11 Simple Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

Your brain’s health affects the way you feel and function each day. By making a few simple changes or additions to your lifestyle, you can make a positive difference. Best of all, improving brain health can provide additional benefits in terms of happiness, productivity, overall well-being, and more. Try these strategies for building a healthy brain today!

Improve Brain HealthIf you smoke, stop now.

If you’re a smoker, it’s a good idea to stop. You’re probably aware that smoking comes with lots of health problems attached. Besides being at risk of common issues like lung cancer and emphysema, smokers are at more than twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than are their non-smoking peers. It is safe to say that smoking affects your brain health in an extremely negative way.

Sleep well.

Deep sleep keeps your brain sharp and ensures that it processes all the information it has taken in during the day. You’ll perform better when you feel well-rested, too; try to get a minimum of six hours per night.

Follow a healthy eating plan.

Good nutrition is vital to your overall health, and skimping on certain nutrients can lead to reduced cognitive function. The good news is that a basic healthy diet that contains plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains helps your brain function better. This can be a challenge, particularly when your lifestyle is a hectic one. Simple kitchen tools can simplify tasks; for example, food processors and slow cookers make it easier to eat well every day without spending hours prepping.

Get plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids may improve your memory while helping your brain function better, so enjoy them frequently or take a supplement. Salmon and other oily fish are high in Omega-3’s as are certain plant-based foods such as flax.

Challenge yourself.

Mental challenges really do make a difference in your brain’s health! Engaging in creative hobbies, working crossword puzzles, and learning new skills stimulates your brain. Playing musical instruments, traveling different routes to the places you go, and taking classes that introduce you to new topics are other fun ways to challenge yourself and keep your mental muscles strong.

Take time out to meditate.

Meditation is mainstream these days, and for good reason: The practice of slowing down and focusing improves your ability to concentrate while also benefiting your memory. Meditation also helps reduce stress, ease worry, and improve happiness while reducing anxiety, pain and depression symptoms. It takes a few weeks to see big improvements in your brain health, but you’re likely to feel less stressed and more focused after each session. You don’t have to make a huge time commitment: Just a few minutes of meditation improves brain health.

Improve Brain HealthStay socially active.

No matter what your age, it’s important to engage in social activities. Volunteering for a meaningful cause, joining a club, or just getting together with friends on a regular basis are some ways to treat your brain to social stimulation, which can help prevent memory loss over time.

Take an active role in your own physical health.

Keeping your weight and blood pressure at healthy levels are two ways to enjoy better overall health while maintaining your brain’s function. Watch your cholesterol intake too, since too much can increase your risk of dementia.

Address any mental health issues ASAP.

Mental health concerns like depression and anxiety make life feel difficult, and they may contribute to cognitive decline. Simple lifestyle changes may help reduce these problems, and so can professional intervention.

Eat magnesium-rich foods

Nuts, leafy green vegetables, dark chocolate, and other foods with high levels of magnesium help improve brain health by improving nerve function and increasing the release of neurotransmitters. Enjoy then regularly to treat yourself to a mental boost.

Get moving!

Exercise provides benefits for your entire body, and it’s one of the best ways to improve your brain’s health. Pick an activity that gets your blood flowing, and be sure that it’s something you enjoy so that you’ll stick with the habit. Benefits like improved mood, enhanced focus, and sharper thinking happen right away. With time, exercise will help reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


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