Art Gallery: The Consciousness of Art

How did the human brain evolve so that the consciousness of art could develop? Read more of this post

Art Gallery: “Zero”

“That’s the sound, my generation lost something that cannot be found. A combination of here and there, but some how we ended up elsewhere. Our sense of purpose, pride and value are gone but mine are not, I’ve had the strength to hold on. We say we have fear and we have love, but I have seen none that I can speak of. I wonder most the time, why it is I lose my mind. But it’s all the same because I have myself to blame. It’s easy to sit and complain but I can’t, I’ll be that change. You know a lot of people get scared and a lot of people fail but not me, that’s not how I’m built. I will not go and sit around filled with self guilt. I refuse to lose and I refuse to be denied of what I know I should achieve. It’s hard to get back up when you fall but the fight is long, so get up and give this life your all.”

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Art Gallery: “The Joker”

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Art Gallery: Tattoo Concepts

Here are a few sketches of tattoo designs I put together recently: Read more of this post

Art Gallery: “William S. Burroughs”

This is another contribution from one of our loyal readers, Pat Moen. The painting is approximately 60×60, done with spray paint, latex house paint, and accidental blood. Read more of this post

Art Gallery: “Lady in Blue” & “Lady in Pink”

This is a submission from our loyal reader Pat Moen. If you would like to submit your artwork to our Art Gallery, please Contact Us, and a team member will help you with your submission as soon as possible. Read more of this post

Art Gallery: “GAIA’S MIND”


“This is a pen and ink sketch I call “GAIA’S MIND”.  Every aspect around the face is a different landscape. it began in th ecenter with a box…which was pretty much how I was feeling that day, and expanded outwards and I was reminded through drawing it that everything is One…and it’s all gonna be oohhhhkay I use a guitar for her mouth (Gaia) because music is the only unimpeachable voice of the world. Her single eye represents the Third eye contact with the Universal spirit we all have. The sketch is important to me because it showed me that you can really separate from fear thought and from human anxiety through creative expression.  I am no Dali, but I hope this encourages others to find creative ways to center themselves.”

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Art Gallery: “FoxFux”


“I am not a big fan of the politics or personalities featured on Fox’s “news” programming.  Several years ago, my good friend Mario and I started this painting together.  He had to leave for Chicago before it was finished, but I think it turned out alright.  The garish discord and general ugliness reflect pretty well on how both Mario and myself feel about the the smiling serpents portrayed in this painting.”

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Art Gallery: “Looking Past The Dark”


“In drawing this and coming up with the idea, I did it slowly and step by step. What influenced me to do something like this was the clothing line Fatal. They have a lot of things like this but I came up with the rays and spider webs myself. This is kind of like one of their pieces but I created the long hair because I thought it would give it a different look. I am really happy by the way it came out and will have something new up soon.”

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