How to Assume Leadership of Your Own Life

Can anyone tell me who is leading my life?

It’s certainly not my friends, my parents, or the officials at the top of the government and the world at large. It’s ultimately me who runs my life. While I might have some help and positive feedback along the way, I must discover the path myself. I must keep an open mind and think about what I truly value in life.

At this stage in my life, what I truly value is friendship and experience. While I like to enjoy some material goods at times, I make sure I don’t fall into the trap of materialism. I would much rather spend my money on having fun experiences with friends than having the “coolest car” on the block. Cars are replaceable, friends and experiences are irreplaceable. I can fix my car, but I can never fix missing an opportunity with my friends to have a fun experience, those are irreplaceable.

Assume Leadership

You need to play the role of the leader in your life if you want to live your life to its fullest potential. You are the boss, you make your own decisions. You take into account what others say, but ultimately make the decision yourself. These decisions can affect you in a positive or negative way depending on what kind of social group you surround yourself with. Look to surround yourself with positive, upbeat, goal oriented, fun people. Any one else will only bring you down. We like to describe these individuals as Energy Vampires. Make sure to eliminate them from your reality as best as possible.

A strong leader leads by example. There is no need to convince anyone of anything, you convince them through your actions. If they are interested, they may inquire within and you can help them if need be. When someone reaches out to you and opens up to you, they trust you enough that you can provide helpful advice to improve their lives. Don’t let these opportunities go to waste, as you never know when you yourself might be in need of guidance. We all need some guidance at times.

A leader takes the initiative. A leader doesn’t need anyone else’s approval, they simply go ahead and act on what they feel is best for the greater group of all. Leaders take into account the equal opinion of everyone else, then formulate their own strategy for accomplishing goals. A leader is nothing without his team of loyal colleagues. His loyal colleagues are their own leaders as well, providing valuable feedback and criticism along the way.

“There is no Leader”

We are all playing a game of follow the leader, but guess what? There is no true leader. It’s not the president, it’s not your parents, and it’s not your boss. Its you.

If this makes you slightly uncomfortable, I understand the position you are in. I was there once too, but I was able to consciously break free of the grips that society wants to enslave me in. The problem is, we need a majority of people thinking inside the box to throw the box away. We need to prevent people from sitting at their office desk for insane hours, for 30+ years of their lives wishing they could change something. If everyone was conscious of this fact, the control of mass consciousness would cease to exist, and the power will ultimately be restored in us.

Finding Your Truth

We all vary in our belief systems. Some believe that Jesus Christ existed thousands of years ago, some believe there is no such thing as god, some ritually sacrifice other human beings.

Who is right?


Because nobody knows for sure if they are correct. There is no proof. You create your own proof through trial and experiment. You create your beliefs through personal experience. At the end of the day, it is up to you to formulate what you truly believe in. I can guarantee that you will be made fun of some of your beliefs, but it’s okay to laugh as well. We all have our shortcomings, silly moments, and irrational thoughts. We are talking monkeys flying in space.

Decide today that you are going to take ownership of your life. You are not going to succumb to influence from those that don’t benefit you in any way. You are going to channel your creativity and come up with a plan for pursuing your passions. You are going to work at your goals each day, without exception. You are going to inspire others to do the same. You will create a contagious reaction of positive energy and momentum, and in the future, we can only hope more and more people ture into this same frequency. The future is our generations responsibility, it is time to start building that foundation one brick at a time. 🙂



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