What is The Universal End-Game?

The universe we exist in is simply a giant mystery. What is it? What are “we’? What is the point of this “life”? I don’t have the answer, and neither do you. No one does. Should we be concerned about this? Maybe. Should we evaluate every angle with conscious effort? Absolutely.

end·game also end game  (ndgm)


1. The final stage of a chess game after most of the pieces have been removed from the board.

2. The final stage of an extended process or course of events: the diplomatic endgame that led to the treaty.
chess endgame consciousness

Is life simply a chess match with our own consciousness?

Life is basically a game of managing and evolving your consciousness.

I view anything else as secondary.

When we die, we don’t take anything with us. Consciousness is a different story. Are we still “aware” when we die? At what level of “awareness”, if any, are “we” at? Where do “we” go when we die? Wherever it is that we go, I know for sure that our bankroll and physical possessions won’t be coming with us. As important as they are “here”, we have more important concepts to analyze in our temporary amount of time.

The Political End-Game

From a political standpoint, it appears that the end-game is domination. Domination of mass consciousness through fear. But why? Why does mainstream media want us to absorb negative energy each and every day? What is so enjoyable about ruling over other people? Who is really running the show?

I will use the example of our president of the United States, Barack Obama. In my view, he is just a really good speaker. A mere puppet for whoever is REALLY running the entire show.

Sadly, this speech and every other speech Barack Obama has given, has emotionally captured an overwhelming majority of un-conscious individuals. They don’t even know they are being bullshitted. They are spoon fed information, and could care less about analyzing whether or not that information is correct or valuable. There are too many distractions in the world to really care about it, right?

barack obama funny meme

The ultimate puppet.

I used to be a victim. I used to be a victim until I got curious why things worked the way they worked. I can thank the internet and its infinite amount of resources for helping me along the way. While there is a ton of truthful valuable information on the net, there is also more and more bullshit. You have to be aware of where your information is coming from, and remember to never ever assume something is true just because you read about it once. You desperately need to investigate until you cannot come to any other conclusions for yourself.

What is Your End-Game?

What are you working towards? What is the ultimate goal? What do you want to experience before you are all done with the game of life?

The answer is unique to each and every individual who walks this earth. We all desire different experiences, and we all have slightly different preferences and interests. You need to figure out what you want, and surround yourself with positive people who share similar beliefs as you.

universal end game

Your playing field.

Just because you have believed certain things up to this point in your life, doesn’t mean you must continue down the same path. One thing I notice frequently in society is that many individuals in the older generations are completely locked into a certain belief system and general pattern of thought. They have spent decades with an installed belief system from society, why change now? Many don’t EVER change, nor would they even care to bother to hear about how to possibly improve their overall well-being.

In general, we as humans hate being proved wrong. We don’t want to seem less intelligent than our fellow-man, and we want to stick to what is comfortable regardless of context. I am here to tell you that you need to be scared to death. You need to be scared to change. You need to experience fear and discomfort in order to evolve. You must know fear is ahead, but decide to saddle up anyway.

Fear is an Illusion

In order for the current state of reality to work, there NEEDS to be fear. Without fear, there is no control. There is no control of consciousness, and there is no domination of the world at large. Without fear, there would only be truth and prosperity. We as a whole are far from that state, but it is certainly not unachievable. The only way to correct the “system” is to raise awareness. If everyone knew how to conquer fear and not believe blatant lies, we could live without conflict. There is no reason for conflict, we can all share the resources of the world equally. Unfortunately, a select few have chosen to assume domination of said resources for mass control.


Why is this necessary?

I don’t have an answer except that I understand that EVIL exists, and will persist as long as we allow it to. How much longer will we tolerate this current state of affairs? I don’t think it can last much longer with all the access to free information. This free information is allowing more and more people to awaken, and think for themselves rather than being thought for.

Listen to your intuition, and exercise the courage to live consciously. Without exercising courage, you will get nowhere outside of your current comfort zone.

Turn off the TV, sit with yourself and close your eyes. Figure out what you want, and figure out how you are going to inspire others to do the same. With a mass collective effort, we all win in the end-game. 🙂



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