The Incredible Similarities Between Human and Plant Consciousness

HJ: Human and plant consciousness share a remarkable number of similarities, particularly in relation to the five senses which both use to navigate the complexities of the world.  There has been an ever-increasing body of research developing over the years demonstrating that consciousness is indeed not limited only to animals and humans, but plants as well and more so even objects we consider inanimate like rocks and metals.  After all, there is no difference in composition between any of these things at the subatomic level.  Everything we can perceive and even that which we cannot are made of electrons and protons circling around a nucleus.  At the sub-atomic level there is little difference between the human brain and dirt (not to diminish the incredible complexity of the brain…). 

An interesting idea to ponder…
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The Power of Sound: How Vibration Helps Us Heal

HJ: Every atom in the universe and cell in your body is vibrating constantly and this can be directed and enhanced through the power of sound frequencies in the form of words and music, among other things.

The science of modulating brainwave frequencies with music and sound is well-known and has been studied and developed for some time. However, researchers are only beginning to understand how words and other forms of vibration affect consciousness and either heal or harm us, depending on intention and usage. Yet this is an area of knowledge that mystics have known about and studied for millenia. The ancient Rishis, Seers, and Yogis of India have developed intricate, complex mantras that play upon the effectiveness of sound for enhancing consciousness and inducing healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Many people do not know that the roof of the mouth has no less than 84 different meridian points which are activated when we speak or chant. The form of the tongue when it hits the roof of the mouth determines which combination of meridians are stimulated and therefore certain words and sounds have more profound effects than others. These meridians are connected directly to the body’s nervous system and are partly responsible for the healing effect of mantras and sacred sounds.

Anyone who enjoys music can attest to the power of sound in their lives, but few understand why it is so. The wonderful article below by Judith Acosta explores sound and vibration and how these forces affect our consciousness and can induce healing. Read more of this post

How To Consciously Remove Negative Emotions

HJ: Positive and negative emotions are really two sides of the same coin — the coin of acceptance. Negative emotions arise when we do not accept events, circumstances, things, etc. in our life as they are. Positive emotions arise when we accept our reality/experience exactly as it is and embrace the moment.  Both relate to our lack of or abundance of acceptance.  We can access this profound state of acceptance once we have internalized the realizations that come from viewing our lives/the world from a non-dualistic perspective, which simply means that we stop viewing things in terms of right or wrong, good or bad, etc.

For some people this can be hard to understand because their entire personalities and worldview are predicated on classifying events, people, things, etc. as either good or bad, right or wrong, however, this is actually a distorted view of reality, despite what the media and society would have you believe. The truth is, like Morty points out below, events only have as much meaning as we ascribe to them and by nature are neutral/meaningless in and of themselves.  We can choose to impose distorted views of right and wrong on things, but that does not make it so — that is just our subjective opinion and it keeps us highly polarized and locked into constantly experiencing negative emotions as the experience of life does not meet our standards.

However, as mentioned, you can be freed from the oscillations between positive and negative emotions, and move firmly into a state where you experience only positive emotions or an ‘enlightened’ state of contentment, by moving into a mindset of non-duality and accepting events as they actually are — opportunities for growth in our awareness and understanding of the self.  Simple as that, just like flipping a switch. Like anything in life, it’s only as difficult as we make it for ourselves. Read more of this post

The Field: How to Access The Wisdom of The Collective Consciousness

HJ: The truth is that we are all tapping into the collective consciousness rather frequently without actually being aware of it.  The process of becoming aware, however, makes quite a bit of difference and allows us to get the most out of this ability and begin to cultivate it rather than experiencing it haphazardly.  This often leads us to become closer to others and strengthen bonds and relationships, ultimately bringing greater happiness and fulfillment into our lives.

Furthermore, the existence of a field of collective consciousness is a useful paradigm from which to view events in the world and in your life.  It offers many answers to seemingly paradoxical questions as it helps to explain human behavior and societal organization.

From our vantage point, this innate connection between all beings helps to re-establish the truth that there is much more going on than meets the eye at any given time, far beyond the understanding of modern science.  This reignites the mystical wonder that helps us become curious and passionate about life outside the confines of the sometimes overbearing, mechanistic worldview that we are constantly presented with by mainstream media and society at large.

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How to Use Your Mind to Move Energy — The Simple Way

HJ: Mind energy is like any skill — use it or lose it. Since most of us do not consciously use our minds to move energy, we have lost touch with the ability to do so. However, that does not mean it is impossible, as many rationalists would have you believe. It simply requires you practice diligently with some expert guidance, which this article offers, leaving it up to you to practice diligently.

The ability to control and direct mind energy is well-known in Taoist schools who have long practiced powerful Qi Gong techniques for this very purpose. The legendary Taoist Qi master John Chang was filmed demonstrating his incredible ability to harness and direct Chi in this IMAX documentary many years ago — watch a clip here: Qi Gong Master Demonstrates Unbelievable Powers

The above mentioned video gives an idea of what is possible for those who are able to master this skill. However, even without this level of advanced ability, the benefits of learning to harness and direct mental energies are truly incredible. The fantastic article below by Ilchi Lee is an excellent primer to get you started learning to work with your own innate, powerful talents. Read more of this post

The Genius of Consciousness

The innate genius now awakens as we become savants.

Various studies on savants show the correlation of the left brain with the right brain that attributes this genius of consciousness.

The “awakened” conceptualize the vastness of spiritual beingness or connectivity to the infinite with the practical facets of thinking from the inspired flow that enables them to excel in what they do. Read more of this post

The 11 Keys to Manifesting Your Highest Potential

HJ: We all have a destiny, but that does not mean that our life is predetermined.  Our destiny is essentially our highest potential — our highest expression of ourself in a given lifetime.  It is what we always being called to express — that persistent nudging of spirit.  We can choose to step into this role or hide it from it by distracting ourselves with any number of mundane, illusory things as the vast majority of humanity chooses to do. The easiest way to draw the analogy is by using prominent historical leaders and figures.  Einstein, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Krishnamurti and so on… these souls had all reached their highest potential in their lifetimes.  We all have this potential within us — it is our birthright, our destiny.  Now, not everyone will be a leader on the world stage, but in our own way, we are destined to shape and transform the world by simply expressing our true selves in the deepest sense.

That may seem like a tall order, but it is entirely possible.  However, it calls for an incredible journey of realization, self-inquiry and discipline, which most shy away from for fear of success and failure simultaneously.  It need not be this way.  The are many guideposts along the path of self-realization and expression that can help one navigate and overcome nearly any challenge or circumstance which may present itself.  Offered below are 11 keys to manifesting your highest potential — your destiny, if you will. Now, this is not a list of fundamentals, but rather a very advanced, higher density guide based primarily on metaphysical concepts. Read more of this post

How to Understand and Transform Negative Emotions

HJ: Negative emotions tend to overwhelm us because we do not really understand why they are arising beyond the context of the situation that seems to cause them.  We think they are occurring because of a given situation — perhaps something that someone said or an event that happened in our life — perhaps something happened that we had not planned for.  However, this is not really the case. Emotions stem from our acceptance or denial of what is.  Positive emotions arise when we accept life/reality as is, without judgment   Negative emotions arise when we do not accept what is or have expectations as to what life/reality should be.  Next time a situation arises that causes either a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotion, look for the primary cause — how are you either accepting reality as is or not accepting reality as is?  Once you understand this and can actively use it to analyze your emotions in context, you will find that in the case of negative emotions, they will lose about 90% of their energy and effects on you.  This practice also moves us towards greater acceptance of ourselves and the world around us which is the path towards non-duality and higher consciousness, in essence, where we are all headed, no matter how long it takes us to get there. Read more of this post

How to Squash Negative Thought Patterns

Suppose you have the bad habit of dwelling too much on the same negative thoughts.  And suppose there’s no outward physical manifestation associated to them.  It’s just negative thinking, like “I’m so depressed” or “I hate my job” or “I can’t do this” or “I hate being fat.”  How do you break a bad habit when it’s entirely in your mind? Read more of this post

Tapping Into Your Creative Genius: Understanding How the Creative Mind Works

HJ: The first step in tapping into your creative genius is understanding how the creative mind works. This foundational knowledge will allow you to see where you may be impending the outflow of your natural stream of creative ideas and thoughts.  The process of tapping into your creative mind is one of removing the barriers to your natural creative state.  As always, the human mind-body-spirit triad is perfectly equipped to provide the individual with unlimited potential and everything they need to succeed and prosper in this lifetime.  It is simply up to us to acknowledge this and learn to harness our true nature.

This is a fascinating article and one that we hope you will find as interesting as we do. Read more of this post

Dream Psychology: Awakening Your Inner Vision

HJ: In the dream state, our minds are freed from the everyday limits of waking consciousness.  Dreams are intensely therapeutic and can offer us deep insight into the nature of our own being and the deepest recesses of our own psyche.  Dream psychology is a field of study in which a framework for understanding the complex and often mystical nature of dreams is being developed.  Understanding this realm of your conscious experience is essential for awakening your inner vision — that is, getting in touch with the nature of your own mind, soul and  spirit.  The article below is a fascinating exploration of these topics and is highly recommended for anyone interested in understanding and interpreting their dreams, and hence, better understanding themselves. Read more of this post

Evolving Your Perception: How to See the Opportunity Hidden in Every Challenge

HJ: Learning to recognize the hidden opportunity in every challenge and situation is a major step on the path of the evolution of consciousness because there are two major concepts which are embodied in this particular lesson.  The first is that one is acknowledging that life is about growth and evolution of awareness and to stop fighting it or seeing it as some unnecessary difficulty or punishment. The second is that one is beginning to move out of duality — instead seeing that there is indeed no such thing as good or bad — simply a choice in how we react (or don’t react) to a given event or circumstance.  These are two core perceptive advances that are essential for higher levels of spiritual/conscious growth that often times elude many on their search for higher evolvement. Furthermore, these shifts truly accelerate ones progress towards full manifestation and begin to help one tap into the innate, unending, unlimited abundance that is their inherent birthright.  A powerful shift indeed. Read more of this post

5 Easy Ways to Live More Courageously

HJ: Fear is a biological mechanism designed to keep us safe and alive, however, when we react fearfully to situations that do not threaten our survival directly, it begins to cause problems in our lives and ultimately ends up limiting us from achieving our highest potential and living passionately.  Fear has its roots in our belief structures and therefore can be relatively easily eliminated by using it as a tool to better understand ourselves instead of a habitually reacting to it as if it were real.  In order to understand what beliefs are causing your fear, simply mindfully observe as it comes up and ask yourself ‘Why am I fearful?’ or ‘Where is this fear coming from?’  In this way we can begin to identify the source of our fear, which we can then begin the process of eliminating through the use of affirmations and other methods of self-hypnosis.

Eliminating fear, however, does not in itself produce courage as a byproduct.  Courage is its own unique characteristic that must be cultivated in addition to eliminating fear.  Courage is necessary for beginning the process of eliminating fears in the first place, as it takes courage to face them initially, especially if you have been hiding from it for much of your life.  The great irony, as timelessly expressed by William Churchill, is that truly the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  When we finally cultivate the courage to do so, we realize that our fears were totally unfounded and overblown and we wonder why we were ever fearful in the first place. Read more of this post

The Art of Coincidence: Understanding the Meaning of Synchronicity

HJ: Einstein famously said “God does not play dice with the Universe”.  One of the greatest minds in human history had realized, in the context of mathematics and quantum physics, what spiritual masters had known for millennia.  There is nothing random occurring in the universe.  That is a big thought — a major notion that may take some pondering and time to digest.  Things only seem random because we are not able to comprehend the larger framework and rhythms of life and the universe which is balancing the collective manifestations of over 6 billion people, just to consider the human question. Read more of this post

Senior Care Jobs

Imagine that you could get compensated for driving Mom to the doctor, helping her get dressed and administering medications. In some places, and in some cases, you can. There are ways your commitment to Mom and Dad can result in more money in your pocket — either from direct cash payments or federal income tax breaks. Read more of this post

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