Numerology: The Universal Mathematics

Numerology is the ancient and revealing science of numbers. Each number is a symbol for an energy force that has distinct traits. Numerology is a study of the numbers to which an individual most strongly responds, and the interrelationship of these numbers.

Your name and birth date is a code for your life. Generally, numerologists deal with single digit numbers, by reducing (adding together) the numbers to a single digit.

numerology universe

The universe we consciously experience is governed by the laws of numerology.

Life Cycle Numbers

1 = Independent, ambitious, leader, initiator, protector
2 = Negotiator, peace-maker, romantic, nostalgic, behind the scenes
3 = Communicator, social, entertainer, writer, speaker, booster, joyous
4 = organizer, worker, fair judge, pillar of community, rigid, provider, physical
5 = Free spirit, explorer, traveler, talented, salesman
6 = Responsible, caring. compassionate, doctor, counselor, decorator, cosmic parent
7 = Seeker, analyzer, problem solver, different, introspective, observer
8 = Manager, businessman, leader, ambitious, desires the finest, status seeking
9 = Humanitarian, social mover, idealist, perfectionist, completion emotional

Master Numbers

Master level energy is designated by double-digit numbers. Each master number provides its own form of service to mankind. People with master level energy are highly developed souls, who are on the earth plane to raise the level of humanity. They have unlimited potential. Should they use this power for selfish ends, or should they become egotistical, this same power would be destructive to them.

With increased development in our evolution, more of these double-digit numbers will gain master level intensity. At the current stage, 11, 22, and 33 have become master numbers. 44 is filling to that level, and is beginning to show master energy characteristics. The ultimate fulfillment will be when all the double-digit numbers have achieved master level power. No one can live totally on the master level of intensity. The reduced number must therefore also be considered. Most master level people take many years of growing to assimilate this energy and put it to appropriate use. In their early life, the potential is evident, but often limited in its use.

11/2 The Master Philosopher:

The eleven is to provide illumination to mankind. A person with this energy has much inner wisdom and a charisma that draws others to them. They are high level teachers and counselors. They are on an inner directed mission. Their psychic abilities are highly developed.

22/4 The Master Builder:

The 22 will build a tangible evidence on a grand scale of his or her life. This is the energy of world leaders, CEO’s of multinational corporations and founders of major medical or educational institutions. It is their dream that brings together the necessary people and resources to create the reality.

33/6 The Master Teacher:

The 33 has a need to communicate the knowledge of the ages. If they do not share this inner depth they will stagnate or turn negative. They find original ways to encourage learning. The 33 often teaches through the arts or medicine. They are in the forefront of the search for truth.

44/8 The Master Manager:

As the 44 learns to synthesize the physical plane with the higher realms, he or she becomes the conscious bridge between these worlds. The 44 will learn to be a creator, able to manifest at will whatever is held in desire.


numerology universe

Which sequence of numbers dominate your awareness?

My Personal Experience With Numerology

I see the repeating sequence of the number 4 quite frequently throughout my life.

For example, I currently work at 44 Wall Street, on the 8th floor (4+4). I also live at 15-55 (1+5+5+5=16=4×4).

The last time I visited the casino, I flopped a set of 4s to win a massive pot against my opponent’s pocket aces. 

This wouldn’t be the first time a hand of poker was “set up” for me in this fashion.

Most of the biggest pots I have won in my life have come from holding 44 in my hand, and flopping another 4 to win a big pot against an opponent who had a very strong hand.

Aside from poker, I tend to see the repeating sequence of 4’s in almost every other aspect of my life.

Why I experience this phenomenon is still a giant mystery to me.

Some may conclude that I am “searching” for the number 44 or 444, but I have tried to focus intently on manifesting other repeating digits of numbers with limited success.

Each time I see a repeating sequence of fours, I remind myself how thankful I am for everything in my life. This practice enables me to shift into a positive state, and experience gratitude whenever I encounter my “numbers.”

Because I frequently find myself noticing the sequence of fours, I frequently have the opportunity to shift my current vibration into a positive state, regardless of my current emotional state.

While I find my default vibration to be mainly positive, I conclude that this default vibration is the result of relentlessly practicing this technique over the many years I have focused on self-development.

The Road to Self-Development

Before I began to expand my awareness and work on my “self”, I would often be stuck in negative moods, and never know exactly why.

I would soon learn that I have complete control over my emotional state, regardless of external factors.

I have learned over the years to not let any external source affect my current state of being.

At a young age, I like many others, was a victim to the energetic state emitted from other beings within my reality. I had no choice but to deal with these beings, and succumb to their lower vibrations and negative energy.

These negative experiences were mainly experienced within the realm of my schooling, a place where most of us spend a majority of our time in when we are younger.

At the time, I was not aware how to control my current emotional state, and I would often find myself experiencing negative emotions when my teachers, or fellow classmates emitted any type of negative energy.

In elementary school, we would learn to obey our superiors, or be punished as a result.

What we were not aware of was, subconsciously, we were obeying energy signatures omitted from our superiors, whether good, or bad.

While there were many positive, enriching teachers within our school, there was also many negative, controlling superiors that fed off of putting their own students down.

I label these individuals as Energy Vampires.

Subconscious Mind-Programming

I had the personal experience of being in classrooms where teachers would ridicule students for their lack of “knowledge” on a certain subject, all while these students couldn’t possibly have the knowledge of the subject they were being ridiculed for.

These teachers, as superiors, would feed their own ego’s by putting inferior students down. These inferior targets were easy prey for these superiors who felt the need to gain instant gratification from exercising their authority.

These superiors would not know at the time how their actions would permanently affect their students for the long haul.

As young children, our mind is extremely vulnerable to programming from our “superiors.”

Each negative experience we go through at the time holds a lot of weight for our overall conscious state of being. Going through predominately negative experiences as a young child eventually molds a predominantly negative state of being as an adult.

This negative state of being can only be corrected from the source, and unless these individuals consciously decide to improve their mental state, they will permanently be stuck in a rut of negativity all of their lives.

They will constantly play the “victim”, even though they have the conscious ability to play the “hero.”

Programming Your Conscious Reality

As I grew older, I began to realize that this “authority” was merely an illusion. I would realize that no single individual would have any “authority” over me unless I allowed them to.

I would no longer allow any external “authority” have authority over my conscious state of being.

This realization took many years to finally surface, and for many others I know, it has yet to surface at all.

I still see many others my age continually fall victim to the negative influences of external sources inside their own realities.

We designed this website with the intention to raise the level of awareness of each individual who comes across it.

While we know that a majority of people will ultimately disregard the information we present throughout this website, we want to help those who seek help.

There is an abundance of resources available throughout this website for those seeking to develop their conscious awareness, and we hope that many do actually find the time to do so.

Numerology & Your Conscious Awareness

subconscious mind

Master your subconscious mind, and master your reality.

As I have mentioned before, the sequence of 4 holds a strong positive weight in my reality.

For others, the numerical sequences might be slightly different, however, when used correctly, these sequences of numbers can have a positive impact on your life if you allow them to.

Pick a certain sequence of numbers that resonates with your own reality, and make the conscious effort to benefit from becoming aware of circumstances in your life that reveal these sequences of numbers.

Each time your recognize your sequence, remind yourself of how thankful you are for everything in your life. Experience gratitude for the things you have, even though you may not have everything you desire yet.

Shift your conscious state into one of positive emotion, and allow these positive emotions to overtake your conscious experience of reality. Allow these positive emotions to become your default vibration, and take notice when you realize you are shifting out of this vibration to allow yourself to return to default.

This will not be an easy task, but once you consciously allow yourself to shift your vibration from negative to positive, you will notice yourself doing this almost automatically, without much conscious thought.

The subconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool.

Use it to your advantage, or become the victim of external negative programming.

The choice is up to you! 🙂


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