Mastering The Squeeze Play in No-Limit Hold’em

Today we’re looking at the squeeze play, a move that can increase your winrate regardless of what cards you’re holding. By leveraging a few key concepts and using your understanding of your opponents’ playing tendencies, we’ll show you how to squeeze every cent of out of your poker sessions. Read more of this post

Top 5 Common Exploitable Cash-Game Poker Leaks & How to Plug Them

A “leak” is a term used in poker to describe an aspect of a player’s game that is flawed, and will ultimately cost them potential for profit in the long-run. A lot of these “leaks” are below the threshold of conscious awareness for certain players. Until they become aware of their flaws, they will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, negatively affecting their win rate in the process. Even the most experienced and skilled poker players in the world have leaks to a certain extent, as no individual’s poker game is technically “perfect.” The less leaks your poker game has, the less money you will leak off to your stronger opponents at the tables. Read more of this post

Poker Awareness: Timing Tells, Table Talk, & Body Language

In a live poker game, we have the advantage of seeing how our opponent behaves right in front of us. A lot of opponents give off information unconsciously that we can use to our advantage to plan against them. We can also use our own body language to throw off opponents into making mistakes against us. No two opponents are alike, so we must be aware of how each specific opponent will react to our actions. Read more of this post

Poker Awareness: Sizing Up Your Fishy Opponents

Unlike many popular casino games, poker is played solely against other players, rather than the house itself. The house has no advantage against you in a live poker game. Because of this dynamic, skilled poker players have a long-term advantage over their non-skilled inferior opponents. These inferior opponents are prone to constantly making mistakes that can be capitalized on, assuming you exercise patience and discipline. Opportunities are constantly available to exercise exploitation of your weaker opponents, assuming you understand how each unique opponent approaches the game. Read more of this post

The Flow of Consciousness

One of the most important aspects of living a positive enriching life is to achieve a state of flow. A state of flow entails that you are completely immersed in your craft and task at hand. Regardless of what you are passionate about in life, achieving a balanced state of flow is crucial for achieving long-term success. Read more of this post

How to Master Optimal Strategy For Your Chip Stack Size in Multi-Table Tournament Poker

Navigating your way through a multi-table poker tournament is no easy task. If you are looking to maximize your ROI (return on investment), you must be playing for the WIN, as discussed in previous articles.

This article will cover strategies for different stages of the tournament in relation to your chip stack size. Of course having a nice pile of chips is a luxury, but in a majority of tournaments, you will be hovering around a 10-30bb (big blind) stack and must understand how to pick your spots wisely if you want to succeed and experience a profit in the long-run. Read more of this post

How to Develop Your Awareness at The Poker Table

This article deals with no-limit Texas Hold’em poker cash games. For an overview of how to become a profitable cash game player, please consult our extensive poker cash game strategy section.

For such a simple game to learn, poker is an extremely difficult game to master and experience a profit in the long run. Poker is played and enjoyed by individuals of all ages and demographics. While a fun and enjoyable time for some, poker has developed into a game that has the ability to be beaten in the long-run. In order to experience a profit in the long run, you must develop and possess a variety of traits that will enable you to take your game to the next level. This development requires (but is certainly not limited to): commitment, dedication, discipline, brutal honesty, and most importantly, awareness of your ultimate goal as a player. Read more of this post

Where Should You Play Poker?

Online poker is a service that many people were skeptical about when it first came out. Much like any other type of game that people play on their computers, it was often touted as a waste of time by naysayers and pessimists. But it has grown and evolved into a pastime that has an enormous amount of popularity. NBC recently aired a poker tournament in competition with the Super Bowl. Many people thought this was a crazy, and a stupid idea, according to the website About. The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year, at least in North America, for sports. However, going against everything many people believed would happen, NBC stated that the ratings were really good. Definitely much better then what most people would have expected against the Super bowl. There are 2.9 million online poker players in Britain alone, also according to the website About. This is an enormous number, and takes away business from many casinos.

Possible Outlets

There are a number of outlets for people to play poker. If you are a Canadian, or visiting Southern Ontario, there are in fact a number of great casinos for playing poker. Niagara Falls has one of the best casinos in Canada. The Fallsview Casino allows players one of the best gambling experiences you can probably get within a few hundred kilometers. It has poker, black jack, all the slots you can imagine, and free pop. The facilities are extremely nice, new, and clean. You do not feel like you’re trapped in an alternative universe like in many casinos.  If you love food to go along with your casino experience, there is also a great “all you can eat” buffet for $20. Which, given the amount of food there is, and the quality, is not a bad deal.

The other option, if you are in Southern Ontario, is going to Casino Rama. Casino Rama is a casino located in Aurora, Ontario. It’s been around for a while. With decent facilities, and a fair number of games, the establishment offers a decent experience for those who just want to go for fun. They also often have live entertainment with more established acts such as the band Weezer, which can be a large part of the reason people end up going here. Although the facilities are quite good, many people feel it does not compare with some of the best sites to play Poker online.

To go to a Casino or Log on to a Online Casino

If you are like the many millions of people who love to play poker, it can be a bit of a dilemma choosing between playing your game of poker online, or playing poker in a casino. Playing poker online allows you a lot more comfort in which to play, as well as more freedom of when you can play. Online casinos are available 24/7 and there are a lot of people always playing. Traditional casinos, however, offer a lot more human interaction, as well as improving your skills on reading people. No matter where you go, if you love poker, there is always a place to play.

A Review of The Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry has evolved immensely over the last decade. Along with offering action in various casino games, online poker has also become an option for interested participants. Read more of this post

The Moneymaker Effect & The Future of Poker in America

Since the famed “Moneymaker Effect” of 2003, action has picked up heavily in all forms of poker. Multi-table tournaments (MTT’s) have gained popularity due to the fact that a small initial investment can net you a large return on your investment if you make the final table, and go on to win the entire tournament. Read more of this post

Top 5 Poker Tells to Eliminate From Your Arsenal

I notice a lot of amateur poker players give away a lot of unnecessary information (poker tells) when they sit down to play poker in a live setting. A lot of the “tells” I pick up on, are subconsciously being delivered to me by my opponents without them realizing. Some opponents can’t help to shake when they have the nuts/bluffing. Also, many opponents give away the strength of their hands by their betting patterns, and how they place each bet. This article will detail how to pick up on these small details at the table so you can experience more profit in the long-run, assuming you don’t make the same mistakes yourself. Read more of this post

How to Identify Fish & Size Up Your Opponents at The Poker Table

Poker is a game that is played and enjoyed by a wide variety of individuals. From the complete degenerate, to the world-class, poker has always been a popular game for anyone that chooses to participate. In this article, I will outline and detail how to identify each type of playing style each player possesses, and how to exploit each weakness accordingly. Read more of this post

Understanding Flow & Playing in The Zone

One area where poker differs significantly from other sports is the degree to which the competitors are evenly matched, especially among professionals. Read more of this post

How to Design an Optimal Poker Table Image For Maximum Profit

Achieving an optimal poker strategy requires you to develop a table image that will net you the most profit in the long run. Designing an optimal table image at the poker table is a necessity if you want to generate the maximum amount of profit you can from your poker business. What is the optimal table image to create?  There are a variety of different factors that come into play, and this article will help you understand the fundamentals required to become a winning no-limit hold’em poker player. Read more of this post

What Does The Future Hold For Online Poker in The United States of America?

Every since the fated day of April 15th, 2011, dubbed as “Black Friday”, there has been much speculation concerning the future of online poker in the United States of America. While many remain skeptical, I remain optimistic of future legalization due to a variety of different factors. The recent incident of Senator John McCain playing poker during a crucial debate over Syria has a little to do with that, but much more than meets the eye has been developing in the background. Will American poker players finally get what they deserve? A fair and regulated poker market for all to play and enjoy without the question of whether or not their bankrolls are “safe” in the online arena? Read more of this post