighting

There are a variety of different laser products on the market.

The best are ones that shoot lights in tune with the music and the beat. The best ones also have a wireless controller to adjust the settings of the lasers.

Lasers can be very powerful and spread throughout the party and mix EXTREMELY well with my next item, fog.

4. Fog

Fog The Place Out!

Fog is always fun and it is even more fun in blacklights and lasers because it will show the streaks of the lights in the fog as they spread throughout the crowd.

Be sure not to blast too much as it can be annoying and it will overwhelm your guests.

5. Glow Sticks

Hand out a bunch of glow sticks at the door and let people go nuts.

A Cheap Prop To Hand Out To Everyone!

Glow sticks are great tools to get people in the mood to party and dance. They come in many different froms such as wristbands and necklaces and can also be used just as they are.


Make sure you buy reliable products. The links I have provided on each item are what I feel is the best product for quality and price.

Shop around and figure out what you want to budget your money on.

Make sure also to provide drinks at your party so you can charge people at the door and make some profit if that is your intention.

There is nothing better than getting paid to party!

Have fun!