The 4 Keys to Effortless Manifestation

HJ: If manifestation is not effortless for you, you are doing it the hard way.  You see, when we remove whatever is blocking us from realizing and effortlessly manifesting our needs and desires, it begins to happen at the mere whim of a thought.  Many people do experience this, but the truth is, most do not.  So what is the difference between these two groups?  One has removed their attachments and subconscious emotional blockages to the degree necessary to experience this reality and the other has not yet reached that level.  It’s that simple.

You see, when people first learn about the principle of manifestation or the law of attraction, they naturally begin employing the techniques wherever they are at on a spiritual, emotional and mental level at that moment, which, for most people is not the level where effortless manifestation occurs.  In almost every case, inner work must be done to release the power of manifestation — essentially, to remove whatever is blocking it from becoming actualized in your current belief, thought and mental and emotional structures.  Without doing this, you are destined to fail because you will continually sabotage yourself unwittingly.  Sure, you might have some limited success, but the kind of life-changing creation of abundance, happiness, love, health and actualization most are seeking remains elusive and just out of reach.

Now, tapping into your true manifestation abilities is as simple as following the four steps below, however, if you have strong subconscious blockages, you will need to work on those concurrently or you will only get a fraction of the results you are intending. Read more of this post

10 Simple Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected in Your Day to Day Life

HJ: The title of this article cannot accurately capture the significance of its contents. Why, you ask?  It is because these simple, daily practices are what truly produce the greatest transformation in ones life. We are taught in many ways to believe that spiritual transformation happens in a brilliant instant of realization, but in reality it is almost always the day to day decisions and thoughts we make and hold that have the strongest influence on the development of our conscious awareness.  This is the essence of mindfulness — being aware of our thoughts and keeping them in alignment with the truth of our being.  Therefore, simple ways to stay spiritually connected in your day to day life, like the ones listed below, are actually very powerful tools for transformation as they are quick ways to keep us in alignment no matter what is happening around us.

Focus in on the ones that resonate with you and find time to remind yourself of them throughout the day in whatever way works for you. Read more of this post