Cannabis as a Pain Reliever

Health care administrators and professionals share the opinion that long-term or acute pain is a healthcare issue that is complicated. Various methods need to be employed to help patients manage their pain efficiently. These methods could include medications, physical therapy and support psychologically.

It has been proven that Marijuana is an effective medication for pain. For her period pains, Queen Victoria was prescribed marijuana. It has also been an analgesic for years. There are specific compounds in marijuana that interact with pain-signaling cells in the body. There are various cannabinoids that decrease systemic inflammation and reduce pain signals. All these properties make marijuana an effective medicine against chronic and neuropathic pain which cannot be treated easily with pharmaceutical alternatives. Natural cannabis or even its products can be used as a means of treating chronic pain. Chronic pain makes people suffer so much. There are numerous prescription and over-the-counter painkillers that can confuse patients. Nowadays, patients are now opting for a natural painkiller which is marijuana. Some strains of marijuana are perfect for use during the day and useless at night. Other strains will ease tension in the muscles and nerve pain but they could knock one out.

Both non-psychoactive CBD and psychoactive THC are very good for relieving pain. Research has shown that marijuana is also efficient for relieving pain caused by HIV/AIDS related ailments and chemotherapy as it increases the natural endocannabinoids of the human body.

A study published in the Journal of Pain Research has confirmed that the topical use of some cannabinoid topicals is effective for reducing pain in animals with neuropathic pain and inflammation. Other research has found that topical creams with CBD and THC can reduce pain for multiple sclerosis and other conditions. New types of topical ointments in the market like Cannabis Creams are now getting popular among sportsmen. These ointments that contain Cannabidiol reduce the usual soreness in human muscles caused by hard training and help the body recover faster. CBD regulates pain by decreasing inflammatory response and desensitizing pain receptors.

The soothing nature of special marijuana strains e.g. the super silver haze cannabis strain will be appreciated by a lot of people with neuropathic pain conditions. The two most popular cannabinoids like CBD and THC have strong anti-inflammatory properties. THC and CBD if they are combined together are effective alternatives to opioids in general pain relief.  Moreover these two cannabinoids work very well together and  about to reduce drastically pain from arthritis and other autoimmune illnessess.

The health benefits of Cannabis are appreciated more and more after an elongated period of not using the plant. Surely, a lot of people find it hard to believe that athletes use the drug as it has been stigmatized by the media. But not all things are as they are painted.


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States of Mind: The Zone vs. The Machine Zone

People outside the US state of New Jersey have no way to play video poker online. Instead, they flock to the numerous casinos built around the country, spending their time – and often their money – playing in the slots parlor and the table games floor. While the latter is usually filled with noises of people chatting, cheering or maybe cussing because of their lack of luck, the slots parlor is usually completely silent, filled with people with their eyes fixed on the spinning reels, and feeding the machines with an endless stream of coins. They are in a mental state MIT anthropologist Natasha Schüll called “the machine zone”.

What is “the machine zone”?

Natasha Schüll spent a decade in Las Vegas, talking both to casino operators and slot machine players about their preferred games (yes, both of them prefer slot machines). The conclusion she reached was that slots enthusiasts don’t play the game to win money. Instead, they are seeking out a mental state where “Everything else falls away”, Schüll told Roman Mars in an episode of the 99% Invisible podcast. “A sense of monetary value, time, space, even a sense of self is annihilated in the extreme form of this zone that you enter”. Playing the slots, she said, “is not about winning; it’s about getting into the zone”.

The state of mind described by the players is similar to “the zone” described as “a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity”. But there’s a fundamental difference between the two – the “machine zone” comes without the sense of meaning and mastery of the flow. And it only lasts for as long as the player keeps playing the game.

Do online slots cause the same feeling?

Interestingly, the answer seems to be no. Playing slots online at the Vegas Palms is a much more casual experience where players focus on the entertainment value of the games rather than their immersive and addictive nature. Recent studies have shown that in New Jersey, where online casinos were legalized a few years ago, the prevalence of gambling addiction – the almost inevitable side effect of the “machine zone” has remained unchanged. This confirms a previous study completed by the Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction that has reached a similar conclusion.

Online casino players, it seems, spend less time gambling than their real life counterparts, and spend far less money on their habits. Perhaps it’s the different environment that has the final say – playing online at the Vegas Palms without the casino environment specifically designed to make people want to play more – that keeps them tied to the screens of their favorite games and takes them into the state that robs them of their time, their individuality (and perhaps even their money).

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Creating the Most Conducive Environment for Online Casino Gaming

Online casino gaming should be treated seriously, especially if you have invested some money to play your favorite games. If you do not want your cash deposit to go to waste, you should ensure that you have a favorable gaming environment so you can concentrate playing. Here are four steps to help you create the perfect environment to play and enjoy online casino.

Step 1: Play music that you like.

While you are online playing your favorite casino games, you may also gain access to free music downloads as well as streaming music from your favorite radio station. Do not let this opportunity to pass. Take advantage of this freebie by tuning in to the music of your choice, something that will put you in the mood. You can find many online radio station on the web, but this is the best one:

Step 2: Clean and adjust the screen and your chair.

Definitely, you want to be comfortable while enjoying the most exciting “spins” and “deals” of your life. So prepare your computer by adjusting it to a setup most suitable for you. Plus, it will add up to your comfort a lot if you have a nice, comfy chair ready. For more information, click here.

Step 3: Close the phone and lock the door, you do not want to be interrupted at a critical moment.

Since you want to concentrate on your game, you would not want to be disturbed at any point, especially when the game is starting to heat up. Close down your room or playing field from as much distraction as possible. Put away your phone or turn it off altogether so it will not bother you any moment. If you are easily get distracted by the noise from outside the room, you better lock the door and put a “Do not disturb sign” at the knob so nobody will attempt to interrupt you in your play.

Step 4: Find the best casino websites.

Among all the steps, this is the most crucial. Your game and the quality of fun you could enjoy all depends on how good your casino site is. There are many online casino sites, but you should only play the best ones, You can find some of them in this site,

How can you know if the site is good? Well, the value of an online casino depends on its game variety, game software, audios and visuals, and most of all, the bonuses and prizes involved.

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Custom Easy Order Review (SP)

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