Modern Big Brother: The Immorality of a Nation of Spies

George Orwell used the term “Big Brother” in his renowned novel 1984. Once upon a time, readers could enjoy Orwell’s work without associating it with modern politics. Sadly, this has changed. The Orwellian dystopia that he once described has become a reality in America. With the rise of the NSA and proposed laws that strip us of our freedoms, we have entered the age of 1984. Read more of this post


Tolerance- What Does it Mean to be Tolerant?

Tolerance is a word that you have probably heard a lot in the past few years.

Commonly used by both politically left-leaning and right-leaning individuals and groups, tolerance is a word that has different definitions to different people. Because the meaning of this word has been skewed by both the left and the right, the question remains: what does it mean to be tolerant? Read more of this post

Welcome to Part-Time America

Written by: Sal Pezzino -@sp1989

If you were to look at the state of the United States economy, on paper it would seem as though everything is OK. The Dow Jones has been flirting with 16,000, stock prices are soaring, and the unemployment rate keeps going down. The truth is that it is all entirely artificial. Read more of this post

Seattle Hempfest: Good Weed Good Times (PICS)

This just made Seattle a shitload cooler in my opinion. The ZazenLife team will be attending this event in 2014 – you should come too!

Check out some awesome pictures from the 2013 Hempfest in Seattle.

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Who is the Richest DJ in the World?

Thanks to Forbes Magazine, we have a list of the top 5 richest DJ’s in the world. The money they make per show is ridiculous, but the money they make for clubs, bars, arenas etc. is even more ridiculous.

Why did I go to college? I should have just bought myself a robot suit and played some really..really loud music. If only it was that easy..

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Who is Lying to Generation-Y?

For those who don’t know, Generation-Y is anyone born in the early 1980’s up to and including anyone born before 2005. Many people have dubbed this generation, “Generation Y Me?”, “The Millennials”, and “The Lost Generation”. For the purposes of this article I would like to focus on “The Lost Generation” because I find it to be the most insulting but unfortunately accurate. Read more of this post

Hypnosis Performed on Deadly Shark Followed by Something Crazier

This guy is nuts. This might seem crazier to me because I am shit scared of sharks and the ocean, but think about all of the insanely crazy shit he is doing at once:

  • Diving deep into an ocean infested with some of the deadliest sharks on the planet
  • Approaching the sharks
  • Trying to interact with the sharks without a cage separating them
  • Attempting to hypnotize a shark by rubbing its nose in front of all of its boys
  • Successfully hypnotizing a shark in front of all of its boys
  • Trolling the shark by balancing it on his finger in front of all of its boys

That just seems like too much for me. I would never want to mess with a shark or its boys.

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Artificial Structures Found on Mars (VIDEO)

Here is a very interesting presentation on the evidence for artificial structures on Mars gathered and presented by Thomas Van Flandern. Read more of this post

Why Cable News is Still Destroying This Country

A while back I wrote an article about how I feel cable news is destroying this country. That article can be found here and in it criticized all of the popular media outlets for polarizing this country so far to the left and right that there is no such thing as middle ground anymore. Read more of this post

Nelson Mandela in Critical Condition: Remembering His Impact

Former South African leader, Nelson Mandela, 94, took a turn for the worse, with the president’s office saying he was was in critical condition. CNN reported Monday that Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition at a Pretoria hospital where he has been hospitalized for more than two weeks. Mandela has been hospitalized since June 8th with a recurring infection of the lung. “The doctors are doing everything possible to ensure his well being and comfort.” President Jacob Zuma told the nation today.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Nelson Mandela represents everything that should be encompassed in a leader. Standing for equality, justice, and joint communication amongst opposing nations. Mandela’s stance has always been solid, never wavering from a sound rhetoric in support of his people. With a platform of peace and compassion, we have seen nothing but great actions from the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner. For Mandela’s family, these are turbulent times. Times that they will cherish and remember as the times that meant most to them.

In Johannesburg, 2002, Mandela stated:

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – 90th birthday celebration of Walter Sisulu, Walter Sisulu Hall, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa,18 May 2002

Education amongst South Africans has been Mandela’s strong subject in recent years as he has devoted much effort to the exchanging of information and the stimulation of knowledge. In 2003 he publicly proclaimed the need for education at the University of Witwatersrand(Sourth Africa) by saying, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


Well wishes and prayers from around the globe flood in for the respected leader and diplomat. On the world’s stage Mandela has been strong in is convictions and beliefs as well as the we he has conducted himself in office. Yesterday, The South African published “…we should take time to consider the great man’s words of wisdom”, citing that once a great leader always a great leader.

As this time might signal the closing of a chapter for Nelson Mandela, we need to take courage in what he has left us with. Such a great leader will be missed and remembered in many ways. Although his physical presence may be gone from this earth his impact wont. The strength of his spirit and solidarity of mind will remain in the hearts and minds of millions around the world.


Earthing 101: The Incredible Benefits of Walking Barefoot Daily

Heard of earthing yet?

It’s all the rage among those who want to be more energetic, grounded, clear, healthy and youthful. Simply place bare feet on sand or a moist patch of grass for at least 10 minutes. Really, that’s it. The benefits are truly exceptional — a strong immune system along with reduced inflammation and cardiovascular disease are just a few of earthing’s rewards. Read more of this post

Lost Ancient City Uncovered in the Mediterranean

For more than 1,200 years, the mythical city of Heracleion has been hidden beneath the warm waters of the Mediterranean, buried under tons of mud and sand.  However, a team of archaeological researchers has rediscovered and begun to unearth this incredibly well-preserved ancient port. Read more of this post

Meet SKA: The 3,000 Mile Long Super-Telescope

SKA Telescope Logo

The SKA Logo

The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) will be the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope when it is completed.

Using Interferometry, which is the linking together of radio telescopes to create a larger virtual telescope known as an Interferometer, the SKA will combine thousands of linked radio wave receptors that will be located in Australia and Southern Africa. Ten countries across these two continents will share the location of this mind-boggling project.

ALL SIGNALS FROM THE ANTENNAS IN EACH REGION WILL COMBINE and create a collecting area equivalent to A DISH WITH AN AREA OF ABOUT 1,000,000 METERS. Read more of this post

The Yin-Yang of World Hunger

ying yang of world hunger

“Not very Yingy, a little too Yangy.”


What It Looks Like To Find $438 Million Worth of Crystal Meth

Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White doesn’t make mistakes like this – for he is an empire himself.

Australian police has found 1290 lbs (585 kg) of crystal meth that was hidden inside the washing powder containers that came from China. The estimated street value of the drug is 438 million US dollars. A scene straight out of Breaking Bad.


Read more of this post

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