Mental Strength Building: The Benefits of Brain Training

With our daily lifestyles consistently filled with endless stress and distraction, we may be overlooking an often forgotten, yet majorly important aspect of our bodies: our brains. In a culture that moves a mile a minute, making some quality time for you and your mind can often be a difficult thing. We often work like mindless drones and are constantly bombarded with daily distractions such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and television, which can simply take over all of our spare moments. And not to mention other stress-filled aspects of our lives such as dealing with money, houses, children and so much more. Read more of this post


The Flow of Consciousness

One of the most important aspects of living a positive enriching life is to achieve a state of flow. A state of flow entails that you are completely immersed in your craft and task at hand. Regardless of what you are passionate about in life, achieving a balanced state of flow is crucial for achieving long-term success. Read more of this post

Dear John Idzik: Good Luck!

Put yourself in new GM John Idzik’s shoes.

Your new team, The New York Jets, lacks depth, youth, speed, and has an abundance of PR headaches. What to do?

The New York Jets have an absolute mess on the offensive side of the ball. However, they still have a championship caliber defense. Although Laron Landry and Yeremiah Bell are unrestricted free agents and Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, and Eric Smith were cut. So it is safe to say there are a lot of holes on the defensive side of the ball too. Read more of this post

The Eternal Face of the NFL Proves Himself Again

This guy is the definition of a true legend. An amazing human being. A leader. A role model. A champion. The list goes on and on, and he is the obvious face of the NFL. If the NFL were to ever change the name of the Super Bowl trophy, his name would be the best fit.

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9 Reasons Why New York Should be Excited About Baseball

1. Mariano and Jeter are back..

You should love these guys no matter what team you’re a fan of. It was a pretty dramatic scene seeing Derek Jeter go down. Seeing Mariano go down was upsetting, but the guy just loves shagging fly balls. The important thing is that they are back and ready to make a playoff run without A-bum.

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Incredible 11-Year-Old High School Point Guard

Meet 11-year-old prodigy Julian Newman. He is 4′ 5″ and starts at point guard for Downey Christian High School in Florida. Reports say that other Florida High Schools have forfeited their games against Downey Christian because they were scared to face this 11-year-old and possibly be embarrassed. But why would a loss to this tiny kid be embarrassing? He averages more than 12 points, 10 assists and 4 points a game. Here’s a quick look at what this kid is doing down in Florida.

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Visualizing The Speed of Winter Sports

Winter sports are becoming very popular as of late. The intensely high speeds that these athletes travel in are amazing, but they can also be extremely dangerous.

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A Look Back at the 2012 NFL Season (GIFS)

Even if you hate football (you’d be crazy if you did) you will love this post.

Now that the NFL post season is coming to an end, with the San Francisco 49ers facing the Baltimore Ravens in the Superbowl 2 weeks from now, most people will have to resort to some other hobbies and interests to fill in that void. This doesn’t include you, football hater, but you will be highly entertained by these hilarious and awesome GIFS of the 2012-2013 NFL football season.

(Give the page 5-10 seconds to fully load)

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The Psychology of Gambling (Infograph)

65% of Americans gamble – I’m not sure what percentage are degenerate gamblers or occasional gamblers, but at least we know that over half of America feels comfortable enough to gamble their money away during this “recession”.

How we gamble and how long we gamble all depends on how our brain is working. When we are having fun and enjoying gambling, dopamine is being release into our brain telling us that we want more. This is what makes gambling so exciting. When we are losing..well, that feeling is terrible.

Check out this info graph showing how our brains work and react during gambling.

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Being too Cocky May Get You Knocked Out (VIDEO)

When it comes to competitive sports, being aggressive and confident are important factors of many athletes successful game plans. Take for instance Muhammad Ali. He would taunt you, dance circles around you and even put his hands down in front of you – but he knew that he was good enough to dodge the punches at the time that he let his guard down. Unfortunately, he did take many blows to the head because of this fighting style and he might be regretting that today. Even the best should never be too cocky.

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Inspiration Through Sports: The 2012 Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck Set The All-Time Rookie Passing Record With 433 Yards Passing Against The Miami Dolphins.

Heading into the 2012 season, the Indianapolis Colts were not expected to compete. After an impressive 23-20 win over the Miami Dolphins this past weekend.

The Colts are now 5-3 and are in serious contention for a playoff spot in the AFC.

This is not supposed to happen to team that went 2-14 last year, lost their franchise quarterback in Peyton Manning, drafted a rookie quarterback in Andrew Luck, and literally hired a brand new coaching staff. Read more of this post

Amazing Golf Shot (VIDEO)

This is BY FAR the most incredible golf shot I have ever seen.

Check out this long make which involves skipping the golf ball across a body of water!

Enjoy! Read more of this post

Jay Castro’s NFL Preview – Summary

First, some adjustments to my original picks based on recent events… Read more of this post

School District Bans Peyton Manning Jerseys to Avoid Crime?

peyton manning jersey banned

Konnor Vannata was sent home for wearing a Peyton Manning jersey.

Yea I know, I reacted the same way. Seriously.. what the fuck?

According to, Students are not allowed to wear Peyton Manning jerseys in the Greeley-Evans School District. For several years, this school district has imposed a strict dress code on students forbidding certain clothing that could be associated with gangs, including jerseys with the number 18 that could represent the city’s notorious 18th Street gang.

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Jay Castro’s NFL Preview: AFC West

1:  San Diego Chargers: 9-7        

2:  Denver Broncos: 9-7

3:  Oakland Raiders: 7-9

4:  Kansas City Chiefs: 7-9 Read more of this post

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