The Holy Trinity of Mysticism

I have chosen to preface this article with a short paragraph that I wrote years ago after a deep meditation. I came out of it, went straight to my computer, and wrote this out word for word as you see it now in less than a minute.

“The universe sprang forth through a cosmic outpouring of energy from a single, non-existent point derived in void. This outpouring was nothing more or less than the One Thing opening its eye to observe itself. Past and future are false concepts, for only this one moment exists always present. After the One Thing has finished observing itself in this moment, it will collapse in on itself, and fall back to the void from which it was first issued forth. This process repeats for infinity with no beginning or end.”

The Holy Trinity of Mysticism



While there exists, technically, an infinite amount of degrees between the lowest and highest of the following, there are three definitive points of notable and distinct reference of which I will now discuss. 

These three points are the Ego, the Soul, and God.

These three words are interpreted differently by many people, if not everyone, so for now just think of them as empty vessels. 

I will now fill these vessels with meaning by defining each one as I intend it in this article.

Ego: I am not sure if there is a word in the English language for what I mean, so I chose ego because it most closely and neatly resembles my viewpoint, and fits into my overarching concept.  What I define it as, is a single lifetime one experiences, which includes ones memories, familial and other relations, and the entire story of that which one currently experiences one’s self to be in the least metaphysical of ways; The summation of a single lifetime experience from conception to death, and everything in between.

Soul: What I mean by Soul, is that which remains throughout every single lifetime that one has experienced and will experience.Whether or not there is a first or last is a moot point here, as I do not know or even have any clue at all as to which of these two plausible possibilities are in actuality true.This, however, does not affect my definition of Soul, because regardless of which is true, the soul, here, means every single incarnation. 

God: I won’t even attempt to really define this word, because as I have found, it is so far beyond our conception that it is totally indefinable.This did not prevent me from using this word though, because I intuitively know that it is the correct word to complete my concept. The important thing in my theory, is a specific characteristic I attribute to the almighty (even this is risky, I know).This characteristic is that it IS EVERYTHING.  The part of the everything that I want to deal with here, is the part in which it is the consciousness which experiences AND perceives each and every one of our soul’s, and therefore, each and every one of our egos.

So, to sum up my philosophy in short; my holy trinity is the One, the Many, and the ALL.

To sum it up in long;

The form of God is at the top of a symbolic pyramid.

Think of this pyramid as a pyramid of existent entities.

On this symbolic pyramid, God would be slightly above where the absolute highest point of the pyramid sits, and exists first as a formless, non-existent, nothingness, in void*[1].

It then manifests through the top point of the pyramid. 

This point then expands into the existence of each and every soul. 

Halfway down the pyramid, a clear step is formed.  This step is every single soul that has ever existed.

And then, all the way at the very bottom of the pyramid, is the largest and most expansive area, geometrically speaking.

This area, is home to every single lifetime and incarnation of every single soul.

Dharmakaya Buddha

Dharmakaya Buddha

Now as you can see by this symbolic interpretation of the mysteries of existence, God is every soul, which in turn make up every incarnation.So by the transitive property, God is also every single incarnation of every soul. 

That is why it is true to say that God is you right now. 

You see, this holy trinity exists simultaneously within each one of us.We are all three at all times. 

However, to say you are god is a fallacy, in that it needs to be elaborated on correctly in order to be true.

A great and simple quote, of which I am sure has been said before, but I also came up with on my own, to explain the fine line between truth and untruth here, is that;

“You are NOT God, but God IS you”*[2].

Right now, I am typing this as all three things. Ultimately, however, it is a level of experiential realization that separates me from God. Many people have claimed to have had experiences of omnipotence, omnipresence, and seeing through the objective reality of God while in deep meditation. This is not because they went somewhere else…it is because they went deep enough within themselves to find the divine spark. 

The goal of meditation is not only to find the divine spark within, but more importantly, to fan it into a full-blown flame that never goes out.  

Finding your HIGHER self, is more likely consulting with your soul which experiences and has the knowledge of all your previous, (and maybe future depending on the truth of the matter) incarnations. If you have watched the Nickelodeon original series “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, than you can liken consulting your higher self to the Avatar State.

Consulting your HIGHEST Self, would be actually consulting God. 

So you are not God right now; you have problems, a physical body, karmic situations to work out, and lessons to learn. BUT, God is you, and you can merge with this HIGHEST Self, if you can work out all your Karma. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that what I just described is Enlightenment, Perfection, Moksha, Nirvana, Christ-Consciousness, ETC, all rolled into one. Each of them and all of them.

I would now like to say that I did not write this article with the intention of it being interpreted as infallible. It is nothing more than my opinion on this infinitely profound subject, which I have decided to take the time to write down in order to share with whoever decides to read it.

I wish all of you the utmost love, light, and peace as you continue your spiritual journeys and find your own truths.




1.* This sentence is a paradox, in that I literally say that something exists as non-existent. GET OVER IT. Also, here I define void as “Lack of anything.”

2.* It is important to understand this, in order to avoid developing a “God-Complex”. This journey should not invoke egotistical arrogance, but rather a balance between confidence and humbleness.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very well thought out and for me your “opinions” make a lot of sense. I like the way you close with how you don’t want people to think what you wrote is infallible. Loved reading it and you provided good details for one to “get” what you were communicating in the article. Thank you

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