Top 5 Tips To Maintain a Healthy Mind

Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise to your overall health and wellbeing, with research indicating that regularly exercising your brain leads to a better memory and more proactive mind. These are five great tips for keeping your mind healthy.

Slow Down

Sometimes the pace of modern life can leave us mentally overwhelmed, as our minds need a bit of time to process the wealth of information that bombards us these days. Making sure you find the time to let your brain do that each week is crucial to maintaining long-term mental health.


Spending time with your friends gives you the chance to get things off your mind by talking about them, or just to forget about worries and have some fun. Joining a society or club to meet likeminded and friendly people is a good idea, if you don’t currently have these kinds of friendships.

Eat Fish

Having fish as part of your weekly diet will reduce the risk of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s by up to 60 percent, according to research. This is because cold water fish like cod, tuna and salmon contain omega-3, which helps the brain.

Play Cards

Playing a card game such as blackjack, poker at LuckyNugget or even patience can be really good for the mind, because these games make you think more long-term and strategically. This can help you with planning and organizing your work and personal life, reducing the amount of mental stress you experience.

Get Help

Asking for help from friends and colleagues if the demands of your life are overwhelming you – whether it is your workload or simply getting a friend to babysit and let you get some time off – will help to ensure that things don’t get too much for you to handle.

Ensuring that your mind stays healthy is every bit as important as keeping your body fit, so try these tips for avoiding brain strain.

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  1. michelle says:

    why eat fish?? How about plant based diet? isn’t compassion a big part of our higher self?? I don’t understand why some people promote spiritualism and still practice violent diet and give excuses about it?

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