Nuclear Testing Sites Around the World and Their Dangers

North Korea has announced their 3rd nuclear test which is aimed at the United States. Yea this seems like pretty serious news, but our leaders don’t seem too concerned. I’m pretty sure that if North Korea ever tried to send a nuke our way, we would immediately shoot it out of the sky and send 20 of them back in their direction. I’m not an expert on this stuff, but I don’t see North Korea attempting to blow us up any time soon. They know how terrible that decision would turn out for them.

But to hear that our enemy is testing their nuclear weapons could be very scary to some people and that is very understandable. Countries have been testing nuclear weapons since the 1940s, and no one has yet to attempt a nuclear strike anywhere remotely close to us. People should be more concerned about the environmental/health problems caused by the testing rather than actually getting bombed.

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Why I Still Think Mitt Romney is Going to Lose This Election

Way back in July, I came to the conclusion that Mitt Romney was going to lose this election.

When I came to that conclusion he still had not picked a vice presidential candidate and he was still pretty far behind in the polls. At the end of August I published a re-post that included Paul Ryan’s selection which only reinforced my main point. Read more of this post

Debate Expectations: Round Two

So needless to say since the last debate there has been a lot of speculation as to who won the first debate between the President and Governor Romney, as well as the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Most of if not all people can agree that the last two debates where some of the most exciting debates we have seen in about twenty years. Read more of this post

Pyramids of China (VIDEO)

Here is an interesting fact; there are over 300 pyramids in China!

For reasons which I will refrain from speculating about, the Chinese government has done everything in its power to deny the existence of these interesting structures. Read more of this post

Meet The Satanic “Devil Beetle”

It has been named as public enemy number one in the insect world. The satanic looking “Devil Beetle” is in fact a long-horned beetle from the Dominican Republic. featuring four centimeter long antennae that are almost as long as the bug’s body. The frightful looking beetle stands fearless as it peers into your soul with its devil like red eyes. Read more of this post

The World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course

Camp Bonifas in South Korea is notorious for being known as the most dangerous golf course in the world. If you have already played on a golf course where a small mistake could set off a land mine, you don’t have anything to worry about when you tee off. Read more of this post

Top 5 Bizarrely Shaped Islands

Not all islands are shaped equally. Mother nature has produced some bizarrely shaped islands, many that take the form of different animal species. Here is our top 5 list of strange islands: Read more of this post

Top 5 Most Obscure Natural Phenomena

Mother nature can produce some bizarre events. Today we have complied a top 5 list of the most obscure natural phenomena right here on planet Earth. Read more of this post

A Robot-Operated Restaurant in China

A bizarre restaurant, in Harbin, China’s Heilongjiang Province, has 18 different robots doing various different jobs.

From ushering in guests to waiting tables and cooking various dishes, all of the robots have important jobs. All the robots were designed and created by the Harbin Haohai Robot Company.

According to Chief Engineer Liu Hasheng, the restaurant  invested around 5 million yuan ($790,000) in the restaurant, with each robot costing 200,000 to 300,000 yuan ($31,500 – $47,000). Read more of this post

Top 10 Strangest Discoveries on Google Earth (VIDEO)

You may have already been able to locate your house on Google Earth, but there are some other interesting finds that people have discovered. From cruise missile tests, to crop circles, to giant pink rabbits, the Google Earth software offers a little bit of everything… Read more of this post

Frogs Served Alive at Japanese Restaurant (VIDEO)

A video shot in Japan recently went viral after it showed a bullfrog served in a Japanese restaurant still blinking and twitching on the plate, after being skinned alive and cut into pieces.

Frog eaten alive

Poor guy

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Okinawa Island is “The Healthiest Place on Earth”

The secret to living a long and healthy life has been found at this tiny island off the coast of Japan.

Okinawa Island is home of at least 450 people who are over the age of 100.

It is considered to be the healthiest place in the world, where the average life expectancy of an Okinawan woman is 86, and man’s is 78. Not only do they live long lives, they live very healthy and happy ones too.

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The Root of The Solution

Bridge building is an arduous endeavor, one which takes a toll on both people and our planet.  Electricity is used, pollutants are emitted and bodies are broken down by manual labor.  But what if a bridge could be grown? What if a bridge could breath?

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Real Life Zombies: The Walking Dead of Toraja

“Real zombies? no way..”

That is exactly what I said when I first was introduced to the walking dead people of Toraja, Indonesia.

Certain Villagers in Toraja have the ability to raise the dead with a specific ritual that they use during the funeral process. I know this sounds crazy, but it has been a part of their culture for thousands of years.

The walking dead of toraja

The “Walking Dead” of Toraja

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Strange Place: A Beautifully Fake Beach in Japan

Seagaia Ocean Dome is the largest artificial beach in the world.

It is a part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort in Mayazaki, Japan. The artificial beach is about 300 meters long and 100 meters wide, allowing an estimated 10,000 tourists to fit comfortably in it all at once.

One of the main attractions is its fake flame-spitting volcano, which becomes active every 15 minutes and spits fire every hour. This helps make the artificial waves more powerful for the surfers’ that visit the beach. Obviously, the sand is artificial along with the palm trees, and the retractable roof (largest in the world) has a permanent blue sky. This allows people to go to the beach even on the ugliest days.

These pictures will make any viewer want to visit:

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