What the Hell Did John Lennon See in Yoko Ono?

This is just one of my random rants that I had to let out. While surfing the internet aimlessly, I came upon some videos regarding Yoko Ono – and yes, she’s a moron.

Some will say she is the true reason that The Beatles broke up, and I wouldn’t doubt it. Yes, there are some other reasons like George Harrison’s emergence as a songwriter and their managers death, but  I would have left the band too if I had to deal with that idiot every day. I hate to say anything negative about John Lennon, but this guy was Yoko Ono’s bitch. He literally brought her everywhere – even the recording studio. This violated a previous agreement between the members not to let wives or girlfriends into the studio. However, Lennon made it clear that she would be allotted artistic input into the band’s recordings. Ono would comment or make suggestions in the recording studio, which only pissed off the rest of the band!

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The Evolution of New York City (VIDEO)

This is a slideshow video that shows how much New York City has changed over its long and storied history. The main lesson to be learned from this video is that the city is always changing, and times can get tough, but New York and New Yorkers will always come back newer and better then ever! Read more of this post

Why I Still Think Mitt Romney is Going to Lose This Election

Way back in July, I came to the conclusion that Mitt Romney was going to lose this election.

When I came to that conclusion he still had not picked a vice presidential candidate and he was still pretty far behind in the polls. At the end of August I published a re-post that included Paul Ryan’s selection which only reinforced my main point. Read more of this post

Famous Rock Star Yearbook Pictures

If you appreciate good music, you will appreciate this collection of pictures. Here is a collage of Yearbook pictures of some of the most famous rock stars of all time.

RIP to good rock music.

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Your Speed Your Need | AmbioFile

We often consider ourselves successful when we lead a busy eventful life. Sometimes if our life is filled with to many events that run to close together, our life can seem like one big event. Most of the time this carries with it some anxiety.

This is due to our minds racing to the next task before we have finished the current task. In essence, we are no longer present in this state. We are so busy attempting to get to the next step before have finished the current that we almost forget where we are. Read more of this post

M.A.E. & The Machine Gun Funk

Welcome to the show, we are M.A.E. (Mason and Express/Musically Achieved Excellence) straight out of Long Island N. Y. Read more of this post

A Skeletal View | AmbioFile

“In order to understand a melody, you need to deconstruct the melody currently in place. By doing this you enable your senses to zone in on the nuances that make up the colors of the music.” Read more of this post

Undercurrent Space | AMBIO FILE

undercurrent space ambio file thomas mcgregor

We live in a fasted paced, over stimulated world. Filled with bright lights, flashy sights, and attention grabbers. As we buzz along with our day-to-day activities there always seems to be something that we are missing. There seems to be something that is there, but seemingly elusive. What is this undercurrent? Read more of this post

Amazing Street Drummer

This incredibly talented musician uses mostly just buckets and scraps of trash as a drum kit, and yet he is still able to get an incredible sound out of it.

Check out this video of one of the most creative street drummers I’ve ever seen! Read more of this post

25 Rare Photos of The Beatles

The beatles were an English rock band that formed in Liverpool in 1960. Their best known lineup consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. These guys became the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of music with a combination of rock and roll, pop ballads,psychedelic rock and even a mix of classical.

Here are some very rare images of the Beatles in their early days during “Beatlemania.”

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Bass Player Plays Super Mario Theme on 11 String Bass! (VIDEO)

The coolness of this 11 string bass was enough to convince me to post this video alone. But when added with the incredible talent of this musician, and the awesomeness of his rendition of the Super Mario theme, I knew it had to be posted immediately.

Watch as Jean Baudin plays both the bass line and the melody of the Super Mario theme song on one 11 string bass! Read more of this post

Roger Waters Performs “Comfortably Numb” @ Yankee Stadium 7/7/2012 (VIDEO)

Check out this video I took of Roger Waters performing the song “Comfortably Numb” off the second album of The Wall at Yankee Stadium on July 7th, 2012.: Read more of this post

ZazenLife Exclusive Interview with KILLCODE

ZazenLife had the opportunity to go backstage and interview one of the most popular up and coming rock bands in New York City known as KILLCODE.

(Left to right) Chas, Erric, Tom

I’ve heard the saying, “Rock is Dead”  plenty of times and I’m sure you have too, but I assure you that out there, waiting to be found, are guys, girls and more than anything, BANDS, who definitely still rock.

Whether you like it or not, Killcode came to assure you it’s alive and well. Spreading the code first in Nueva York, or New York to we english speaking people.

I arrived to a vibrant, packed and sold-out show on March, 24th 2012 as the audience lingered around and the many bands passed their time on the stage about to be rocked by none other than the code, Killcode.I know before I go on all of you simpletons want to know “What do they sound like?” Read more of this post

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Mathers All Grown Up


Hailie Mathers was introduced to the world by Eminem through some of his early hits including Hailie Song and I Think My Dads Gone Crazy. Hailie was also mentioned in the hit 97 Bonnie and Clyde.

Eminem Marshall Mathers and Hailie Mathers

Eminem with his daughter Hailie

Hailie Jade was born amidst a tumultuous relationship with her father, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, and his then-wife Kimberley Anne Scott. Eminem highlighted his struggle to be a good father with joint custody of Hailie Jade through his music and songs mentioned before.

Now, Hailie is a beautiful 16 year old girl that seems to have a great relationship with her father. She has tweeted multiple times explaining how much she loves her father.


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Guitar Master Video

Although this man has never had any hits on the radio, or chart topping songs, he is revered by the guitar community as one of the most versatile and technically proficient guitarists on the planet.

He is a master of improvisation, so much so, that one of his main sources of income is demoing equipment and playing over jam tracks that companies are trying to sell, for the simple reason that he makes them sound GREAT.

Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan

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