The 5 Best ‘Last Dances’ Ever

A last dance can be very emotional, yet very funny. A last dance can be very meaningful, yet so silly. Here are some of the most emotional, funny, stupid and down right dirty last dances of all time.

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The Merchant in Aladdin Hustled You

I’m sure we have all seen the movie Aladdin at some point in our exciting lives. Remember in the beginning of the movie, when that crazy little merchant roams around the desert on a camel before getting to Agrabah. Once he gets there, he tells us (the audience) the story of the magic lamp while also trying to sell us some of his items. Read more of this post

5 Saddest Movie Scenes 90’s Kids Can Agree On

These movie scenes really hit me hard as a kid. Why the hell did this shit have to happen in movies? Is it just me or does everyone else imagine these sad scenes happening in their own lives with people who they are closest with?

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Evil Dead Trailer: A Remake of a Cult Classic

For us horror fans, it is scary to hear about remakes of original/classic horror movies. A Nightmare on Elm Street was one of my favorite horror movies, but the remake was brutal. It starts with the director. No one can direct a Freddy Krueger movie like Wes Craven, and when I found out that Samuel Bayer was directing the remake I just had a terrible feeling – and I was right. Same goes for the movies Halloween and Friday the 13th (although this movie wasn’t terrible). No one can do it like the original directors, not even Rob Zombie.

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The Cinematic Evolution of the “Zombie”

The concept of a zombie is so disgustingly terrifying. Someone dies, rises from the dead looking like a possessed demon, and all of a sudden, has a craving for human flesh. Although it was not the most creative idea, zombies have been around since 1932 and are still roaming the cinematic streets searching for brains . Here is a time line of the zombie evolution.

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All Time Greatest Mafia Movies (Based on Quotes)

Now, not intending to sound too stereotypical but needless to say growing up in an Italian household Mafia/Gangster movies have played a vital role in my upbringing. Not saying that I have been raised based on the values outlined in these movies (although to a small extent yes) but that these movies are the source of many childhood memories and continue to create memories at any family gatherings, events, vacations, or Sunday dinners. Read more of this post

The Dark Knight Rises Review – Who is John Blake?

So our team at decided to see the Midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises with no regards to work in the morning. Before commenting on the movie, I would like to add that I made my first visit to the Atlas movie theater in Glendale,NY, and it  is easily one of my favorite theaters with quite possibly  the most comfortable seats in any NYC movie theater. But who gives a shit, right? This is about Batman.

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Where did ‘Ted’ Come From?

The Creator of the character and movie Ted, Seth MacFarlane, has some history with characters similar to that of John (Mark Wahlberg) and his best friend Ted.

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Ethos: A Time For Change

Hosted by twice Oscar nominated actor and activist Woody Harrelson, Ethos lifts the lid on a Pandora’s Box of systemic issues that guarantee failure in every aspect of our lives, from the environment to our democracy and our own personal liberty. Read more of this post

Movie Scenes That We Didn’t Understand as Kids – Part I

When we were kids, there were scenes in movies that made absolutely no sense to us. We probably watched these movies a million times, but just couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Some of us might have been curious and asked our parents what was going on, but sadly, they lied to us.

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CandleMaker Movie Reviews: The Lost Boys (1987)

In a time where style is everything but original I awake a classic that hasn’t been sleeping all that much. Since the times are in love with vampires more than ever, I figure I start off with a real vampire movie, when cool was cool in the 80’s. Although I was born in 85′, I still had the taste of the 80’s stuck in my mouth well into the 90’s. Of course I welcomed it back with a big dose of nostalgia as well. Read more of this post

Avengers Review: Who was the MVP?


The Avengers

The Avengers


When Earth is threatened by evil god Loki and an army of aliens in search of the Cosmic Cube, Nick Fury and all of S.H.I.E.L.D. must implement the “Avengers Initiative” and bring together the world’s greatest superheroes (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow) to fight together.

What we liked

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