Nootropics: “Smart Drugs”

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Marijuana Arrests Down After Decriminalization


Connecticut’s decriminalization of marijuana, which allows police departments to issue fines rather than arrests, has been in effect since July 1. The courts are already dealing with less of a case load due to the new law.

According to the Connecticut Post, there were 4,774 marijuana arrests from July 1-Dec. 1, 2010 for possession of marijuana less than four ounces. With the new law, there have been 1,127 arrests in that same period in 2011. There were nearly 2,000 tickets issued

Under the old law, possession of less than four ounces or drug paraphernalia containing marijuana residue was a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Possession of more than four ounces is a felony with more serious penalties.

According to the article, it’s possible officers are letting people off with a warning rather than issuing a ticket.

The decriminalization law, Public Act 11-71, reduced the penalty for possession of one-half ounce or less to a $150 fine, to a $200 to $500 fine for the second offense, and the higher fine plus referral to a drug awareness program for the third offense.

Anyone under age 21 also faces a 60-day driver’s license suspension. Penalties for possession of more than one-half ounce remain the same as before.



Twenty-five years ago the world learned of our high-level investigation into public corruption and organized crime, infamously code-named ABSCAM.

The unfolding details were riveting: …Everything from mobsters hocking stolen paintings and fake securities in the Big Apple to politicians peddling influence in the nation’s capitol; …High-ranking government officials caught on tape stuffing wads of bribe money in their pockets and saying things like, “I’ve got larceny in my blood”; …And FBI agents posing as representatives of a fictitious Middle Eastern sheik, gathering evidence of these big league crimes.

It all started in July 1978, when we set out to catch New York City underworld figures dealing in stolen art. We set up a bogus company in Long Island—Abdul Enterprises, thus the name “AB(dul)SCAM”—said to be owned by a wealthy Arab sheik who wished to invest oil money in valuable artworks. Then, we recruited an informer who connected us with crooks willing to sell us stolen treasures. It worked. Within months, we’d recovered two paintings worth a combined $1 million.

Through that operation, we were introduced to criminals who were dealing in fake stocks and bonds. Again, success. Our undercover work ended up halting the sale of nearly $600 million worth of fraudulent securities.

From there, our investigation led to southern New Jersey … and on to Washington, D.C. Our criminal contacts led us to politicians in Camden who were willing to offer bribes to get our “business” a gambling license in Atlantic City. Then, when we expressed interest in their suggestion to get the sheik asylum in the U.S., these corrupt politicians arranged for us to meet some U.S. Congressmen who could make it happen with private legislation. For a price, of course: $50,000 up front and an extra $50,000 later.

When the dust settled, one senator, six congressman, and more than a dozen other criminals and corrupt officials were arrested and found guilty.

Like many high-profile, sensitive investigations, ABSCAM generated its share of controversy. In particular, questions were raised about whether our undercover efforts led to entrapment. The courts ruled otherwise, upholding all convictions. In the end, the case reaffirmed the importance of undercover operations and led to stronger rules and safeguards on these kinds of investigations within the FBI.

Twenty-five years later, the bottom line lessons of ABSCAM remain the same: No one is above the law. To uphold order and justice, abuse of the public trust cannot and will not be tolerated. Which is exactly why the FBI continues to rank public corruption as a top investigative priority.

Woolly Mammoth Spotted In Siberia?

A large creature is seen crossing a river in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia. The Sun reports that a Russian government worker shot the video and claims it shows a creature that looks a lot like a Wooly Mammoth.

Than again, it could just be a bear.

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

But if you watch the video closely, you will see that what is supposed to be the creature’s trunk, or possibly its tusks, appears to be quite flaccid. Some viewers speculate that the furry creature in the video is nothing more than a bear carrying a large fish in its mouth. Others have surmised that it is an elephant, the mammoth’s genetic cousin, lost in the woods.

There is some historical evidence to tantalize cryptozoologists. It turns out that some mammoths actually did survive beyond the extinction of their brethren, living on Wrangel Island off the coast of Siberia until about 3,500 years ago.

I’m not saying that I believe that this is an actual Woolly Mammoth, but the video is quite intriguing.

Bizarre: Giant Whale Shark Washes Ashore In Pakistan

A giant whale shark washed ashore near Karachi, Pakistan, fisheries harbor on Tuesday and was sold for 1.7 million PKR ($18,758), local media reported.

I could only imagine what the people who bought the shark are going to do with it…

Residents gather as a whale shark is pulled from the water by cranes after it was found dead at Karachi's fish harbor

Surpreme Court Overturns Conviction Due To Illegal Tracking

It’s almost impossible for a person to “disappear” in today’s world and it’s becoming harder and harder to do so.

Privacy is almost abolished.

Washington DC police thought they had a good idea when they attached a global-positioning-system (GPS) device on the car of a suspected drug dealer in order to more effectively tail him and find his “safe house” stash.

The police did, in fact, nail DC nightclub owner Antoine Jones. But the Supreme Court this week sided with the Appeals court that over-turned Jones’s conviction on the grounds that police need to first obtain a search warrant before attaching such a device.

The decision by the high court was unanimous, a relative rarity for this court that is usually politically divided. But the decision also opens up questions, legal scholars and some of the justices believe, about whether law enforcement will be allowed to track suspects by homing in on their cellphone with or without a warrant.

Judge Samuel Alito addressed the cell-phone issue in his opinion asserting that the most basic cellphone can be located by coordinating signals received by different towers. That would cover more than 322 million cellphones, he noted. Advanced smart-phones often contain GPS devices that can be more accurately tapped for a user’s location – Apple, for example, allows a user of its new iCloud system to precisely locate a phone that might have been lost or stolen.
“It may be necessary to reconsider” whether simply carrying a cellphone means a citizen “has no reasonable expectation of privacy,” at least when it comes to disclosing one’s location, added the court’s newest member, Sonia Sotomayor.

The decision should also open new questions about whether police can tap into GPS systems installed on cars, such as General Motors’ OnStar system.


Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, And Others On The Future of Space

TSA Agent Allegedly Lets Rapper Keep His Weed

Rapper Freddie Gibbs claims he allegedly found a “Notice of Baggage Inspection” from the Transportation Security Administration in his suitcase, which held his fully intact bag of weed,  that read “C’mon Son”

Freddie Gibbs, who recently formed the hip hop group P.O.C. (Pulled Over by the Cops) with a couple guys from The Cool Kids, tweeted the picture. “The TSA found my weed and let me keep it. They just left me a note. ‘C’mon Son’. Lol.”

Freddie’s claim does raise a few eyebrows, so what do you think of Gibbs’ tweet? Real or fake?, freddie gibbs, weed, airport, tsa


British Couple Denied Entry Into America Because of Tweet

Last week Leigh Van Bryan and his girlfriend, Emily Bunting, arrived at Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport from England expecting to enjoy their time in the States and party it up.

Instead, they were obtained by authorities and denied entry because of a tweet that Leigh prior to the trip over.

Leigh tweeted that they were out to “destroy America” and “dig up Marilyn Monroe”

DON’T WORRY AMERICANS!! The US Department of Homeland Security is dedicated to keeping you safe: They caught and denied  those two 20-something-year-old British terrorists from destroying our homeland and digging up the corpse of Marilyn Monroe!

DHS,, leigh van bryan, tweet

What a joke!

Leigh and Emily blame the language difference for prompting their January 23rd ordeal at LAX.

“They asked why we wanted to destroy America, and we tried to explain it meant to get trashed and party in the U.K.”

“I almost burst out laughing when they asked me if I was going to be Leigh;s lookout while he dug up Marilyn Monroe,” said Emily, explaining the reference from the TV show “Family Guy”.

That tweet, says Van Bryan, was just a joke.

“It’s just so ridiculous it’s almost funny but at the time it was really scary,” Leigh Van Bryan adds. “The Homeland Security agents were treating me like some kind of terrorist.”

After the questioning, both were handcuffed and transported to a Los Angeles jail, where they were kept in separate cells for 12 hours alongside detained alleged drug dealers. When they were freed, they were sent back to LAX and forced to fly home for their questionable tweets. Not before the feds searched their luggage for a shovel and spade though, says Bunting.

“I kept saying to them they had got the wrong meaning from my tweet, but they just told me, “You’ve really f—– up with that tweet, boy.”

Soda’s Scary Side Effects

Shocking Soda Fact #1: Soda fattens up your organsglass of soda coca-cola

A recent Danish study revealed that drinking non-diet soda leads to dramatic increases in dangerous hard-to-detect fats. Researchers asked participants to drink either regular soda, milk containing the same amount of calories as regular soda, diet cola, or water every day for six months. The results? Total fat mass remained the same across all beverage-consuming groups, but regular-soda drinkers experienced dramatic increases in harmful hidden fats, including liver fat and skeletal fat. The regular-soda group also experienced an 11 percent increase in cholesterol compared to the other groups! And don’t think switching to diet varieties will save you from harm: Artificial sweeteners and food dyes have been linked to brain cell damage and hyperactivity, and research has shown that people who drink diet soda have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

FIX IT WITH FOOD: The average American drinks 450 calories a day. By switching to water as your go-to beverage, you’ll make room in your diet for foods that, even in moderation, can strengthen your heart, fortify your bones, and boost your metabolism so you can lose weight more quickly.

Shocking Soda Fact #2: Soda contains flame retardantsmountain dew

Some popular soda brands, including Mountain Dew, use brominated vegetable oil—a toxic flame retardant—to keep the artificial flavoring from separating from the rest of the liquid. This hazardous ingredient—sometimes listed as BVO on soda and sports drinks—can cause bromide poisoning symptoms like skin lesions and memory loss, as well as nerve disorders. If that’s not a good enough reason not to “Do the Dew,” I don’t know what is.

Shocking Soda Fact #3: Drinking soda makes you a lab rat

Many American soda brands are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, a heart-harming man-made compound derived mainly from genetically engineered corn. The problem? Genetically engineered ingredients have only been in our food chain since the 1990s, and we don’t know their long-term health impacts because the corporations that developed the crops never had to test them for long-term safety. Case in point: Some recent findings suggest that genetically engineered crops are linked to digestive tract damage, accelerated aging, and even infertility!

source: yahoo health

Top 10 Reasons To Legalize Marijuana, marijuana, reasons to legalize

Breaking It Down For You

The Georgia Guidestones: The American Stonehenge, georgia guidstones, elite, conspiracies

The Georgia Guidstones

On a hilltop in rural Elberton, Georgia stands the Georgia Guidestones, sometimes referred to as the American Stonehenge. The monument is 19 feet 3 inches tall and made from six granite slabs weighing more than 240,000 pounds in all. One slab stands in the center, with four arranged around it. A capstone lies on top of the five slabs, which are astronomically aligned. Read more of this post

The Agenda Is Becoming Apparent, iran, war, u.s.a

LaDainian Tomlinson Calls Out The J-E-T-S On “Inside The NFL”


L.T. On The Jets:

On Jets’ venomous locker room atmosphere:

It got out-of-hand toward the end of the season. That is why it got out in the media. This is something that happened (in the) third or fourth week of the season, that was going on, and nobody knew about it because the players kept it under wraps. Until we went on that losing streak and guys started to speak up and speak out about certain things…It is as bad as I’ve ever been around, honestly. And I’ve been around some locker rooms and quarterback-receiver situations and what-not. But it was as bad as I’ve been around. You know it was at the point where I think the players could no longer do anything about it. There was nothing that the players could do.

On Jets organization:

Guys think about this. They (Jets Organization) created this. This is the type of football team that they wanted. Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan are both brash, in-your-face type of style, say whatever you want, just get it done on the field. And then it leads to other things, as guys are calling each other out and saying I’m not getting the ball or whatever it may be.

Can Jets QB Mark Sanchez overcome rips from anonymous teammates?

I think he can overcome it. I think, the guy that said, that came at him, I don’t know who it was, that said Sanchez was lazy, but I disagree with that. The guy is not lazy, guys. He is not a lazy guy. He puts in the time after practice in the film room. He can get it done. He just has to have pieces around him to help him get it done.

Is Sanchez pampered?

Yes he is, I would say a bit pampered because he has no competition. He has no real threat to say this guy may take my job.

On Ryan’s bold predictions for the Jets:

I would prefer him not to say it as much as he did. I don’t mind every now and again saying we are going to win a championship. Maybe at the beginning of the year just saying, ‘Hey, our goal is to win a championship.’ But at the same time every week if you are calling out a team on certain things, I think it puts a little extra on your team. Guys really want to go out there and say, ‘Let’s shut this guy up. Let’s shut these Jets up, just end their season.’ I think that adds to that when Rex speaks up like that because, you know, everybody doesn’t like that type of style, and they’re not supposed to. But at the same time there are certain things that you can do to not have it come off like that.

About the Jets naming unhappy WR Santonio Holmes a team captain:

The players had nothing to do with that vote. Coaches vote on the captains with the Jets.


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