Exploring Multiple Dimensions With DiM13NSiON’s Music

Austin, TX — Deep in central Texas there is music being made that steps outside the fiddle tunes and honky-tonks that Texas is known for. If you are wanting to expand your mind, spirit, and musical perception; Texas-based DiM13NSiON is the breakout artist of 2015 to look for.

Thomas McGregor Cedric Theys DiM13NSiON

Thomas and Cedric

Comprised of Cedric Theys (8-String touch guitar) and Thomas McGregor (5-String violin), the duo strives to push the boundaries that may have been superimposed on these two very different instruments. The duo has committed to two albums, Vol. I and Vol. II, via their label Mad Ducks Records. This two-volume set will feature a “yin/yang” approach as the first to be released will have a dark contemplative feel, subscribing to textures that support deep aspects of our psyche that are sometimes avoided. The second volume, however, will focus on the natural beauty and positive energy that surrounds us everyday. DiM13NSiON looks to push production boundaries in an artistic manner where the effects are applied to the instruments. As a result, these recordings blend ideas and textures that aren’t often heard in ambient-electronic music.

Top 13 Activity Suggestions for DiM13NSiON’s Music:
1. Night Time Meditation
2. Hot Yoga
3. Lucid Dream Sessions
4. Vision Quests
5. 4am Long Walks
6. Goal Setting Sessions
7. Background Music for Philosophy Group Meet-Ups
8. Conscious Journaling
9. Painting
10. Reading Mystery Novels
11. Writing Poetry
12. Coding a New Program
13. Doing Homework

DiM13NSiON is dedicated to exploring new musical lands via improvising everything that is recorded. Keys, melodies and ideas are not discussed before the recording button is turned on.



Each track you listen to has been craft in the moment, adding spontaneity and freshness to the development of the entire project. The first volume is set to release in March with great anticipation. Tracks off the first album have already been circulating to radio stations in New York, Texas, and South Carolina. Steam will start to pick up as blogs and press sites are already starting to pick up the story the 13 strings that are creating multidimensional music. With a planned multidimensional DVD planned, this duo is on track to do great things and make a definite impact in the music world.

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