The Holy Trinity of Mysticism

I have chosen to preface this article with a short paragraph that I wrote years ago after a deep meditation. I came out of it, went straight to my computer, and wrote this out word for word as you see it now in less than a minute.

“The universe sprang forth through a cosmic outpouring of energy from a single, non-existent point derived in void. This outpouring was nothing more or less than the One Thing opening its eye to observe itself. Past and future are false concepts, for only this one moment exists always present. After the One Thing has finished observing itself in this moment, it will collapse in on itself, and fall back to the void from which it was first issued forth. This process repeats for infinity with no beginning or end.” Read more of this post

Alan Watts – What if Money Were No Object? (VIDEO)

Literally every single lecture I have ever heard by the sage named Alan Watts has been incredibly enlightening. I highly recommend going onto YouTube, typing his name in the search box, and listening to as many as you can digest. I also recommend ripping the mp3 from a handful of long lectures and putting them on your iPod or phone so you can listen to them on the go.

Here is a short snippet from one of his lectures. It breaks down what is wrong with society in 3 minutes and 9 seconds of pure concise genius.

Society puts so much emphasis on income and instills these values into all people at a very young age.

Money should not be the thing which directs your life. No one is denying its overwhelming presence in almost all people’s everyday life (at least in the west), however, the importance of unlocking the creative genius within, and nurturing the unique gifts and passions of each individual soul, cannot go overlooked anymore if we expect to thrive as a species.

So I (and Alan Watts) ask you ;

What would you do if money were no object? Read more of this post

Human Interaction & Metaphysical Karma

The word Karma gets thrown around a lot in society today.  There are lots of people who say that they don’t believe in it, and from my own experiences, these are usually not the best people to hang out with.  Read more of this post

Artificial Structures Found on Mars (VIDEO)

Here is a very interesting presentation on the evidence for artificial structures on Mars gathered and presented by Thomas Van Flandern. Read more of this post

The Frugal Mastermind

My name is Michael Finger, and I am a Frugal Mastermind.

When people ask me what I do for a living, that is my standard answer.  That, or “Poor Musician”.  Either way though, I believe that a lot of people on this planet have their priorities backwards, and so, I’m here to help. Read more of this post

The Censored TED Talks (VIDEOS)

These two TED talks that I am posting about have two things in common; They are both mind-blowingly awesome, AND they were both not only temporarily removed from the TED archive by TED Curator Chris Anderson, but also were also removed from YouTube! What do they have to hide? Read more of this post

Pyramids of China (VIDEO)

Here is an interesting fact; there are over 300 pyramids in China!

For reasons which I will refrain from speculating about, the Chinese government has done everything in its power to deny the existence of these interesting structures. Read more of this post

String Theory

I found this great video of Briane Greene explaining String Theory to an audience at a T.E.D. talk.  It is a few years old, but still very relevant and interesting.

Take a look at what String Theorists propose that matter is made of!

(If you are short on time, 9:57 is when he really starts getting “into” it)

😉 Read more of this post

The Observer Effect

The field of Science has seen some incredible advancements in the last century.  What started out as an inquiry into the nature of the universe based on “facts”, has now taken a turn in a direction that no scientist could have ever predicted.

Scientists, after digging deeper and deeper into the physical universe, have found that all matter exists in thousands of places at once until a conscious observer perceives it.

The implications of this are tremendously important, as it seems now that the so-called “facts” that science made its goal to discover, are nowhere to be found.  Instead of a solid physical universe, steeped in certainties and unchanging laws and rules, we are now finding that it is actually a constantly moving and changing reality which we all co-create.

But don’t take MY word for it…

Check out this video of qualified scientists discussing what has been termed “The Observer Effect”. Read more of this post

A Little Perspective On The Universe

I recently came across a very interesting picture accurately showing how earth is positioned in the entire observable universe.

It does this in eight steps;

1. The Earth

2. Where the Earth is in the Solar System

3. Where the Solar System is in relation to the nearby Stars

4. Where the nearby Stars are in relation to the Milky Way Galaxy

5. Where the Milky Way is in relation to the nearby Galaxies (The Local Group)

6. Where the Local Group is in relation to the local Super Cluster of Galaxies (The Virgo Supercluster),

7. Where the Virgo Supercluster is in relation to the nearby Super Clusters of Galaxies


8. Where the Local Supercluster is in relation to the ENTIRE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE. Read more of this post

Barack Obama Exploits Batman Massacre to Pass Gun Control Laws

I’m not going to flat-out say that I believe the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado was staged.  I’m not going to make an argument that it was a set-up or perpetuated by the government or secret elite.  I’m  not even going to try to convince you all that it was anything more than a man who snapped for seemingly no reason, booby-trapped his entire apartment, bought over 15 thousand dollars in weapons, and murdered 12 innocent people in a movie theater. Read more of this post

The Sleeping Prophet, Part IV: Edgar Cayce’s Miracle Readings 4-7

Part I: The Life of Edgar Cayce

Part II: Edgar Cayce’s Method

Part III: Miracle Readings 1-3

Story Four:

This next miracle healing session is one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. Read more of this post

The Sleeping Prophet, Part III: Edgar Cayce’s Miracle Readings 1-3

Part I: The Life of Edgar Cayce

Part II: Edgar Cayce’s Method

I am excited to say, that while doing research in the local library as well as on the internet, I have found TOO MANY miracle readings to write in this blog post.  I have decided to narrow it down to only the ones which I find to be important, and still, I am forced to divide this into two parts. Read more of this post

The Sleeping Prophet, Part II: Edgar Cayce’s Method

Part I: The Life of Edgar Cayce

Upon discovering that through hypnosis, he was able to speak articulately on subjects that he had little to no prior knowledge about, Edgar began to experiment with different states of Trance. Read more of this post

“GOD-Particle” Discovered

The roughly ten billion dollars spent at the CERN lab in Switzerland might have finally payed off, as the scientists there have announced to the world that they have found conclusive evidence for the existence of the Higgs Boson particle, better known by its street name; “The GOD Particle”. Read more of this post