The Rise of Power Through The Control of Mass Consciousness

Mass consciousness is an interesting subject to discuss, mainly because no human who has ever walked this earth has the definite answer of what we are truly “doing here”, and why. Consciousness dictates our lives, for good or bad. For a majority of individuals living in modern day society, control of their own individual consciousness has been taken over by the powerful elite power structure we all must “abide” to. They want you to fall in line. You must realize there is no line to fall into.

What is Mass Consciousness?


Master your consciousness, master your reality.

Mass consciousness is the collective consciousness of all living individuals living with us here on earth. From the children in Africa, to the drone like slave workers in America, we all combine into one giant conscious level of awareness as a whole. Our planet earth has provided us the necessary resources to sustain our individual lives providing we choose to do so. The problem is, as a planetary whole, we as individuals have not yet been able to sustain a system that distributes resources and information freely to every single one of us on a daily basis.

Mass consciousness is controlled by fear, and propaganda. Governments need a majority of their citizens subscribing to pre-determined belief systems to keep the machine alive.

Without the overwhelming majority of citizens on their side, the system would fail to exist, and it would eventually fall apart. Especially in America, there are WAY too many people to control all at once, so the design is set to make over 95% of people believe a certain way. As long as the overwhelming majority subscribes, it doesn’t matter what the awakened souls choose to believe. Most people will just fall in line the rest of their lives.

What is Your Consciousness?

What you perceive on a day to day basis.

Unique to everyone, but varies extremely from person to person. Your consciousness is ultimately completely under your control, assuming you choose to acknowledge that fact. For most of us, our consciousness if affected by our external reality, but in reality, our internal reality is the only thing we should be concerned about. How you feel internally affects how you perceive externally. A strong internal belief system free of propaganda and fear is a danger for those trying to dominate the power structure into the near future.

Your consciousness is yours, and yours only to develop. You might not necessarily agree with everyone you come across in your life, but understand everyone is perceiving reality from their own unique perspective. You can learn from others that are struggling, and those that are successful, and emulate the positives you find in both.

I notice way too many people fall victim to believing what other people want them to believe. Without questioning anything for themselves. these individuals subscribe to the mass consciousness belief system feeling as if they are part of a “team.” Guess what? There is no team. There is only the team of positive relationships your develop throughout your life that you know for sure are benefiting you in the long run. Any other relationship, I view as secondary toward your progress.

How Do  I Master My Consciousness?


Outwitting The Devil, by Napoleon Hill

Not too difficult as it may seem actually.

You will need a few tools: an open mind, and a meditation practice. Without either, expect to fail, you need to de-subscribe to everything you have believed in your entire life, especially living in America.  Stop reading the New York Post, stop watching the news, and open a book. Open a book that is not only entertaining, but will show you a thing or two about how to manage your consciousness to your benefit. I recommend the book Outwitting The Devil.

Once you have gained the ability to subconsciously block negative energy, it can no longer affect you. You wont be prone to join in others pity parties, and you will hate people that complain about mundane nonsense day after day. If you are not still trying to grow, no matter what age you are, I consider you lazy.

Becoming too content with yourself is a massive flaw, because you have unlimited potential locked inside of you. Becoming aware of that power is the first step, the next is making sure to actively implement it in each and every day. Failure to do so, makes you a DRIFTER, something Napoleon Hill details in Outwitting The Devil.

What Will Everyone Think of Me?

Who cares?

Who cares what your friends, colleagues, and parents think as long as you are staying true to yourself and following the path of life that you are most passionate about. If you are not following this path, you will know, because it will  EAT AWAY at you every day you decide to remain stagnant. Digest as much content as you can from the internet, and reliable sources. Formulate your own opinion. Live the life you feel you truly deserve and you won’t have any regrets when this temporary experience is all over. 🙂



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