Four Pillars of Creativity Pt. 2

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This comes off as a vague musing; however, it is the honest truth. The archetypal artist has the gift of being in tune with their surroundings and can find beauty and inspiration in life’s simple things. In terms of the creative process, this is called an Idea Net.

creatlvityThis stage is the preparation stage of the Four Pillars of Creativity. Any creative individual serious about enhancing the frequency of their creative inspiration should carry a pen and memo book with them wherever they go, so when inspiration strikes they can jot it down.

Think of it as fishing with a pole vs. fishing with a net, with fish=ideas. With a pole you can only catch one fish at a time, but with a net you catch hundreds of fish in a fraction of the time.  Of course, just like fish, some ideas are bigger and better than others.

The point behind the metaphor is that the more ideas you have, the better they become. Many great stories come from ideas that started as two separate ideas that eventually converged in the writer’s mind during the incubation stage of the The Four Pillars of Creativity. Writers sift through the ideological fish and pick the best ones out of the bunch to develop.

The skill set used to cast an idea net is simply using all The Four Pillars of Creativity, five senses  to develop ideas. For example, while waiting for a train you hear two people arguing over which train to take. A writer then uses their imagination to feel what both parties of the argument are feeling. They create an imagined relationship dynamic and then these two people are on their way to becoming characters in a story.

The better you are at casting your idea net in stage one of the creative process,the easier you will find the second stage of the creative process, which is the incubation stage. Stay tuned for an article on this stage coming soon! 🙂

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