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Comment on 7 Ways to Balance Your Yin and Yang Energies by cheryenorris Fri, 15 Jul 2016 04:17:53 +0000 it sounds good-but I’d like to know what a body worker is. Is it like a personal trainer or counsellor or what?

Comment on What the Hell Did John Lennon See in Yoko Ono? by sertaneja Fri, 15 Jul 2016 03:36:35 +0000 Oh well, another Paul hater, or maybe only a troll. Erika, Erika, Erika…you managed something hard. You wrote a long comment that we can’t save anything! It’s rubbish from the start to the end! Congratulation, it is difficult. Paul didn’t say John’s death was a drag. He said “What a drag”..Of course you know that. And it was indeed a drag. Or do you think it was good? As for Yoko…it is not a case of put the blame on her. She did it. I don’t ´put anything on her. She did it herselt. John said so, Paul said so,( at that time) George said so. And didn’t change his mind. I am sure they know better than you. I believe on them. She was not alone. But she not only supported the split and also she started the campaign against Paul. She is powerful, as there are people who really believe on her. But not even John believed on her anymore! I am sorry I made this comment. Not worthwhile to talk to haters. Not worthwhile to talk to trolls either, as they don’t want to know the truth. They want to cause trouble only. I won’t return.

Comment on 12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies by Lianne Downey Wed, 06 Jul 2016 00:40:16 +0000 P.S. I just found this perfect blog post from my favorite blogger, Seth Godin, marketing guru, which he titled “Consider Reconsidering.” It’s very short. He writes:

Is there any other form of freedom that comes at such a low cost?

The freedom to change a habit, to change your mind, to change your expectations.

It takes guts and humility to change your mind. Fortunately, you have the freedom and the courage to do so.

You’ll find this on his blog at

Comment on 12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies by Lianne Downey Tue, 05 Jul 2016 23:37:20 +0000 Dear troubled soul, Anonymous:
You have already answered this for yourself, haven’t you?

“I now worry that I will go through this life wondering if I made the wrong choice, or that I altered the destiny that was set out for us.” Which means that you already believe you made the wrong choice. But the second half of your sentence perhaps gives us a clue why on earth you chose to remain with the boyfriend. Is it because you believe some external power sets out a destiny for individual people? Let’s talk for a brief moment about why we reincarnate (and I see that this is a new concept for you).

We come back, again and again, to this world because we are developing our Being, our Mind, our Soul to serve as a more beautifully, harmoniously functioning part of Infinite Intelligence (what you might call God, but this Intelligence is more impersonal than many religious ideas have depicted). This Infinite Intelligence IS you; you ARE a part of it. It is pure, oscillating, intelligent energy–and it runs as smoothly as we all hope our software does. It is our Life Force. But we, individually, must personalize this Life Force as we evolve. You are building your own kind of blueprint software to become a better, more useful part of the Whole; that is your Extended Biofield–to use the newest terminology. Everything you do, say, experience, think, and feel remains a permanent part of that personal blueprint/biofield, forming the underlying structure of all your future lifetimes. AND– this is all in your hands! It is your choice. It is up to you, what you become, what you learn, and from whom. Also, how fast you grow.

Well, I’ve just tried to condense my 40 years of study of this topic into one tiny paragraph, so I hope it works to convey to you that no one else can set up a destiny for you. No truly Wise or Divine Being would dream of interfering like that in your personal soulic development and education!! It is you, dear, who must choose and live and deal with the results of your choices. That is how you learn and grow. It is not engraved for you somewhere to read and follow. You make it happen as you go along. You are in charge! There are no mistakes, either. We learn from all of it.

BUT–there are energy principles involved, because we are part of that Infinite Energy. We are Energy Beings. As energetic particles of Infinite Intelligence, if you will, we are drawn back together like magnetized iron filings. We have second and third and fourth chances. We have many partners to live with and learn from in the course of our many lifetimes. But we also begin to build very important “polarity” relationships with a few, whom we meet again and again. You have eloquently described to us what it feels like to meet one of those. I don’t like the exclusive-sounding term “soul mate,” because I believe that is a different type of thing. What you have described instead is one of those treasured partnerships that it takes lifetimes of shared experiences to create. That is the man you have turned away.


Is it because you are afraid that, if you don’t pretend to like your current boyfriend, when you clearly are bonded to this other man, then …. ???? Here’s where I am lost. Then what?? Then the current boyfriend won’t like you any more? Then someone will think you are not a nice person? But would a nice person pretend to be “in love” with the boyfriend, when her heart and mind and soul are longing for the other man? Who does that? (Sorry — I know that a LOT of people do that, and it is just sad but true.) And when you all three die and go over to the other side at the end of your life, and see with clear vision —- how will you feel then? How will the boyfriend feel to learn that, by your actions, you are living a lie? Will he appreciate that? I don’t think so.

I don’t care how fragile the boyfriend might seem to you (if “he’ll break if I leave him” is your excuse). I don’t care if he threatens suicide (I’ve had two ex’s do that to me, right before they met someone else and had children with them! Meaning they recovered very quickly from my absence, and for both of them, happily so). So even if he throws a temporary tantrum, it is probably only fear of loneliness speaking and he will get over it.

What hold does that boyfriend have over you? Guilt? Because you chose him before you knew better? Or was it a guilt from past lives that has caused you to make this weird and (forgive me) somewhat dishonest choice?

I want you to ask all these questions of yourself and many more that I have failed to uncover for you. Go deep, dear. This is vitally important. Because the scenario you have described to me sounds like a present- and future-life nightmare. I am speaking clearly and perhaps bluntly to you because I sense that you are NOT trapped in an arranged marriage situation, like so many of my readers are, and that you DO have choice in your present lifetime! You haven’t told us why you have guilt toward your current boyfriend, but that’s a terrible basis for a romantic relationship, even if the other man did not exist at all!

So look behind the scenes and consider that the real past-life problem you are facing lies, not with the other man whom you’ve known for so, so many lives, but with the boyfriend you’ve chosen to remain connected to, glued to, in fact. Resolve that mystery, and set yourself free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. I think the fact that you’ve shown up here among all the arranged marriage victims could be your past-life clue. And just because it happened to you in previous lives does NOT mean that you have to follow the old pattern and repeat, repeat, repeat it, life after life. The point is to change and grow.

Please, come back and tell us what happens! We are here to support your highest benefit and greatest good in your present and future lifetimes! Your cage door is standing open. Don’t miss that very important fact. Whatever happens with the other man in the future, which might be nothing at all, think of him as a Cosmic Friend who has returned to show you, by contrast, that you are currently in a very unhappy position. But you are completely free to do something to change that.

Love and good wishes to you! You have the POWER!

Comment on 12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies by Anonymous Tue, 05 Jul 2016 20:21:18 +0000 Hello Lianne,

I would like to share an experience with you and maybe get some guidance. I started dating my boyfriend three and a half years ago. About three months into our relationship, I was introduced to one of his old, good friends. Prior to meeting this friend, I felt an attraction to him from seeing him in photos posted online. At the time I chalked this up to a physical attraction and thought nothing of it. However, when we met in person, we both experienced an immediate and mutual connection and attraction like nothing either of us had felt before. I found out later that when he looked into my eyes that first time, he felt as if he had known me his entire life, almost as if I had looked familiar to him. It was automatically strange because I could feel his attraction to me and usually I am oblivious to things like that. We were both in our new relationships and he was living in a city 4 hours away from me so neither of us thought much of it at the time. Over the next 2 years, I would see him occasionally with the longest stretches being weekends at the cabin as a group. Even back then, we would catch each other’s eyes from across the room and look at each other with some sort of meaningfulness. I always had butterflies and excitement when I knew I’d be seeing him or received the odd message from him but continued to ignore that feeling and the vibes I was getting from him.

Then, one even last May, something shifted and we were no longer able to ignore this connection we have. His relationship had begun to deteriorate and I could sense his unhappiness almost immediately without talking to him. That night we were chatting quietly together when I squeezed his hand as a sign of support. He later told me that he remembers that moment vividly and that time almost stood still when I took his hand. He said he felt electricity running through his hand and up his arm. It was so brief that I don’t even remember this happening.

Shortly after this encounter his relationship ended and mine began to have problems of its own. Meanwhile, we became incredibly close. He just knew exactly how I wanted to be treated and what to do to make me happy without me saying anything. We complimented each other perfectly. We could talk for hours on end every day and not tire of each other or run out of things to say. We soon found that we had nearly everything in common, it began to give new meaning to the saying being cut from the same mold. Of course, we began to fall in love. But it didn’t really feel like falling in love, it felt like we had these feelings lying underneath the surface all along and were finally recognizing them. So many things in your article have hit so close to home and sound so familiar to my situation. It was him who first proposed the idea of past lives to me as an explanation for the intense connection we were experiencing. However, our lives were so intertwined with our friends and my boyfriend that I couldn’t see how we were going to be able to ever be together.

But, his presence was so familiar and comforting to me, like nothing I can explain. We eventually let his sister know how we were feeling about one another and she told us that from the first time she saw us interact together, she could see we shared a special connection. One that we didn’t even realize we had yet. We could sense each other’s moods, even from hundreds of kilometers away and he seemed to know me better than many people in my life, even my family.

Eventually my relationship reached the point where I asked my boyfriend to move out of the apartment we shared. I began to think that finally my soulmate and I would be able to be together and I stopped caring what everyone else would think because they didn’t understand the connection that we share. However, my love for my boyfriend and guilt began to make me second guess what I was doing. My boyfriend is a good man and I felt that when we started to have our problems, this connection and relationship I was having with another kept me from giving him the chance he deserved to fix our relationship. I eventually got back together with my boyfriend and broke off communication with my soulmate and now, not only are we not together, but he is out of my life completely. It hurts an incredible amount and I think about him almost all day, every day. I worry that he will stop believing in our connection, I wonder if he still loves me. Feeling this way and wanting him back in my life in some form (not necessarily romantic) makes me feel like I am betraying my boyfriend. I know my boyfriend loves me so much and I love him with all of my heart, but deep down I know it’s not the same kind of love or connection that I have with the other man. I want my soulmate to be happy and I now worry that I will go through this life wondering if I made the wrong choice or that I altered the destiny that was set out for us. More than anything, I just want him back in my life in any form, to feel that connection again, even if we can never be together. Ever since we stopped communicating, it feels as if I have almost lost a part of myself. I fear that I have left too much up to the philosophy of “if it’s meant to be it will be”.

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Comment on 12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies by Rituparna Sat, 02 Jul 2016 19:22:00 +0000 Thank You very much for your reply. I sometimes thought that my feelings may not right or I am not being loyal to my husband, but then I used to think the beautiful feelings never can be wrong, I should be thankful that I was embraced with these feelings. But yes, whatever the circumstances made me married , I accepted it as my duties and I think when we accept something, then things become easy to handle.

But still I had some confusions in mind, but you helped me to be in the right path with right thought process. Thank you.

Comment on 12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies by Lianne Downey Sat, 02 Jul 2016 01:16:10 +0000 Yes, dear, don’t you think so, too? That you have known one another for many lifetimes? It takes that long to establish the kind of rapport that can fire up instantly when you meet again. And it is a beautiful thing. I am sorry for you both that life circumstances did not allow you to live another life in each other’s company. Two people with that kind of rapport can accomplish so much together for the betterment of the world around them! I cannot see how that could “damage other people’s lives,” if you two were to establish such a beautiful harmony in marriage, because that kind of beauty and harmony tends to radiate out from a couple and influence other people in a most positive way! So I suspect you had some kind of past-life, karmic imbalance that you have agreed to try to compensate for, by denying your connection to one another and marrying to please your families or whatever other circumstances arose.

Yes, I know your culture still tends to favor these kinds of marriages of convenience to please both families. One person from India has explained to my husband and me that it is like preparing two families for marrying, not two people. And in some ways, interviewing many partners and taking one’s time to make such an important decision might be a good thing — better than in my country, the U.S., where people often jump into a marriage before they really know and understand themselves, and then have to jump back out when they discover that they are not compatible. (I am guilty of this in my younger years — and just fortunate now to have a beautiful marriage that is about to celebrate its 23rd year!)

But when two souls who are so familiar to one another, such as you have described, feel they are unable to be together in the present lifetime, then something is either very wrong, or they have chosen what they believe to be a “noble path of duty” to fulfill. And in the latter case, then perhaps in a future lifetime they will allow themselves to fulfill the beautiful potential their partnership might have manifested instead.

I hope, dear friend, that will be the case for you. Treasure those feelings of your heart. They will not die when your body dies, and neither will the feelings in his heart. But do, please, honor the man you have chosen as your current husband, and learn all the lessons of kindness and caring that you can. Those, too, will go with you into your future lifetimes and relationships! They, too, are priceless lessons! You have chosen, and so you had your reasons for the choice. I wish you, all three (or four, if he has married, too), the very best and brightest of futures! And the greatest love you can experience in the present moment. — Lianne
P.S. I do not regret my earlier marriages, for they taught me all the gratitude I have now for my current husband! We almost always have to learn by doing, lol. No regrets!