Tolerance- What Does it Mean to be Tolerant?

Tolerance is a word that you have probably heard a lot in the past few years.

Commonly used by both politically left-leaning and right-leaning individuals and groups, tolerance is a word that has different definitions to different people. Because the meaning of this word has been skewed by both the left and the right, the question remains: what does it mean to be tolerant? Read more of this post


Welcome to Part-Time America

Written by: Sal Pezzino -@sp1989

If you were to look at the state of the United States economy, on paper it would seem as though everything is OK. The Dow Jones has been flirting with 16,000, stock prices are soaring, and the unemployment rate keeps going down. The truth is that it is all entirely artificial. Read more of this post

Am I Getting Old, or Are We Just Screwed?

Written by: Sal Pezzino @sp1989

I am 23 years old and have grown up appreciating all of the music, pop culture icons, toys, technology, and the like. The past few years have been strange, I would say it started around the time I started college but I don’t think that has any correlation with the way I have been feeling over the past few years. I have just grown completely dissatisfied with my generation and the things going on around me. Read more of this post

America 2050: A Look Into The Future

With time comes change. So, what could possibly be our outlook for 2050 here in America? More and more people are becoming American citizens, new Religions and so much more.

Researchers expect that by 2050, what is now the majority will become the minority. It is expected that Hispanics will account for almost 30% of the population with African Americans at 13% and Asians at 9%. That means that Caucasian’s will make up roughly 47% of the population. Read more of this post

Who is Lying to Generation-Y?

For those who don’t know, Generation-Y is anyone born in the early 1980’s up to and including anyone born before 2005. Many people have dubbed this generation, “Generation Y Me?”, “The Millennials”, and “The Lost Generation”. For the purposes of this article I would like to focus on “The Lost Generation” because I find it to be the most insulting but unfortunately accurate. Read more of this post

What is Your Ultimate Message to The Universe?

At 24 years of age, I can say that I have experienced a lot of ups and downs, much like every other person I know. It has taken plenty of time, effort, and experimenting, but I have learned how to maximize the positives in my life while also being able to simultaneously consciously ignore any perceived negative external influence. Having reached this stage in my temporary, yet abundant life, I find it crucial to share my feelings with everyone I come into contact with. I hope that they choose to do the same, and I have trouble seeing why the would not want to. Everyone benefits in the end game, teaching awareness is the least selfish endeavor available to mankind. My ultimate message that I find a desperate need to share with the universe at large is simply: radiate, receive, and share positive energy unconditionally. Read more of this post

Abundance vs. Scarcity

If you are unfamiliar with the term “abundance”, it is safe to say you are not living your life to the fullest potential. In terms of polarity, there are two extremes of “vibrations” that the entire universe you exist in is run on. The lowest vibration can be termed “scarcity”, while the opposite highest extreme can be labeled abundance. Read more of this post

Why Cable News is Still Destroying This Country

A while back I wrote an article about how I feel cable news is destroying this country. That article can be found here and in it criticized all of the popular media outlets for polarizing this country so far to the left and right that there is no such thing as middle ground anymore. Read more of this post

Discovering Happiness in a World of Negative Illusion

Dawning upon a new chapter in my life after graduating college is frightening, but brings with it a tremendous opportunity for the future.

I’m working everyday at a job I hate, around a bunch of negative people who are currently not happy with their lives. I can now understand why the majority of adults these days are miserable. What I believe is the cause to the misery is not the terrible job they are working, or the negative people who bring them down for eight hours, it’s that fact that they think they do not have an alternative.  Read more of this post

Dreams Aren’t Free, The Mental Price of Happiness

The grasp on reality in today’s modern society is so diluted with sugar and spice that it’s hard to find something that is truly real. Read more of this post

It Doesn’t Take Common Sense to Know That…Mitt Romney Won the First Debate

So I went into the debate with an open mind. Not knowing really what to expect, but after watching the debate, I must say that it was a decisive victory for Mitt Romney. The mainstream news and media will undoubtedly take sides but coming from a person in the middle I can say that Romney clearly won. Read more of this post

Floating in Infinity (VIDEO)

If you ever start to take things too seriously,  just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe: Read more of this post

Awaken From The Cultural Nightmare, Awaken The Imagination (VIDEO)

It’s time to wake up now, we can only turn a blind eye to our global crisis for so long, sooner or later we’re going to have to face the music: Read more of this post

The Myth Busters Visit Washington DC

myth busters,, democracy

Ravens Escape, Defeat Texans 20-13

Ravens Defense

The Ravens forced 4 turnovers and behind a solid defenisve showing defeated the Houston Texans.

Before I give credit to the Ravens, I have to give an enourmous amount of credit to the Texans. The Texans sacked Flacco 5 times and Arian Foster was an absolute beast today.

The Texans could just not overcome the turnovers they committed and that was their undoing in this game. Off 4 turnovers the Ravens scored 17 points and that was the difference in the game.

I was so impressed with J.J Watt and the rest of the Texans defense. I actually feel bad for the Texans defense. They were all over the place and completely shut down Ray Rice today.

However, the Ravens defense was also excellent today. They forced rookie quarterback TJ Yates into bad decisions, picking him off three times and containing Andre Johnson.

Despite not being able to consistently stop Foster, the Ravens defense completely stopped Yates and the passing attack.

With the a softer defense coming up next in New England, I look for the Ravens to do everything necessary to get Ray Rice going. Rice is their best asset on offense and their best chance of defeating the Patriots.

Rice was limited to 21 carries and 60 yards rushing today, only a 2.9 yards per rush, that will not get it done against New England.

Flacco was under pressure all day, he threw for 176 yards with 2 touchdowns but at times looked very bad today.

Cornerback Lardarius Webb was fantastic today with 4 tackles, 4 passes defensed and two interceptions.

Finally, the health of Ed Reed is critical for the Ravens defense. He is the X-Factor for this Ravens defense against the Patriots. I look forward to this matchup between Reed and Brady, two of the best at their position of all-time.

Reed Is The X-Factor Against Tom Brady


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