White Wash (VIDEO)

This is my recent short White Wash. It’s about a girl who sees 12 years a slave and then feels incredibly guilty, the girl is white. She goes home to her black roommate proceeds to go on a cleaning frenzy as means of apologizing for the entire history of race relations.

via Mike Grossman

The cinema remains our most vivid opportunity to witness events we cannot directly experience. Our emotions after seeing something powerful stay in our hearts and minds even after our bodies exit the theater. White Wash is a comedic take on how privileged audiences reconcile guilt from historical films.  It follows a girl whose solution to address a movie she just saw backfires but ultimately strengthens the connection between her and her roommate.

Enjoy! 🙂

via Mike Grossman

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  1. Khan Jafar says:

    Following a link I discovered this wonderful treasure!

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