12 Ways to Distinguish The Angelic Influences From The Demons in Your Head

We all have both, of course.

Angels and demons, constantly chattering away in there. The universe is a sea of energy flowing constantly back and forth between dimensions. Within this universe, this energy carries infinite intelligence to and fro, creates our physical bodies, and stores all of our life’s experiences.

We are little radio sending and receiving stations. We are always in communication.

Messages come into our minds, and we respond to them.

But who is sending those messages?

Are they friendly?

Are they helpful?

Are they guiding us true?

angelic consciousness

Focus on expanding your angelic consciousness to eliminate the demons in your reality.

If you’ve reached the point of recognizing that the voices in your head oscillate from many sources—and you understand that you are perfectly sane in thinking so—then you’re ready to activate your discernment.

A reader of one of my most popular articles on the internet asked,

“Sensing a wandering spirit around and sensing an angel/spirit guide are different in which way, as both are spirits or energies without physical form?”

A vital question!

12 Ways to Distinguish The Angelic Influences From The Demons in Your Head:

    1. A wandering spirit who attaches to your energy body (especially one of gangsta nature) will drain some of your life force.
    2. An angelic force or spirit guide or, as I call them, Cosmic CoAuthor, will bring a positive influence into your life.
    3. A wandering spirit is likely to say things in your head that are not helpful, and make you feel bad about yourself.
    4. An angelic influence will provide answers to long-held questions, might even solve the math problem you’re working on in school or at work, and will leave you feeling as if you were the smart one.
    5. A wandering spirit will try to get you to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, like drinking more beer or bingeing on their favorite food (when they were alive), which they’re now deprived of, or taking up smoking.
    6. An angelic influence will give you the strength to change your lifestyle in positive ways.
    7. A wandering spirit needs you to fulfill what they can no longer experience.
    8. An angelic influence will never interfere in your right to choose, live, and grow from your experience.
    9. A wandering spirit (even a “nice” one) often doesn’t know how much harm they are doing, or how strongly they are influencing you, to your detriment and theirs.
    10. An angelic influence knows far more than you do about interdimensional energy, your personal evolution, and your need to be independent of anything beyond their gentle nudges, whispers, and encouragement.
    11. A wandering spirit needs help to move out of your energy field, to find their loved ones and their own spirit guidance, and to make their way into the higher worlds where they can receive help.
    12. An angelic influence can help you to remove wandering spirits from your aura. Just ask. They know how to guide the lost ones home.
speed Your Evolution by Lianne Downey

Click to Preview Speed Your Evolution by Lianne Downey

For your future protection, remember that if you think negative thoughts, that’s who you’ll be sleeping with, mentally speaking. Or if your head is full of selfish prayers or greedy, materialistic affirmations, that’s the kind of self-obsessed company you’ll attract.

If you can’t find enough impetus to protect your mind by maintaining your own happy, positive thought train, try this:

Studying the works or reading about the positive deeds of the planet’s great visionaries, whether in the arts, science, spirit, sports, music, astronomy, dance, technology, philosophy, or any field that interests you, will raise your mental frequency very quickly. You’ll soon be treading—and oscillating—with the angels!

Creative work, selfless endeavors, singing, dancing, anything that makes you feel good can also help to raise your frequency. 🙂


Lianne Downey is the author of Speed Your Evolution, a workbook for improving your psychic connections, and for resolving past life traumas that are interfering with your present happiness. She blogs about energy healing, past life awareness, and interdimensional science at


4 Responses to 12 Ways to Distinguish The Angelic Influences From The Demons in Your Head

  1. Stanley Rose says:

    its so crazy as i was reading this it was like someone or something took my thoughts and put kt down so everything is articulated for eveyone to read understand and practice for themselves. thank you for taking time to make this page. i will share link with everyone who is wants higher spirituality and self awareness……Stanley Rose

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Lianne, thank you so much for sharing all your insights – I am like a sponge soaking it all in – this article is particularly good – I too wondered how to “discern” what I hear in my head – I am in spiritual transition right now – been a year and a half of “digging” lol – coming from a fundamentalist Christian background entering the new world of metaphysics in a way – it’s like going into a large forest and you simply haven’t a clue where you are going but somehow I am not frightened. I feel i have encountered Jesus – not sure how He can be defined but over the years I have always heard “affirming” scripture references spoken to me – like,” I will never leave you nor forsake you,” other non Scripture references have been, ” you are loved more than you possibly know, you’re my child and I love you ” some would say that is just my imagination and my mind’s way of affirming me but I know it’s the presence of something other and it has never been condemning or judgemental – it’s always been a gift and it has always been freeing. And I am leaerning to recognize not so nice influences – ones where I react in the moment abruptly, where a sense of “peace” isn’t residing when I act on something. I am not familiar with energy work or how to discern subtle negative energies. I know that sometimes how we feel is dependent on diet ie. sugar gives highs and then we “crash” – so I have taken steps to eliminate high sugar and salt intake, but other than diet, I know there are other instances where my emotional balance can be skewed if I am too open to external energies that are not healthy. I find I can pick up on the intensity of people’s nasty moods or stresses and it can manifest as a stress in my body – like stomach cramping – I spend time in “prayer” releasing such feelings and “tell myself” to release such feelings and soon my body is in a more relaxed state.
    I don’t feel Jesus has an ego problem so I don’t feel this loving spirit is upset with my meanderings outside the “religious pen” – and I believe He is walking with me and allowing for revelation of new “spiritual material” to take shape in my life – what has been wondrous is the number people such as yourself who have served their “calling” to share, guide and offer up so much experience in the way of spirit communication and wisdom all over the internet – yes, I do sense we’re on the verge of some massive “spiritual transition” – maybe as you said to one of your commentors – not in this lifetime, but the prep work is definitely being done. I am excited for this new wave of thinking and relating to this world and the other realms – the ones we can’t see but are just as inherently real as this one. .Its’ been an arduous journey for me especially in trying to sort out my religious background – when I read the Bible there is a whole new take on it’s writings – especially the references to Hell and Heaven and to the “rapture” idea – my faith hit a total brick wall when I could no longer accept or embrace the way the Church has interepreted those writings (there are slew of other Christians who are taking up the “cross” to challenge such interpretations – they too have entered the “forest” of the unknown” and have kindly shared their misgivings and angst online) – the messages were so extreme, exclusive and damning, but now, I find there is “spiritual space to breathe” and I find there are other ways to interpret what the ancients professed to have experienced. We have our own spiritual lenses to be responsible for. The world’s entire religious landscape is undergoing a major “transformation” (hence why there is so much bloodshed and confusion – so many don’t want to “let go” and re-align their way of thinking and doing things – their actions speak of how much our innate “nature” needs to evolve – we cannot stagnate any longer – that was one thing that “Jesus” spoke to me many years ago while experiencing “automatic writing” – He said, “it is the nature of these beings that are destroying them. ” He then said, “love my sheep” – and i interpreted that to be – everybody – all of humanity are His sheep and they are to be “loved” – that was my mandate given to me one morning while conducting morning prayer) I think that many will be lead back to “God or Source” and with their own ways of expressing and relating to this Source.The grand truth of love will reveal itself for what it is, is revealing itself for what it is and has always been doing this – its us that are now becoming “aware” of it’s reality and for me – wow, how wide and vast the breadth of this Love IS. Staggering if we really think about it. The realm of Spirit testifies to the depth of this LOVE. What an incredible journey we are all on – Thank you for doing what you do and for sharing so much of what you know with us fellow sojourners who are on their sometimes lonely spiritual trek and for serving your Call. It is such a comfort to know that we really are not alone in our questing and that Whoever created us has provided an abundance of resources and spiritual tools to help us along our way. Thank you for “co-creating” with God/Jesus/Allah??? (Source?) – “God” is the only word I have been given to relate or describe “Source”, but I recognize that everyone has their own ways of Naming this source of Love that has birthed us into existence and has given us so much room to explore and experience life (lives?) in all their entirety. Thank you for helping in executing the Great Work that needs to be done here. I will keep in touch – so much more to learn and experience that’s for sure. Thank you!

    • Thank your for sharing your experience, Amanda. I’m sure there will be others who will come across this comment and find succor in it, in their transition out of more traditional religious beliefs. As for you, all I can say is “Carry on!” We all have so much to learn of the vastness of the Infinite Creative Intelligence of which we are but one small part. Yet still, we are a part of it, and it is not separate from us, nor can it be squelched down into one personal kind of being, as in so many restrictive beliefs. Love and good wishes to you in your journey and expansion of consciousness! And thanks again for your kind words and for stopping in to say hello! 🙂

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