The Psychic Anatomy Concept of Life

The Psychic Anatomy Concept

By: Lianne Downey

Author of Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be

By now, many of you will have realized that you live in a vibrating pattern of energy you think of as your flesh body. Science has proven it, or rather, failed to prove otherwise.


Speed Your Evolution

Despite trillions of dollars spent searching for them, solid particles do not exist at the heart of the atom. On a larger scheme, in 1998 teams of astrophysicists simultaneously discovered (to their astonishment) that their science failed to detect or define 96% of our universe, which apparently consists of what they’ve since termed “dark matter” and “dark energy.” All they know is that its influence exists, affecting everything in the visible, detectable universe, but they still don’t know what “it” is.

While they spend more money trying to figure that out, where does that leave you and me, oscillating here on a non-solid planet, in a non-solid body, pretending as if we are more substantial than we actually are? Like astronomical bodies, are we functioning at the whim of these mysterious forces, “dark” because they are unknown and undetectable?

Not exactly. Let me introduce you to the Psychic Anatomy Concept of Life, which to date only a few fortunate understand. You’re about to join them at this frontier of inter-dimensional understanding. If you’re like me, it might change your life significantly.

Nearly four decades ago, I came across a book mis-shelved in the philosophy section of my local library, The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation. Drawn from a series of lectures given in the late 1950s, the author presented a scientific concept of life that is not   limited to the third dimension, but written in non-mathematical terms even I could comprehend.


The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Affecting humans and astrophysical bodies alike, this inter-dimensional science was far ahead of its time, brought into clear focus by a visionary scientist/philosopher, Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971), whose seminal book has remained obscure. Nevertheless, each year since its publication in 1956, conventional scientists have steadily approached and “discovered” many of his predicted outcomes, including dark matter and dark energy. More of his concepts remain to be explored, as science widens the scope of quantum research to include 4th, 5th, 6th, and higher dimensions.

Meanwhile, one of Ernest Norman’s simplest concepts, what he called the human energy body or “psychic anatomy,” has served the few who attended his lectures in the fifties or who, like me, read his books long after he was gone. We learned to think of ourselves as more than a flesh body with a brain mass. Inter-dimensionally, we are each a highly sophisticated device, more akin to a modern computer running software that we’ve personally designed than to anything that existed in the late 1950s. The best analogy he could use at the time was a television set, receiving information broadcast from a distant station, i.e., our psychic anatomy. Today we can think of our bodies as the hardware running the programs we’ve written into our eternal, indestructible psychic anatomy. This personal computer runs on energy supplied by the Infinite Source.

Here is my own diagram of Ernest Norman’s Psychic Anatomy Concept:

Infinity or Infinite Creative Intelligence

[feeding into


Personal Higher-Dimensional Psychic Anatomy, consisting of:

{Superconscious Self—highest frequencies of Godself realizations}

{Mental Conscious Self—storing past-life memories}

{Subconscious Self—storing present-life memories}

[serving as blueprint for


Physical Flesh Body & Brain, having

Earth-life experiences: Thoughts, Actions, Emotions, Realizations

[feeding back into and constantly reprogramming


Personal Higher-Dimensional Psychic Anatomy, consisting of:

{Superconscious Self}

{Mental Conscious Self}

{Subconscious Self}

[looping back to


Infinity or Infinite Creative Intelligence

In other words, it’s a steady energy circuit or loop passing from the Infinite into you, circulating in your life and being shaped by you, then passing back up the rungs of consciousness into the unlimited dimensions of Infinite Intelligence. When you add the concept of reincarnation to this scheme, and apply universal principles governing the transposition of energy-information between dimensions, you gradually grasp that

(a) You’re in charge of your life experience, and

(b) You are integrated with the Infinite Creative Intelligence, or what some have called God, Allah, Divine Source, etc., and

(c) You are energetically oscillating at all times, receiving and re-broadcasting, ringing in kindred harmonics from every animate and inanimate entity you can conceive—and beyond, thus

(d) Your frequency of oscillation determines the quality of your life experience, what you attract and what you repel and what you will become in the future.

You have sprung from the Infinite, you receive the raw energy of life from it, you shape it, you return your shapings—and in all subsequent physical lives, you are drawing your blueprint from the design you’ve built in this way into your personal energy body or psychic anatomy.

If you’ve read any of Bruce Lipton’s work, or heard the term epigenetics, you know that frontier biologists are trying to answer this question:

If DNA is not the ultimate body-building software (as the Genome Project unexpectedly proved), then what programs the DNA?

Meanwhile, astrophysicists are asking:

What is causing the influences we see as the result of our undetectable 96% of the universe?


The Large Hadron Particle Collider at CERN

And over at CERN, they’re accelerating and smashing atoms, looking for elusive particles that might prove we’re more solid than pure energy. They won’t find any.

Ernest Norman’s Psychic Anatomy concept puts the control back into our individual hands. What conventional bioscience still misses is the existence of higher echelons of the human biofield.

But at the frontiers of the new fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, localized energy systems that run throughout the human flesh body (such as the acupuncture meridian system) are being detected with new instruments and used as keys to new treatments, in addition to the already-common energy diagnostic tools, such as EKGs, MRIs, etc. These localized energy systems are the product of and connected to the higher-frequency, higher-dimensional psychic anatomy, the energetic software for each individual life.

No two will ever be alike. Not even genetically identical twins! Your psychic anatomy is unique to you, a product of your individual experience over the course of many lifetimes, reflecting all the conclusions you’ve drawn, emotions you’ve felt, traumas experienced, and imbalances remaining to be corrected—by you, in the right time and place.

As a planetary society, we are on the brink of an inter-dimensional breakthrough, every branch of our now-fragmented sciences approaching the quantum edges and exposing the fact that we are energy beings living in a sea of energy.

If you store in the three compartments of your psychic anatomy every life experience, every detail—and you carry that with you from life to life, so that this stored information becomes the software designing, not only your body, but your future experiences—if you live with the knowledge that nothing is lost and you are the determining factor in what becomes you and what you share back into the Infinite Universe—if you can grasp this larger of picture of WHO YOU ARE—I promise you will begin to make more constructive choices at every moment.

You will also realize that you have unlimited resources at your beck and call. If you are linked directly to the Infinite Intelligence, where’s the boundary of what you can know or achieve? It does not exist. Once you study further all the ins and outs of this design (which I can’t possibly include in a blog post), you can learn how to harmonize yourself and your life with the ebbs and flows of energy in an interdimensional scheme of Life. You soar ahead of the crowd. You become a more highly tuned instrument, an advanced design of human being. Your choices expand, and you might even choose to live future lives in a more advanced society elsewhere in the universe.


Your personal psychic anatomy is your vehicle and your tool.

But first, you must learn how and why and where you connect in this infinitely designed, closely intertwined life, how and why and with whom you are currently involved. Your personal psychic anatomy is your vehicle and your tool, the software that you have programmed—which means that only you can reprogram the things you don’t like about it. It governs your life—but you govern it. It is also influenced by everything found within Infinity, forces both constructive and destructive. Again, how those forces move you will be the product of your personal choices.

Once awakened to this insight, I made the study of Ernest Norman’s sixteen self-published books my life’s focus, alongside all the normal ups and downs of work, marriage, profession. Everything took on new meaning. I learned how to recognize and cope with the inflow of past-life information pouring out of my Mental Conscious Self—because I began to understand the how and why. I learned how to access the higher echelons of Minds more developed than my own, using principles of frequency and harmonic association. I’ve written entire books about my experience and grasp of this inter-dimensional science, because it’s not something you can sit on quietly forever. I hope my post will spark your own interest to learn more about your interdimensional design.

You don’t have to wait for the conventional world to catch up to this far-reaching concept! I’ve just told you enough to change your view, and thus your software, right at this moment. As you open your awareness, your inner mechanism will unlock more for you to learn and grow into. That’s how we’re designed! 🙂

Be sure to check out Lianne’s book: Speed Your Evolution: Become the Star Being You Are Meant to Be

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