Seven Social Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditating is not the act of having an empty mind.

When you meditate, you get to stuff your brain with lots of experiences to introspect.

Meditating is not only happening when you sit in lotus position.

Meditation can come handy by just sitting in a couch. It may not be for an hour since small doses of meditation will also be effective.

Research shows that practicing meditation helps in maintaining blood flow, regular bowel movement, reduces anxiety, depression and insomnia, and lessens the severity of acute respiratory illness.

Establishes Connection with Others

social meditationMeditation is a way for you to establish connection with others.

You cannot do meditation in solitary. You must do it with somebody else.

Connecting with others involves collaboration and communication.

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Connection among humans is a salient factor for humans to become more human.

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Connecting helps an individual to be more open-minded and critical.

Connecting with others broaden your minds which in return makes you a social being.

Develops Emotional Intelligence

Meditation compliments the social aspect of every individual because meditation is not a solitary activity and it develops the sense of connection to others.

This particularly heightens the individual’s emotional intelligence. Meditation is always a social activity since it is a partner or community activity. It being social makes it also advantageous to the social aspect of an individual.

You get to connect with others gradually as this connection is needed for the meditation. Building connection to others is a human tendency that sometimes we neglect due to the rise of technology.

With this, meditation boosts the social life of a person. Enhancing the social factor of a person, the emotional intelligence of a person is also increased.

Emotional intelligence is the awareness of a person’s range of emotions.

It is also the capacity of the person to be motivated to be guided by and to pursue one’s goals. A person who is emotionally intelligent knows how to work independently follows a systematic ethical value system and strives for self-actualization.

With all of these, knowing how to connect with others enhances your emotional intelligence by being aware of one’s relevance to other people and the relevance of the other people to oneself.

When one is socially competent, the person is emotionally intelligent by taking into consideration the situation of oneself and others in relation to the rest of the persons in the world.

Build Compassion


Meditating makes a person compassionate because the person is emotionally considerate.

As stated above, when one is socially competent, the person is emotionally intelligent by taking into consideration the situation of oneself and others in relation to the rest of the persons in the world.

This is the act of being compassionate.

Being compassionate is the feeling or showing of concern for someone who is hurting, sick or poor. Compassion is the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Then, if a person is emotionally intelligent and compassionate, the person also builds his social competence. This is built through establishing connection with others in terms of meditation.

Eliminating Loneliness

Being able to understand others eliminates worries. Being able to be compassionate to others and to oneself make one open-minded.

Being less a worrier and an open-minded individual makes a person happy. Thus, one is eliminating the chance of being lonely.

Loneliness is the act of being without a company. It is the sadness from being alone. Consequently, loneliness produces the feeling of bleakness and desolation.

However, if one practices meditation, one can free his mind from negative feelings because the person can associate with other humans. With that, being lonely has no place in one’s feelings.

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Promoting Creativity

Researches showed that people who are openly monitoring their meditation performed better in coming up with new ideas. Meditation helps in focusing and attention-maintenance.

When a person is good in focusing, he can be more creative and productive.

When a person is creative, that person is easy to adapt to his environment.

When a person is adaptable, the person is socially competent. That is all because of meditation.

Heightened Consciousness Through Meditation

chakra meditationWhen a person meditates, the mind becomes aware of his surroundings and the existence of the universe around him.

This is one of the most important factors of meditation.

The consciousness of an individual is prompted to become aware of the natural energies around them and how these energies affect them in return.

Because humans are conscious of them being humans, humans know how to understand each other and to be observant of their environment.

Controls Attitudes in Interaction

Meditation makes a person become aware and emotionally intelligent. With that, an individual knows how to adapt in different environment.

But, most importantly, the person becomes compassionate and considerate in dealing with everybody by becoming knowledgeable of one’s attitudes and uniqueness when dealing with each particular situation.

Thus, self-awareness especially about one’s inclination and attitudes help in becoming socially adept in interacting with other people. All of these are through meditation.

So, meditation is a very important activity that each individual must be engaging to because it is not only a way of refreshing and recharging ourselves amidst all anxiety, stress and worries, but it also makes us more sociable and capable of linking from one individual to another.

There you have it!

If you have your own opinions, stands or queries, may this be in agreement or not, kindly share to us what you think by writing your comments below.

Happy meditation! 🙂

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  1. John Smith says:

    No doubt meditation is an important part of human life. According to Lama Surya Das meditation increases your memory and makes your mind peaceful. It changes your negative thoughts and increase new beautiful images in your mind, good feelings and positive thoughts.

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